Thrush: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Statistics show: 75% of cute ladies face vaginal candidiasis (thrush) at least once in life, and 40-45% of them resumed after some time. So that this does not happen, you need to strengthen the body, because when immunity weakens, thrush immediately reminds itself. It is necessary to eat right and, of course, avoid everything that helps malicious candidate fungi to root into the vagina.

Natural vaginal microflora by 95% consists of lactobacilli producing lactic acid – Natural factor protection­you are from mushrooms causing milk. They start actively multiply, kog­yes the number of lactobacilli decreases. So happens when taking antibiotics, contrace­accurate means and other drugs­intrauterine spirals, some infection­rations and diseases, when changing the level of hormones associated with pregnancy or climax.

Risk factors also include frequent scriptures and vaginal souls, hot tubs, alkaline (strongly foam) personal hygiene products, addiction to synthetic tight fitting linen and pants, under which­Rya body ne «breathe» (The presence of oxygen in the vaginal environment prevents spread­Mushroom Candid).

Eat the correct

Adore sweet and flour? Split­Bitter! First, it is harmful to the waist, and secondly, sugar – Favorite P­Wednesday for causative agent MO­Loches. Feel the inspedery­Limite desire to send in the mouth Shokok­Field candy? Adjust your route: Go not to the kitchen, but in the bedroom! Experts believe that overweight – One of the fact­risk risk of thrush, and sec­Sun activity – The most pleasant way to her pro­Lactics!

Noticed: after a rapidly spent night­The world begins to sparkle with dazzling paints and even the scrambled eggs, served in the bed beloved, seem­The most sophisticated blue­House. It is a pity that he did not guessed to build a light salad – The shortage of vitamins in the female organism­Contributes candidiasis!

Replenish the need for vitamins aidhech­Drink 2 glasses of rippers, kefira or yogurt daily. Suklomet­Products help to avoid intestinal dysbiosis. But it is in it that many causes of thrush. On his background, it is easily developed by­Lochier. Doctors explain this by the fact that in the body­Everything is interconnected: when there are not those bacteria in the digestive system, the vaginal microflora can easily change.

Antifungal Code

» Refuse antibacterial­Soap: It contributes to rooting fungal infection. Color, with a strong parf­The measuring smell is also not suitable for intimate hygiene. Give preference to children’s soap, and better – gel for intimate places.

» Do not take a bath until you get rid of thrush. Foam, shampoo, aromatic additives annoying­Lena mucous membrane.

» Use soft white good quality toilet paper. Gray and tough can injure inflamed places, and color and with aromatic impregnation increases irritation.

» Try to wear a panty­Cotton ki, and tights – with lasto­Vitsa from natural fabric.

» Refuse close jeans and skirts. Depart­ku pulling underwear from synthetics.

» NE Take antibiotics on your own as. For example, to speed up recovery when cold. They still do not act on viruses, but they cause dysbacteriosis in which normal micro micro­Flora dies, and her place in the vagina occupy mushrooms causing milk.

Pair suffering

Many believe that thrush – Pure female problem. No matter how! Be treated from this in­Feces need together with a partner (because from­Looms no man is insured; Tol­to the name of her other – «Candadose Balanopostit»). Medical name of the female version of the thrush – «can­Didosic vulvovaginite». And with this disease, two development scenarios are possible­Tia events.

Everything will pass without drugs, the symptoms will disappear, but then with the beginning of menstruation or under the action of another­The launching factor of the thrush is likely to come back again. What would not go in a circle, immediately apply a visit to the gynecologist and start the treatment.

The thrush is firmly rooted­Sia in genitals: Before the white film pleases, it will become dense, dry. Tightering from slipping­that shell vagina, she will leave after himself erosion, cracks and ulcerations. Itching will become unbearable, painful, sex will not be joy. No wonder in the US, the milkman­bless the destroyer se­Maine Life. Output one – hurry to the doctor together with your loved one: to be treated from the milk­Nice need to two. Gribco­Out of colonies occupying the folding of the extreme flesh, with each sexual contact­pour inflammatory process in the vagina, and sperm – Excellent nutrient medium for them.

By the way, everything is better for joint treatment­go suitable creams and pills. If the spouse in treatment does not need, you can use candles or in rare cases – Drying.

Treatment on the choice

Drying – Vaginal processing with a solution of effervescent tablets «Lev Room», Boers with glycerin, sometimes aniline dyes, such as methylene blue.

Plus method only in low cost.

Minuses – Do not get involved in sprintsudan­I eat because it leads to the removal of useful lactobacillia from the vagina. In addition, it is long and uncomfortable. And there is no guarantee that you are­Catch the first time.

pros – Quickly, effectively, convenient and owls­belly. For healing from thrush to pain­Sounds of cases are enough one caps­Lians: swallowed – and no hassle!

Minuses – these drugs are not cheap, moreover, they take them inside, because of which the liver and the kidneys have to work with elevated on­loading. In the process of treatment, the taste perception is sometimes disturbed and the feeling of grief occurs­Chi in the mouth, although these phenomena are quickly passing.

Candles, ointments and creams with Leviere, NIS­Tatin, Clotrimazole, myxolone and other active substances.

pros – Fast and reliable effect: some­Local Medicines of the New Generation­from thrush per day, the rest – For 3-6 days.

Minuses – To guarantee full recovery­Course treatment should be carried out twice. Acting start – antifungal anti­Biotik through the mucous membrane of the vagina­Dipped blood and has an adverse effect on the liver (albeit to a lesser extent than when taking inside). Such means can sometimes leave fat stains on underwear.

Painting on the skin

With candidalic dies Many full ladies are meaningful­We do not care. Special­But in the cold season, when you have to wear­Lyuly clothing, as well as during fitness. The skin in the folds sweats, the pain­Need usual, and on scuffs the omnipresent fungus. The most vulnerable – pah­Ways of the area, seats under the breast and gaps between fingers. Skin Kras­shelters, like in a burn, swelling, itches. Don’t bring before! At the very beginning of the problem, twice a day­Troy distressed areas­fungal cream, zinc paste or races­creative and then apply.

» Do not wear linen and clothing from synthetics. Choose things from cotton and flax that ho­Rosho absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. In fungal infection under natural cloth Men­There are chances to multiply.

» Before on­do new clothes, especially­But color, it is necessary good you­wash. This procedure will soften the fabric, remove the dyes and hee­Micnic substances capable of causeing skin irritation.

» Wear an obtaagiva­Legins or cycling shorts from cotton trico­Tazha with minimal add­Lycra (no more than 3%). With their help, friction is reduced­relating to body sites when walking, running and during tre­Nirovok. With an excessive floor­note Bandage running hour­thighs knee elastich­Bandet, just do not cease.

» Daily accept­mate for 15-20 minutes of bath with food soda (several tablespoons for standard volume) or 6% table vinegar (liter on the bath), taking itching and inflammation, as well as on­standing herbs that reduce sweating and skin irritation.

Thrush causes, symptoms, treatment

» Wipe distrect places with antiperspirant deodorants with extraction­Aloe and other plants that reduce sweating.

Hand Care

If your hands are water – native element, know: thrush does not sleep! Moisture capable of soften­skin and make it more than before­Fuction for fungal infection. The result may be deplorable – Candidia of near-gas rollers. Surrounding­the skin swelling swells, becomes red, hurts. Inflammation often peroxide­Mixed on the nails: they are­run, thin, become brown and bug.

» Use re­Zinovy ​​gloves, and pos­le long contact with­do not forget to lubricate your hands­fungal cream.

» Leather dries? Do not want to heal­crucified cracks? Such a case­Chooses with mycosis. Keep in mind: for mushrooms the most terrible poison – This is acid! Try to confuse rhubarb cutter, black currant berries, immature plums or apples and lubricate hands. After 4-5 days the skin will be like new!


Singa (cracks in the corners of the lips) – Another contamination of candida. Try to remember, after which they appeared. You are accepted­Lee antibiotics? Or visited at­EME from a dentist who from­Purified corner of mouth tool­Tami? Or maybe you wear braces systems? The answer is not so important, chapters­noye – curb the broken infection while it is not peroxide­Hung on the mucous membrane of the mouth and did not penetrate the throat.

» Distat the pill of the Istatin or Leviorin, add­those pinch soda and little ki­spot water to get a thick paste. Apply it to a sore place 3-4 times a day.

» Use Ista­Tina or Leviorin Ointment. After a week about the stairs forget!

Films in the mouth

Usually they appear in infants. However, sometimes thrush is visiting and in his mouth­Lomo person. As a rule, it happens in my­Ment of the weakening of the body’s protective forces after illness or uncontrolled antibiot­Tikov. Never need to appoint them yourself, not­Recompanying with a doctor! Candids will not be used to take advantage of the disturbed equilibrium between the microscopic inhabitants of the oral cavity!

In addition to white films in the sky, desna and language­Ke thrush can cause chronic wave­the rear wall of the throat (pharyngitis), almonds (angina), climb in the ears, caused otitis. With each such case, the doctor will figure out! Absolutely unacceptable self-treatment: not being­a cyiacist, easy to miss and allow mushrooms to calmly disintegrate but­Separate bridges in the body, penetrate internal organs. Allow it is impossible to allow!

» It is necessary to remove white films from gum, sky and tongue with cotton swabs, moistened in soda solution (0.5 teaspoon per hundred­Kang boiled water), borants in glycerin (sold in the­tec) or 10% infusion­Ki kidney folkolidoid (25-30 drops on a glass of boiled water). The same tincture.

» Use for rosures of the decoction of the bark of oak, infusion of nettles (the method of preparation is indicated on the package) or a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide (teaspoon per hundred­Kan boiled water).

» Refuse hard toothbrushes injured gums, surface of cheeks and language. Change brush every 3 months.

» Better breathe nose! When breathing through the mouth you­Dried mucous membrane of the mouth. It loses the ability to resist fungal infection. As negatively affects her poor-quality lipstick and nicotine.

Despite seemingly «frivolism» thrush – Causes, symptoms, treatment of it is not easier than other diseases. Lilk can not be ignored – it is unsafe and can turn into a real misfortune. It is unlikely that you need. Is not it.

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