Threw off a few kilograms in just a week girlfriend are surprised, to which ordinary dill is capable of

Skilled a few kilograms in just a week: girlfriends are surprised at which ordinary dill is capable of

The issue of fast slimming today worries everyone – women and men are interested in a beautiful body. This is especially true now, in the summer, when the extra kilograms do not hide under layers of warm clothes. Ways to gain a dream figure a lot, on far from all of them are safe for our health.

I do not like to risk my own well-being even for the sake of beauty, so always choose useful methods to maintain your weight ideally. Not so long ago, I learned that from ordinary dill you can lose weight, just adding delicious herb to your daily diet. But I did not stop, I looked for cool recipes of dopey tea and braveraging from the seed, I tried and surprised how my weight loss quickly started.

Today I will tell you how to apply dill for useful weight loss.

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Caucasian peoples for centuries use in their daily menu abundance of diverse greenery. It gives them wonderful health and longevity. And the eastern women are mostly slender beauties, which also has the merit of natural plant products with a rich composition. You can safely take an example from them, including in your diet parsley, celery, cilantro, salad, spinach, young mustard and dill. For the benefit of slimming the last in this list of green delicacy, we will stop more.

Rich composition of the greenery of dill

Let’s start with the fact that dill is a source of a considerable number of biologically active and minerals. Its leaves and stems are saturated with water, in which proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, macro- and microelements are dissolved. Justice It is worth noting that proteins and lipids The greenery of dill contains a meager amount. Sakharov in it more: about 6 g of compounds are present in 100 g of the product.

The main components of the dill greenery are vitamins of group B, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamins A and E, manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium. Rich in dill leaves and fiber (in particular, pectin). Green calorie content incredibly small – only 40 kcal. This causes the dietary properties of the product.

Composition of seeds

As for the seed of dill, here the picture is completely different. The main organic components in the product are at times, and even ten times more. The number of sugars is colossal: 55 g in 100 g of raw materials. It is also the case with food fibers, and with some mineral compounds, namely by calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, cops. At the same time, new favorites are added – this is vitamin K, microelements zinc, iron, selenium. Vitamins A and E Fruits of dill do not contain, but they are saturated with bold oil, which includes palmitic, olein, linoleic and petrogelic acids. In this case, we are dealing with a high-calorie product: its energy value exceeds 300 kcal.

Why from dill lose weight

Now the most interesting thing is why all the same dill promotes weight loss? About everything in order.

Both for greens and for plant seeds are characterized by essential oil with special spicy aroma and flavonoids, including quercetin. The latter along with vitamins E, and, with antioxidant properties and contributes to the acceleration of metabolism in body tissues.

In combination with a volatile essential extract, listed substances improve the process of digestion, building intestinal peristalsis and reinforcing the production of gastric juice. The useful quality of the greenery of the dope consists also in an increase in appetite, but this product the need for food is very good and for a long time satisfies without negative impact on weight indicators.

Plant seeds and a decoction based on them to have a bactericidal effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, give a gilent effect, eliminate the bloating and increased gas formation in the intestine. This is an excellent remedy for constipation that impede development in the digestive body of concrete processes.

On the account of the greenery and seeds of the dill, the removal of excess fluid from the body, together with which the human body leaves and slags with toxins. All these facilities of garden dill are a great reason to use a product for focused weight loss.

Durce tea

The simplest tool, to whose services it is worth resorted for the purpose of slimming and acquiring a slim figure – this is a dill tea. Cook it very easy. You need to take a bunch of mob of dill, finely chop it with a knife, then select from the resulting amount of 3 st.L. Product, put in a saucepan and pour boiling water in the volume of 0.5 l. Capacity with future tea from dill for weight loss should be put on the stove and cook after boiling 5 minutes on slow heat. Give the finished drink to cool, and at the same time it is broken, after which the profilt is. Drinking tea needed three times a day shortly before eating 1/2 cup.

You can combine the greenery of dill with sprigs parsley. From this dopey drink for weight loss only wins. You will need 1 st.L. dried, crushed grass of dill and as much finely sliced ​​green parsley, dried. Pull the raw materials in the boiling water, pour boiling water there. Leave the tea for 15 minutes alone.

When the specified time is coming to an end, drink a drink instead of ordinary black tea. However, more than 1.5 liters per day use it is not recommended due to the strongest diuretic effect.

Seeds for weight loss

Threw off a few kilograms in just a week girlfriend are surprised, to which ordinary dill is capable of

Now let’s talk about how to apply for weight loss seeds of dill. Prepare from them healing decoctions, positively affecting the figure! Here is one such recipe. 1 Art.L. Plant fruits Fill 250 ml of boiling water, close tightly and leave in this form for 60 minutes. Ready drink must be filtered and take 100 ml to breakfast, lunch and dinner. This dill seed tea for weight loss is recommended to use with caution if you suffer reduced arterial pressure.

Good in weight reduction combination of dill seeds with licorice grass. You will need to connect these components – fresh or dried, no difference, but necessarily crushed – in the ratio of 1: 4. Put in the container, pour 750 ml of pure water there and put on fire. After the drug boils, reduce the flame and tear fluid 20 minutes. The decoction of dill for weight loss should only be used by the effectively and in warm form, 0.5 glasses after meals 3-4 times a day. This drink helps to keep the appetite in the ultrasound.

Dill with ferocular products

Verified and guaranteed weight loss gives a combination of dill with fermented milk. So, a particularly effective means to reduce weight – kefir or cottage cheese with dill. How do you use these combinations we will tell you right now.

Positive results gives the use of dill for slimming, coupled with fermented milk products. We are talking about kefir and cottage cheese. The first is rich in full-fledged, easily digestible proteins, abundance of amino acids, vitamins and microelements. In kefir, there is plenty of useful for the intestinal and the immune system of bifido- and lactobacilli. This is a chic product to get rid of excess weight, and in combination with dill its beneficial properties increase several times. Choose to prepare a ray beverage kefir with low fatness percentage. Just grind a little fresh dill greens, enter into a fermented milk product and mix. Fat burning drink ready! It is not formed to add a crushed cucumber to it, but in this case all three components – kefir, chopped dill and grated vegetable – must be mixed in a blender. Such a drink with dill will be especially useful for weight loss if it is used for a unloading day.

Do not love kefir? Try to lose weight to eat dill along with cottage cheese. This dish is best to use for dinner, because cottage cheese is the source of proteins that the human body, especially suffering from completeness, in the evening is just necessary. The feeling of hunger will be quenched quickly and for a long time, there is a dream for a dream for sure that you definitely do not want after such a meal. Yes, and cook cottage cheese with dill will not be no difficulty: it is only necessary to grind a small bunch of a meal of greenery and sprinkle a fat fascus. Green onions and parsley will also be suitable as a supplement.

Among other things, the leaves of dill should be introduced into vegetable salads, soups, okroshka; Seeds – Second dishes from meat, fish, potatoes as seasonings.

Do not miss the opportunity to lose weight and improve your health with the help of accessible and useful dill!

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