Three ways like a man like

Three ways like a man like

Suppose you got acquainted with a man, and even a few months we meet. But then the relationship with a man does not develop as you want. There is no time to become increasingly and often ride to you and stay at night. Not that he introduces you to your friends and parents. No trust and intimacy, not to mention it to make you a sentence.

Relationships as if suspended in one place, and you begin to think about how to like a man?

You have already tried to take less initiative in communication, but it does not lead to anything, a man even as if he is glad and even less appears from you and calls. What to do to break the situation? How to like a man and cause his interest with a new force?

In absentia, or even in person, it is difficult to say, what is the reason and can I generally resolve the situation. However, you can try several action options.

First, try talking less.

In the comments of men who cease to meet with a woman who didn’t like them very much, discontent from the fact that the woman says a lot, sometimes without stopping, stands on one of the first places.

Just say less and listen more. Quite many women (and men of course, too), there is a habit of talking a lot. Pretty rarely, who among others can tell you how to tell you "yes, you will not all over 30 minutes," or "not only you say, but also give others to say," since such a remark may often offend a person. But in general the habit of talking a lot, and even in general continuously comment on their own and other people’s actions, very strongly straining people.

Man you can never say that you talk a lot, and even he did not realize it. But if it annoys him, he will try more and less often to meet you.

Many pour me: "I’m shy man, talking little. And therefore this remark does not apply to me. ".

But impactivity and insecurity – it is not necessarily the same. Yes, the shy man can talk a little with unfamiliar people, and not speak in those situations that require defending their rights in conflict situations. But the shy man can be very talkative, even too, with well familiar people.

So, in order to please a man, do not be chatty. How much you need to talk less? ; Much less. That is, it is not 20-30%, a decrease of one may not even notice. Need to talk to in times less, that is, three, five, or even ten times less. Then you may feel an improvement of relations.

Someone may say: "We have so little to communicate with men, and you are offering even less to talk?". I’m not saying that you need less talk time. I’m talking about the fact that most try to talk less and listen more to learn how other people.

Another question: "And what if I do not talk so much, it will continue to" deathly silence "?".

Maybe so, then you will understand that this rule is not for you. However, this is unlikely. And even if you really have a man after you have less talk, formed a "deathly silence", it is possible, you just do not know how to ask, listen and encourage others to talk about themselves. It’s time to learn.

And, of course, do not think that this is an exercise in 1 day. Practice at least a couple of weeks.

Second: Analyze your life and remove from it all, why a man can not trust you.

Trust and respect – the basis in order to please a man.

Some women trust the man, and some ; No. From those women who man trusts, relations are much more likely to be deeper and, accordingly, such women often marry. Those who do not trust (trust less) and who do not respect the relationship does not develop on such women rarely marry.

Why it happens? On what grounds a man determines whether you can trust a woman or not? I will cite a few examples where due to distrust in the relationship broke up:

&# 8212; Woman (girl) meets with a man, but she is constantly calling some "men allegedly Friends" under various pretexts. It also continues to periodically meet with such "friends" on various reasons (help in studying, configuring a computer and t.D.). As I already wrote in the article "How to understand what you like you", For men, there are no women "friends". And "Men Friends" exist only in the imagination of women.

Therefore, the man of all "friends" women reasonably perceives as potential, or existing women’s love partners. And no matter how it really is. A woman who is constantly constructed and meets with men- "friends", that man with whom she meets and wants to like, does not trust.

Of course, you do not need to bring everything to the absurdity. There are colleagues at work, customers and business relationships that need to support. But if the "colleague" calls almost every day in the evening, and twice a week comes home to customize the computer, then the man clearly does not perceive him as soon as the "colleague", or a long time familiar.

If possible, interrupt relationships with all your "friends". Or at least install a distance with them.

&# 8212; Availability of "frank" photos.

If you have candid photos on the walls on the walls, where you are on a semi-naked form, or you constantly demonstrate your men’s photos in an embrace with other men, or such photos are posted on your page on the site (blog) in "Contact" and T.NS., then a normal man is unlikely to trust you. Such photos of women and girls tend to laid out of uncertainty to impress other people. They think that if a man sees what kind of "sought-after, beautiful" and t.D., it will appreciate it anymore. And in fact, similar snapshots usually have an opposite impression.

A man believes that a similar woman (girl), easily accessible, respectively, makes conclusions. If he needs a woman for a short time, then for some time he meets her. And if he is looking for his "half," it will not meet, or stop communication.

And if you think about how you like the man, and subsequently marry him, remove all the candid photos and photos where you hugging with different men, from home and from the Internet pages.

-You are constantly lying.

All people are cheating each other who is more who less. And those people who say one "truth", even when they do not ask them, avoid. However, it does not mean that you need to deceive friends surrounding and man. If you were caught several times on a small deception, then perhaps nothing terrible. However, many deception entered the habit, and they are deceiving without any need, just because of the habit. And not so many people lie on specific facts (I was there, or not there), although there are such. But women who are fooling about their feelings, or silent the truth, quite a lot.

Here are some examples:

Three ways like a man like

&# 8212; I’m not offended, ; Although actually offended and as. It is much better to say that "Yes, I was offended by the fact that you did not come, although promised. If you can not, then call it in advance and warn, I have my own life and my plans and t.D.".

&# 8212; All perfectly, ; Although nothing excellent.

Speak truth. Men relate much better to truth than deception. And as a rule, their reaction can hit you. Relationships will be better and more honest.

And yet, men are trusted by predictable women, but about it in another article.

And thirdly, if you really want to like a man and save relationships with him, stop criticizing a man.

This item may have to put on the first place, because because of criticism, a man interrupts relationships more often than for two first reasons.

No ideal men. There is not a single man who would only do a good woman, even if he tries hard. And some, especially beginners, are committed in relation to their woman almost one mistakes, mainly due to inability and ignorance. They do not know how to communicate and understand the woman, they do not give gifts, do not know how to listen and t.D.

However, there are women who never criticize a man so that it does not happen. At the same time, it is impossible to say that they are crying with their men. Even on the contrary, behave, it happens, pretty hard. But do not criticize ; never. Especially many of these women, among those who divorced and married the second time. They understand (once they divorced) that criticism for a relationship with men is death. And were able to someone remove criticism from their lives (once again got married and live well).

In such women who know how to support a man and inspire him to feats, as a rule, there is no shortage of men.

Again ; do not criticize it does not mean that they do not defend their rights. Still as defended. Read on this topic a couple of chapters in the book &# 171; how to fall in love with a man for life and successfully marry?&# 187;.

Here are two options as you can talk to a man. And each of them leads either to improving relations, or to rupture and mutual displeasure.

A man is late and did not call. "You are a bad smelling bad man, you substituted me, such … In general, not a man, you are the same as … and t.D." ; I spawned emotions – it’s "great", probably. Can still silent, it is generally "wonderful".

And it is possible with the same meaning, but in other words: "I stood here for 15 minutes, all frozen, like Cupseron (I do not know what this word means, I borrowed it from my wife). Be kind, not late. Or call and warn me by phone. Once again you are late and not warn, I will not even wait for you 2 minutes and.D. and T.NS."

The meaning is the same, but the effect is completely different. And the second time, if such a situation is repeated. Unfold and leave, let them run for you, forgiveness will ask.

If the woman is constantly communicating in the first option, then with other things being equal, men will not stay near such a woman.

Here is the actual three councils, using which some women were able to make relationships with men deeper, and sometimes get married. I did not invent them, but I retold what men are usually very unhappy in women, or the experience of women who managed to restore relations with men and shared this experience in communicating with my wife. Use them, I will be glad if they help you.

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