Three versions of the American diet

There are several options for the American diet.

Observing the first version of this diet, it is necessary to steadily follow four rules:

– Much fluid should be consumed, as water helps to remove slags from the body. You can use any liquid: tea, juice, mineral water and even coffee;
– It is impossible to use "heavy" fats;
– Do not eat food after 17.00 pm;
– It is necessary to choose only compatible products.

If you are going to follow the first version of the American diet, bring patience – the results will not immediately. You will not need to consider calories, do not forbid sweet, flour, alcohol. Be sure to use vitamins, since the body without them will have difficulty. If you have been overlooked with fatty food, you should eat pineapple, orange or kiwi, which contribute to rapidly recycling.

It is necessary to consume only natural products, avoid flavors, preservatives, dyes, and also try to eat less salt, spices, vinegar.

This diet can be attributed rather to the lifestyle, which is not so difficult to adhere to. American diet gives an excellent result, weight will decline while maintaining good well-being, which is very important. Do not forget that the mood is also very important, you should want to lose weight and believe in what we lose.

During the day, Amrikan diet you should eat:

– one hundred grams of low-fat meat;
– fifty grams of bread;
– Two hundred fifty grams of low-fat dairy products;
– three hundred grams of fruit;
– Four hundred grams of vegetables.

Here Approximate menu of the first version of the American diet.

For breakfast you can drink coffee, eat an egg sick, one slice of bread and orange or apple. Breakfasts are always monotonous, but lunch and dinner can be diversified.


For lunch you can eat 200 g of boiled fish and 100 g celery with lemon juice, you can also drink a cup of tea or coffee.
For dinner – 100 g of boiled meat, seasoned with onion and yolk, slice of bread, apple and a glass of milk.

For lunch, prepare 150 g fried calf liver, 200 g of stewed spinach, two boiled potatoes and tea.
You can eat a glass of yogurt, vegetables salad, a slice of bread, a slim piece of ham and an egg skey.

For lunch, you can – 200 g of low-fat meat, green salad, orange, tomato juice and tea.
For dinner – two eggs screwed, a small piece of bread, two tomatoes, a glass of yogurt, an apple or a pear.

Cook for lunch 200 g of boiled chicken, one piece of bread, 150 g salad of cabbage, cup of coffee or tea.
For dinner – 50 g of cottage cheese with a finely chopped green bow, a piece of fresh bell pepper, you can also a piece of bread, six radishes, a glass of milk and an apple.

For lunch – 150 g of boiled meat, two potatoes in Mundire, 250 g of carrots, tea or coffee.
For dinner, let yourself be the scrambled eggs of two eggs with fresh vegetables, tomato and green bow salad, apple.

For lunch – 200 g of boiled fish, 150 g of green lettuce, slice of bread, cup of tea.
For dinner, eat 150 g boiled beef with horseradish, green salad, glass of milk and apple.


You can eat 200 g boiled chicken, 100 g rice, 100 g of green salad with lemon juice, glass of milk and apple.
For dinner – two little cutlets, a piece of bread, an apple and a glass of yogurt.

Products that are included in this diet are available and useful. In addition, a person who adhering to the American diet does not feel hungry. The disadvantage of this diet is the prohibition of food eating after 17.00, not everyone can withstand such a long break, as well as monotonous breakfast.

Second version of the American diet

For the second version of the American diet, it is primarily a restriction of carbohydrates. American scientists conducted studies according to which most of the people with excess weight physically cannot live without sweet, as such people are an excess insulin in the blood. And it is called "hormone hunger". Therefore, the main task should be to reduce the level of insulin in the blood.

so, At first, It is necessary to increase the consumption of chromium, since often the lack of chromium explains the increased secretion of insulin by the body.

Secondly, Sugar substitutes should be abandoned if the body wanted sugar, it is better to use it in kind.

Thirdly, It is necessary to completely abandon caffeine and alcohol, as they increase the production of stress hormone, thanks to which the insulin level increases sharply.

Fourth, stresses should be avoided, since it is the psychological fatigue that provokes us to "sweet", it is better to deal with yoga.

Fifth, No need to stick to the schedule. Eat only when you want, and not when they eat others, listen to your body.

The menu must be divided into Three identical parts: one third – vegetables, except zucchini, tomatoes, carrots, corn and beets, next third – Proteins: fish, bird, seafood, yogurt, low-fat meat, eggs, cheeses, last third – carbohydrates: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, Carrots, Fruits, Tomatoes, Fruit Juices.

Lunch must be started to start with a large portion of green salad. If after receiving food you are still hungry, take the additive. As possible, eat food rich in proteins, it should be at least half of the diet. Be sure to drink six to eight glasses of water per day. And do not forget about physical activity.

Three versions of the American diet

Plus This diet is a wide variety of products, you can make a menu yourself. Therefore, you will not have a sense of dissatisfaction, and you will not brave the diet. In addition, the body during such a diet receives all the necessary useful substances.

Minus diet is what you have to constantly monitor the contents of your plates. In addition, sugar is still not useful to the body and it is better to replace it with honey.

Another version of this diet – Roller coaster. It involves changing the number of calories consumed. Her story began in the eighties of the last century. At that time, this program caused a squall of positive feedback from people around the world.

This diet is best combined with enhanced workouts. American slides – a rather tough diet, prepare for what you will constantly feel a feeling of hunger. It is necessary to reduce the amount of fats in food intake, as excess calories will be postponed on the sides. If they are not much, they will go to the processing of proteins and carbohydrates, and energy for the conversion of fats in extra kilograms will not remain. For example, the body spends twenty-five percent calories to turn a pear or meat into fat, and in order to make fat to make fat, as you understand, energy consumption is practically not required.

So, the whole program is designed for three weeks.

The first three days You can eat everything, only the amount of calories should not exceed 600 kcal per day. It is best to use green vegetables and cornflakes during this period.

Next four days Daily calorie rate – 900.

Next week The number of calorie consumed increases to 1200 kcal.

And further You should repeat a week with a 600 kcal and 900 kcal standards, then gradually return to the normal power register.

Under any diet, the body gradually adapts to it and the metabolism slows down, that is, we stop losing weight. And if the number of calories consumed all the time changes, the exchange of substances will not slow down and you will continue to lose weight. On this and built a diet American slides.

This diet has almost no contraindications, you can have everything you want, but at the same time consider calories. However, it should still be consumed more healthy food and not combine proteins and carbohydrates.

In addition to physical exertion, this diet will provide a loss of seven kilograms in three weeks. The result after the American slides is preserved for a long time, the diet can be repeated after a while.

However, I minuses:

– When complying with this diet, I always want to eat, because the calorie consumed is very small;
– Fat abuse can badly affect skin condition, and in general, the body without fats has difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of fats, but not to give up them at all.

So, we reviewed three versions of the American diet, each of them has its pros and cons. Choose the option that you fits more, and do not forget that any diet must be combined with physical exertion.

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