Three stories of unfortunate love: why Nicholas II did not let the daughters married

The soft and indecisive emperor showed himself a despotic father and categorically forbade three daughters to marry on love. At the same time, Nikolai himself once married contrary to the will of the parents.

To start, let’s get acquainted with the latest Russian princesses closer.

Great Princess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova

Elder – Olga (1895 g.R.). Smart, quick-tempered, recalcitable. Often argued with father and mother. The only whole family loved cats – the same independent as she herself. In general, a girl with character. Delicate facial features, but the view is steel.

Great Princess Tatyana Nikolaevna Romanova

Tatyana – Junior Olga for two years (1897 g.R.). Father called her in honor of Tatiana from Evgenia Onegin. But unlike Pushkin heroine, the Great Princess was a gentle, attentive girl. I was very careful about my mother when that unhealthy, I talked with her clock. Loved to draw, embroider and knit. Slim, fragile face.

Great Princess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova

Maria – younger than Tatiana for two years (1899 g.R.). In the family her name was. Such she was – a simple, good-natured, open. Funny, but statute and beautiful. Stunning blue saucer eyes. It was so strong that he endoiled his teenage brother Alexey, when he could not walk due to illness.

Nicholas had an even younger daughter – Anastasia (1901 g.R.). But the girl just did not have time to fall in love with someone while his father was in power. And her sisters managed – and were brutally disappointed with the reaction of parents. Girls are not lucky. All their elects as the selection were too simple guys to be considered a worthy party to Russian princesses (See also: "Four sisters: What were the daughters of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II").

Love story №1. Olga + Pavel

With Michman Pavle Voronov Olga met at the royal yacht "Standard". Paul was enrolled in the crew of the most prestigious vessel of the empire after his feats in Sicily. That year, the famous messinist earthquake occurred, and 25-year-old Michman heroically saved Italians from under the rules. The emperor often asked Paul about how it was, Olga listened, holding his breath … In a word, everything was loved by Shakespeare: "She loved him for flour, and he is for compassion to them".

High-willed princess caught fire. She neglected all decenings. On the balas danced only with Paul, called him to play tennis, on the mountain walks. Her personal diary is filled with passion for a cute officer with charming squares of dark eyes. "So gadko without it, terrible, empty," she suffered.

Parents were spooking here. Talking with the stubborn Olga was useless. I had to slightly press on Paul. Michman himself did not understand how literally in a few days was married to a completely different Olga – Countess Kleinmichel. And Olga Romanova, the daughter of the emperor, never married.

History of love №2. Tatyana + Dmitry

Tatyana, meanwhile, fell in love with Kornet’s handsome. Dmitry Malama was a brilliant headquarters of the Rotmistrome of the Life Guard of the Ulan Regiment and to the First World War I was known for woning in a hundred-minded equestrian run. In the first week of war, it was hardly wounded, but the battlefield did not leave, for which he got from the hands of the empress Golden saber as a reward.

Dmitry was treated to the hospital, deployed on the territory of the Winter Palace. Not only ordinary nurses worked here, but also venance – Empress Alexander Fedorovna and her daughters were cared for the wounded. All this was pretty romantic – the parade halls of the royal residence, the princesses in the White Chepsy Mercy.

Tatiana tied to Dmitry wound on his leg, asked how he received it, the word for the word – and now the burrow makes the Great Princess Gifts. Having discharged from the hospital, Dmitry brought Tatyana a wonderful French Bulldog, with whom she did not part.

Three stories of unfortunate love Why Nicholas II did not let the daughters married

The most interesting thing is that Dmitry managed to conquer the sympathy of potential mother-in-law. Alexandra Fedorovna wrote in the diary: "My little Malama spent around me last night … He has a blooming look, Matya, although still adorable boy. Must admit that he would be an excellent son-in-law – why foreign princes are not like him?"

Alas, the marriage with Dmitry would not bring the house of the Romanovs no political benefit. Emperor Nikolay refused to Kornet in blessing. Tatyana was too obedient to escape with her beloved on the edge of the earth. They broke up and never saw each other. Dmitry returned to war and died in battle in 1918.

Love story number 3. Maria + Nikolai

Blue-eyed Maria Romanova, like her older sister Olga, found her love on the family yacht "Standard". However, the elect Maria Nikolai Demenkov, unlike Michmana Pavel Voronov, was not a languid romantic hero. It was a clumsy great merry. On the yacht, he answered the serving of the royal dinner. His biggest feat was the brilliant delivery operation from the neighboring Municipality of the secret package, in which there were two bottles of beer for the emperor.

Good and sincere, Demenkov did not hesitate his completeness, withered withered, showed great princesses all sorts of tricks – Masha laughed until he drop. "She rejoices to him like Pug," the older sisters said condescendingly, but at the same time recognized: – Nikolay Dmitrievich was very funny, he ordered all the games, and at the end two jokes told ".

Everything was fine while suddenly Nikolai Demenkov did not call on the front. For some reason, only his one – from the entire consolidated regiment, guarding the royal family. Maria naively wrote his father, who probably contributed to this separation: "Since then, I have not seen him anymore and I don’t hope anymore … I told him on the phone. He was terribly happy to go. Remember, I sewed his shirt, well, I asked him, and he said that she was very good for him. ".

After the revolution, Nikolay Derenkov managed to run abroad. He got a metallone in a luxury Russian restaurant in Paris. There was a brilliant public, in fur and diamonds. He was adored, were not called to the scene. But the life of Demenkova was not happy. He never got a family. Kept the very shirt, who stitched the Great Prince Maria. By the way, now this shirt returned to Russia, they can even be seen in the museum.

Instead of epiloga

By the way, Nicholas II himself married the poor German princess Alix contrary to the will of the parents (See also: "Foreign brides of Russian emperors"). But the emperor did not want to understand their daughters. Or could not – prejudice in those days were very strong, especially in conservative Russia. Mesallians condemned Extremely.

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