Three success stories: how to quit smoking?

Healthy lifestyle – Trend of our time. We try to get rid of bad habits, engage in sports and eat right. Our heroines coped with one of the most bad habits – smoking.

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Who? Irina Tumanova, 33 years old, magazine editor

What? I smoked 10 years old, from the institute, then continued at work. It was a kind of ritual of informal communication. In the smoker, we discussed the bosses, problems, salary, weather. Attempts to quit smoking I had, but then I lost a circle of communication and began to lean on food, instantly gaining kilograms.

Why? After vacation, I got sick and tormented a cough for a long time. The doctor, glanced at me, got sorry: "You smoke". I did not expect it to be so striking. I developed obstructive bronchitis, which was more facilitated smoking. Two weeks without cigarettes – sounded from the mouth of the doctor’s dottle. Against the background of bad well-being, I did not pull.

How? As soon as I went to the amendment, I wanted to smoke scary. But after three weeks of abstinence, it was a pity to start. Fight with the habit I decided to the power of the will – the option is win-win. We must quit sharply. I have passed another week and came to an interesting conclusion: we do not have physical dependence on nicotine, and there is a mental – psychological. Smoking is a ritual: when you feel good – you want to smoke, you feel bad – I want to smoke when you meet a friend – you need to smoke with him. No physical need. I read that nicotine is completely excreted from the body for a month, and in a year, light smokers are restored. In order not to gain weight, I replaced sweets to apples, carrots and celery stalks. Without smokers, the day lasts forever, but I found how to fill the pauses: I play a computer game, chatting on the phone, I read the magazine or books, I go to the colleagues to colleagues.

Bonus! I have become noticeably easier to breathe, climb the stairs, run. Then my skin said: "Wow!"If earlier I wrote off the leather flabbiness and circles under the eyes on the lack of sleep and work at the computer, now I saw the difference: the gray tone was replaced by a natural pink. My hair, clothes and hands now smell with spirits without nicotine impurities. I still scored weight, about 3 kg, but I feel and see it only I can cope with him.

Three stories of success How to quit smoking

– to quit smoking with the help of exclusively willpower, it is quite realistic if the dependence is not nicotinic, and purely psychological, ritual. Man smokes to relax from work, smoking helps to get acquainted with new people and be your in the already undergoing circle of friends. The easiest option in this case is to fill the pauses by other actions. The heroine did everything right and achieved the result.

Keep me straw!

Who? Vera Pavlova, 29 years old, manager-consultant

What? Every smoker at least once tried to tie. My husband and I tried three times for sure, but again they took for the old. Lacked will. One started smoking, and after the second.

Why? When I was sitting without work, I was calculated with Igor that we spend about 4 thousand dollars for cigarettes per month! Husband stated: Throw smoking forever, and no. Divided the annual sum for cigarettes in half – Igor immediately took a subscription to the gym, and I decided to buy a set of cosmetics and a new swimsuit. It remained the main thing – not to smoke.

How? Nicotine plaster, pills, chewing and other cigarettes replacements we immediately beat. The meaning of them is to first defeat the habit of keeping a cigarette in his hand, and then deal with addiction. It’s like allowing an alcoholic to drink not from a glass, but through the tube. My husband and I honestly kept, in the evening, giggling, sniffed each other. But it was worth it to go on a business trip for a week, I lost control and broke. I thought: I’m smoking today with girlfriends and I will not. But it wanted to smoke and the next day. Igor understood everything. I was ashamed. Decided to go to the cardinal method – acupuncture that helped my girlfriend. One carnation in the ear shot nicotin hunger, the other reduced stress and helped to produce a hormone of happiness serotonin. I do not know exactly whether it helped just acupuncture to quit smoking. Perhaps these needles are a kind of psychological deception: I believe that something helps me and cope with it easier.

Bonus! My husband and I do not smoke for a year, this is the biggest time for us. In our apartment there is always clean air, I do not feel any other collapse in the mouth in the morning, we spend money for nice things. Friends-smokers rated our deed and try not to smoke in our presence. It is a pity that before we did not think about the feelings of others.

– Smokers who have passed acupuncture, litter again, if psychologically not been configured to abandon a bad habit. Support for the second person is a good way to quit smoking for those who are alone. Heroian her husband had harder: he struggled with a habit of himself and took the load to support his wife, to become a support for her and an example. That is why when he was not near, the heroine fell. I know that acupuncture is not just a way of self-sustaining, it really reduces the craving for nicotine. And here the participation of a close person gives additional energy and strength. So all helped together. Half a year should go through the habit of gone. Acupuncture courses are also calculated for six months: 5 weeks We carry the needle, 2 weeks break and t. D.

Who? Anna Nazarova, 27 years old, assistant leader

What? I never believed that smoking is harmful, how they all say. People smoke from ancient times, and many smokers wait to deep old age. I wanted to smoke when I saw coffee or wine. Liked to do it beautiful and sexy. I was sure that if smoking rarely and only expensive cigarettes, then it is not harmful.

Why? The first time I quit smoking for a while, when fell in love. The young man was non-smoking, and I remembered the words of the teacher: "Smoking girl kissing – I don’t care that the ashtray". Another time I became pregnant – in this case, many immediately forget about cigarettes. But they say that it is better not to quit sharply, otherwise the body will experience stress, which is also harmful to the kid. I started reading a book, drinking cocoa and beautifully smoking a cigarette. Per day I read the book and no longer lit

How? At first I thought to buy an electronic cigarette. But I read that WHO does not consider it efficient, it is even toxic, since it consists of a liquid nicotine chamber forming an aerosol that is absorbed in the lungs. The husband brought me a book offering an easy and effective way to quit smoking, allegedly 90% read this book parted with cigarettes immediately and forever. I did not believe! But why not try? I started reading a book, drinking cocoa and beautifully smoking a cigarette. Per day I read the book and no longer lit. The author suggested that I look at the habit of otherwise. No in this beauty, one disgust. I completely discarded the desire to take a cigarette.

Bonus! The whole world can smoke around me – I don’t care, I do not want! I had a responsibility to a little man. He was born healthy and beautiful. I think I will not smoke, even when he grows up, I don’t want to breathe smoke and saw my mother smoking.

– There are people who are interested in the smoking process. They may well refuse smoking with effort will, but for this they need to specify the internal smoking processes. The heroine found out about them when, premenhenev, read the book. The author presents smoking as harm to your body that you love, protect and respect. The book has a special linguistic rhythm, as in Russian conspiracies, repeated phrases, as the 25th frame with video recording, the suggestion occurs – it is not given through the ban, but through love. We are allowed to smoke, and if it were forbidden, the inner child would get out in us – "No, I will smoke". The authors have one condition – to read the book to the end, only then the text works. But most often the pregnancy is the biggest stimulus to quit smoking.

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