Three sexy disorders of our women

Three sexy disorders of our women

Famous psychotherapist Mikhail Litvak revealed the secret where to look for a husband, why it is impossible to adapt to it and the danger of a man who cannot live without you.

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Marital statistics recently looks like a social catastrophe: the number of divorces is almost equal to the number of marriages. According to psychologists, it happens mainly because many people marry in the most different ridiculous reasons, except for one true – to build a family. Famous psychotherapist and the author of numerous books Mikhail Litvak spoke about who a happy family will be able to create, and who will have to replenish the statistics of divorces.

Help: Litvak Mikhail Efimovich (born in 1938 in Rostov-on-Don) – psychologist and psychotherapist with 40 years of experience, candidate of medical sciences, author of books on practical and popular psychology. The most famous: "Psychological Aikido", "Sperm Principle", "If you want to be happy", "How to find out and change your destiny".

-In one interview, you said that there are no happy families ..
-There is. But little. I myself explored the family. For 11 thousand. families found 3 happy. But what is most importantly – only happy families – Normal. The rest are pathology, the cohabitation of two unfortunate people.

-This is the Russian feature?
-Why? To one degree or another, pathology is everywhere.

-Why so much divorces? People are mistaken in choosing a spouse?
-This is because people are poorly brought up. They did not teach them to think, did not teach her husband or wife. We conducted a survey – which explanations in love will like more. Such options were proposed: "I can’t live without you," "I will never hurt you," let’s pull the strap life together. So, 75% of women chose an explanation "I can not live without you". Is it really not heard that this explanation is characteristic of a man-child or an alcoholic? But the true explanation in love "let’s pull the strap life" no one liked.

-What is generally love?
-This is an active interest in the life and development of the object of love. That everyone says: no one to love. Do you know how you love? We have marriages essentially sucker: "I can not live without you".

Three sexy disorders of our women

-And what happens with love throughout the time she leaves?
-Throughout time, love is becoming stronger and stronger … And if it was originally not, it gets worse and worse.

-What is the difference in the perception of marriage in a man and a woman?
-Man and woman see marriage equally. But where did you see men and where you saw women? We have breasts and binding. So, you first need to be either a man or a woman, and then build a family. Only a physically healthy, spiritually developed and materially consisted of a family has the right to create a family. Do not have business with poor unprofessionals.

-If the relationship began with sex, what future is waiting for them?
-Sex should happen later. And at first there should be a general worldview. Love – not when they look at each other, and when they look in one direction. Canadian researchers allocated four factors that make a durable family. The first is the general worldview. Second – Common Gastronomic Tastes. And only in third place sex. On the fourth – the desire to iron each other. And when a family is created through sex – there is nothing good.

-Men often compare themselves with males and argue that treason is mandatory ..
-Treason arise due to the fact that people are mistaken in the choice of satellite. If you mistaken and married (married) not on that (not), naturally, that someone else begins to like.

-What women do not change?
-Physically healthy, spiritually developed and materially independent. Our women have three sexual disorders: pedophilia, zoophilia, masochism. First, they take a man not in husbands, but to upbringing. Secondly, live with alcoholics. And what is an alcoholic? This animal. And thirdly – suffer from masochism: they love when they mock them.

-If the woman is physically healthy, materially independent, but already elood? Whether she has perspectives?
-She has more prospects! This is a woman in the juice. She has already taken place. She does not need a garnish, she needs a bipfshtex. 45-50-year-old woman in sex will give odds young.

-As at the initial stage of dates, to explore and determine, "yours" is a person or not?
-On communication, on gesticulation, on a manner dress. Socrates said: "Tell me anything, I want to see you". Already after several phrases, you can determine who in front of you and coincide in the worldview.

-Should the partners and sexual constitution?
-Well, of course. If a man is needed for 50 minutes 3 times a day, and a woman is 3 minutes a month – they will not succeed.

-If there are some discrepancies, can a woman adapt to a man or try to re-educate it?
-No. Need to take ready-made products, and not semi-finished. Mature people should marry. And you can only carry out one person – yourself. I was wrong – it means you should dispay. And search for another.

-Where better to find?
-Only at work. When you watch a person at work – you see how he took place. Here we are working with you together, and you can make an opinion about me … And in the evenings of meetings or in nightclubs – a meeting of lgunov.

-Whether the needs of women have changed lately?
-Did not change in the last hundred thousand years.

-What about the fact that girls now want to marry in the status men?
-And correct. So, ripen. But it is necessary to be the status. We, unfortunately, most women have a latent prostitute psychology: find a rich man to feed. And for it they plan to keep the economy and surrender to bed. Things need to be called their own names: this is prostitution. However, many are now men who can be called Latent Alphonsees who are looking for rich women, and they themselves do not want to develop.

-But there is a theory that the woman should only inspire a man, creating him comfortable conditions, remaining in his shadows ..
-You confuse a man with a biker. Male does not need to inspire him. He himself is inspired by his work and its result. Cannot live for a woman or for the sake of a man.

-And for children?
-Especially it is impossible … Children are something ephemeral. Children, whatever bad or good, still in 18-20 years will leave you. A man and a woman closer for each other, and children are something temporary. By-product of our love.
As a result, women’s divorce remain with this "product of love", and men argue that they do not want to marry a woman with a child ..
For a man (not a biker), a child from the first marriage is not a problem. Why? Because he is ready to do everything for a child, just a favorite was near. But when the woman herself believes that the child is the most important thing in life, she will never be happy in marriage.

-There is an opinion that the Marriage Institute fits that the future behind alternative types of cohabitation. How do you feel about guest uniform?
-Guest marriage is not so bad. It happens, people live a civil marriage – normal. But only registered – they began to live bad.

-What is the reason for such changes?
-That man wants to be free. Formal marriage does it. Printing in the passport does not change anything for a smart person. And for fool changes.

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