Three in one – cook, pastry chef

Most of us have to be not only a simple home cooks who are able to cook the soup, soup, fry the potatoes, put vegetables, prepared fruit compote and jelly, but also more skilled chefs, confectioners, who know how to create a real miracle – a beautiful cake, cookies, candy.

Of course, it is given not for everyone. In addition, many modern women are deprived of the excess of time that could be spent on cooking. And the modern food industry semi-spoiled us.

But be that as it, however, someone constantly, someone from time to time have to be a chef and pastry chef and cook.

chef profession originated in ancient times.

It’s hard to say who was the first professional cook. It is known that earning a living cooking for other Cretan cook more than 2,000 years BC. NS. They are hired for cooking the king’s soldiers.

And if in Sparta preferred, there are simple dishes, despising the highest culinary arts, chefs and even expelled, in ancient Rome, the patricians and the merely rich people do not trust the food preparation slaves and hired for that people who know how to cook well.

In Rome he lived a famous gourmet and chef Apicius, who created the first schools for those who want to master the art of cooking.

Big gourmets were the rulers of ancient Persia. Cooks managed to please them, they generously rewarded.

In Europe, the culinary art was to evolve rapidly, when India and other Eastern countries began to European countries import a variety of spices.

Between Italy and France broke out a real battle for the right to be regarded as having the best chefs in the country. In this case, for the right to be considered the best cook fought not only people dedicated to the cause of cooking for others, but also such well-known personalities, as the Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin, writers HonorĂ© de Balzac and Alexander Dyum father. Philosopher Michel de Montaigne even wrote a treatise "Food Science". A composer Rossini invented dishes that are in demand in today’s Italian restaurants.

Developed the culinary arts, and in Russia. Already in Kievan Rus could have lunch or dine and stay the night in the inn, tavern, in the court coaching. Later, throughout Russia appeared restaurants – the prototype of today’s small hotel with a kitchen and dining room. Restaurants, which then became restaurants appeared only under Peter I in the XVII century.

From Europe to Russia began to move the cooks from other countries, began new, unknown before this products.

In 1888, in St. Petersburg, on the initiative of Culinary Kashin and Professor Andrievsky, the first school was opened in which the cook art was taught. By the end of the XIX century, many culinary schools were opened throughout Russia.

Nowadays anyone can sign up for culinary courses. But, as a rule, our first teachers are grandmothers and mothers. Then we learn from the culinary books themselves, sites, take recipes from girlfriends and acquaintances.

And here are some more recipes in the piggy bank of all to whom they will like.

Chicken soup with vermicelline

You will need:

– 500-600 g chicken;
– 4-5 potatoes;
– 1 carrot;
– 1 Replination of the bulb;
– 2-4 st. spoons of white canned beans;
– 100 g vermicelli;
– 15 g of greenery of dill or parsley;
– Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

Rinse the chicken, cut into portion slices, cook to half-preparation, add chopped potatoes, salted.

Onions fry in a frying pan, add squeezed carrots on a large grater, put a little.

Run into soup vegetables from frying pan, beans. When the soup will boil, run the vermicell.

When submitting to the table add chopped greens of dill and parsley.

Turkey fillet in almond

You will need:

– 400 g turkey fillets
– 60 g almond;
– 2 cloves of garlic;
– 5-10 g of green parsley;
– 2 st. spoons of flour;
– 1-2 eggs;
– 1 lemon;
– vegetable oil for frying;
– salt, pepper to taste.

Cooking method:

From lemon squeeze juice and mix it with flour. Grind almonds.

Estropy garlic, grind the greens of parsley, mix and then with a small amount of pepper and salt.

Rinse the turkey fillet, cut a little, cut into pieces, to dip in flour with lemon juice, then in a whipped egg, cutting in almonds, then mixes of garlic, parsley, pepper, salt. Fry in a frying pan to a ruddy crust on two sides or bake on the oven.

Carp, stew in Polish

You will need:

Three in one - cook, pastry chef

– 1 carp weighing a little more than 1 kg;
– 2-3 bulbs;
– 2 parsley root;
– 1 bottle of dark beer;
– 5 sweet cookies;
– 1 lemon juice;
– 50-60 g of butter;
– 1/2 teaspoon of the coat of lemon zest;
– 5 peas of fragrant pepper;
– 2 Carnations:
– 1 bay leaf;
– Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

Fish brittle, cry, cut off the head, tail, fins, cut into portion slices. Pour each piece with lemon juice and postpone.

Onions and parsley root crush and pass on cream oil in a deep frying pan. Add citric zest, carnation, bay leaf, fragrant pepper and put down 15 minutes on slow fire. Wipe all through the sieve, pour beer, sprinkle with chopped cookies, salt, boil. To boiling sauce to put pieces of fish and stew about half an hour on slow fire.

On the side dish, pickled beets, potato salad, puree.

Pie with apples and cherry

You will need:

– 1 kg of finished sand dough;
– 3-4 fresh apples;
– 1 cup of cherries without seeds (frozen or so-called, "live cherry", canned in banks since summer);
– 1/2 cup of sugar;
– 1 Art. spoon starch;
– chopping cinnamy.

Cooking method:

Dough roll out in the form of a circle, put on the shape, sprinkled with flour and a small side and bake until golden color.

Cherry mix with starch and sugar, put on the cake.

From apples to remove the core and cut them with slices, put on top, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Put in the oven and bake until readiness.

Cookies with raisins

You will need:

– 500 g of flour;
– 1 pack of margarine or butter;
– 1/2 cup of raisins without stones;
– 1/2 teaspoon of food soda;
– 1/2 cup sugar or a little less;
– 2 eggs;
– Some salt.

Cooking method:

The oil soften, mix with flour, sugar, eggs, soda and salt, go well, add a pre-washed and scratched raisins. Mix everything, roll out, cut cookies, put on a baking sheet, well blurred and sprinkled with flour. Bake in a preheated oven until readiness.

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