Three documentaries about the princess Diana Should I watch

Three documentaries about the princess Diana: Is it worth watching

20 years ago, August 31, 1997, in a car accident in the tunnel before the Bridge Alma killed Princess Diana. The first wife of Prince Wales Charles, Mother of Princes William and Harry, one of the main lovers of the British and world public, who worn the unofficial title "Queen of the Human Hearts" for their charity and philanthropic achievements. In addition, all his life she was the most popular target for tabloid and paparazzi – the fault of that and a complex marriage with Prince Charles, and the divorce that followed him, and caused by the experiences of Bulimia, and the circumstances of her personal life after parting with Charles. But the main mystery, on the topic of which continue to speculate and media, and conspiraologists, and fans of the princess, of course, remain the circumstances of her death.

On the anniversary of the death of Lady Di, we talked with the participants of the most numerous group about the princess in VKontakte, discussed that Diana means for her fans, and tried to figure out whether it is worth watching new documentaries about her. This summer, such films immediately came out several, the more interesting to understand whether they reveal some previously unknown facts, which turned out to be the most successful, and which one should not look at all.

What are the Russian fans see Diana

Kirill Fedorov, 25 years old, psychologist, St. Petersburg

"The first bright memory of Diana is reports of July 1, 1998, it was the birthday of the princess, which she did not live. She would have been 37 years old. I am very memorable photos and videos from Diana. So different – in the evening dresses, in a swimsuit, in sportswear, but brilliant everywhere. In the report of it called the "Queen of Hearts" and "Rosa England" . Something hooked me in this woman, about the existence of which I learned a year after her death (I was six years old). I began to ask my parents about her. Then they began to go out. Documentary and art films. I began to learn more about how an extraordinary person she was. I wanted to know everything about her that only it was possible. The Internet was not there, and I was looking for in the attic among many old magazines and newspapers articles about her, cut pictures. Wrote stories about her. Thought. Represented what could be her life if not an accident. I got older, and my interest in Diana only increased. I watched dozens of documentaries, bought books about her. I have never had a desire to make a cult from Lady Diana’s figure. She admired me, and that was enough. But familiar, friends, girlfriends themselves began to ask about what Diana means for me. Now, being an adult, I have a fairly wide circle of communication and periodically I talk about Diana. In the era of social networks it began to do it even easier.

For me, the story of Diana is a layer of a certain stereotype. Being a first grader, I did not know that the princess can walk in shorts and a T-shirt and crash by car. I just did not fit in my head, gave birth even more curiosity. Then first learned that in the modern world there are queens, kings, princes and princesses. Before that, I knew only other celebrities – singers, singers, actors, actresses and politicians.

Through her story, I first got in touch with the theme of death. I realized that not only the elderly and sick die, you can be a young, beautiful, successful and popular, but all this will not protect you from death.

But this concerns only my children’s perception. Why Diana is important for me now? I would call two main reasons. First, she taught me with his example that it is not necessary to be afraid to go against the system, established norms and rules, if they do not match the rapidly changing world. I admire that she was not afraid to go against the royal family and the aristocratic establishment, while possessing it is obviously smaller resources. She believed that if the monarchy would not change, respond to society, then it would be a dead end, but perhaps the end of the monarchy. Not everyone shared these glances, but now it became clear that she was right. Of course, her strength and the Bunctric Spirit manifested not only in the fight against the traditions of the royal court. It is important that she destroyed the walls of misunderstanding and dealt with issues of stigmatized and discriminated groups. For example, homeless or HIV-positive people (including HIV-positive gays, at that time it was a very controversial theme that did not want to discuss publicly). A separate admiration deserves a campaign to ban anti-personnel mines, which would not receive such lighting and discussion, if the princess Diana is not. She developed civil society, cooperated with a huge number of NGOs. This is exactly what is very necessary to do in Russia.

The second important point to whom Diana’s life path taught me is the power of vulnerability. No need to hide your vulnerability. Openness and sincerity is always important and better masks that we wear every day. It is important to be able to honestly tell the story of my life. Unpassed stories do not change the world. Diana understood it perfectly well when she worked on the book "Diana: her true story" or gave the scandalous, from the point of view of some people, interviews in the program "Panorama" . We are all people and we are all vulnerable. Just showing his vulnerability, realizing that we are not alone, we can build a truly close relationship with others, be compassionate to others and to ourselves. And power is not about the ability to give someone to face. Power, as Martin Luther King said, this is the ability to change the world. It seems to me that life Diana is a wonderful illustration of this phrase of the famous American human rights activist ".

Ekaterina Mironenko, 23 years old, teacher of English and freelance translator

"For the first time, I was consciously interested in Diana at 15 years, then I read it in the English textbook a brief biography. The page was a fabulous photo in a wedding dress, and I decided to find out why this beautiful woman died so early. I do not remember anything that I knew about her before this period. But the name was heard.

A couple of years later I found a group about her in VKontakte. The community was in the launch: only two thousand people and rare updates. Then I decided that I want to translate the articles and tell about Diana more. A little later, other admins pulled up – the group began to revive. With the advent of Kate, people began to remember Diana more often, so we gradually reached almost ten thousand participants, and all without advertising.

The story of Diana is a story about how to continue to live after the betrayal of a loved one, how to find strength and stop citing a personal tragedy, and instead to help the neighbor and self-indeling ".

Oksana Yegoryenko, 27 years old, Secretary-Refer, Taganrog

"I help lead a group about the princess Diana, but the lion’s share of free time goes to the group about her senior son and his family.

It’s hard to say when I first learned about Diana. Honestly, I don’t even remember how our family reacted to the news that she died, although many people say that they grieved that day with the whole world. The interest in the princess did not come immediately. I knew that there was a queen in England, and that’s all. Already in the student, after the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, I created my own group about them, and in a year I found a group about Diana. I was invited to become an administrator and help the community to develop.

Diana was not just a beautiful princess in sparkling Tiara, whose personal life discussed all to anyone. She attracted attention to important issues of modernity. We decided to tell people about her activities, and not just about scandals in her personal life. We were looking for materials, found rare articles of those years that carefully collected her western fans, bought books to acquaint participants with unknown episodes of her life.

Diana was a very controversial person, it seems to me. Despite the fact that it is considered to be Holy, she also did a lot of nonsense, which painfully hit and for her children. But undoubtedly, Lady Dee was a very charismatic, strong person, was able to overcome the insecurity and fears and use a high position to help people around the world.

The brightest discovery relating to the biography of Diana, for me was that she not only worked with charitable organizations that help homeless, but also personally drove the blankets so that people could escape from the cold ".

What Diana showed in new documentaries

For the first time was shown on August 6, 2017

Channel 4 TV channel

The documentary includes rare frames with revelations Diana from the first person. The records were made in 1992-1993 by its tutor on the acting and oratorical skill with Peter Netzetn. Just during these years, Diana gave a lot of interviews on his parting with Charles. In order to learn how to look convincingly in front of the camera, the princess resorted to the services of Metzen. The film includes documentary records of their joint lessons – Diana talks about a meeting with Prince Charles, their wedding, marriage, as well as the causes of parting.

The tape turned out to be the most controversial – the brother of the late, Charles Spencer appeared against her publication, he believed that the record would bring to her children, similar applications made friends of princesses. In addition, many commentators notice that in addition to ethical faults (in public access, private archival frames were found) The tape does not open us anything new – after all, the treasures of the husband, indifference of the royal family or attacks of Bulimia, Diana was known before.

However, in this film you can find several curious facts and quotes. For example, it turned out that the Charles and Diana wedding saw only 13 times. In addition, Charles twisted Diana that "refuses to be the only prince of Wales, who has no mistress". To the question of Peter Netspen about why in life Diana is so much charity, she, Laughing, replied: "I just have nothing more to do!"

"Documentary film with the records of speech lessons Diana I liked the least. Producers seemed to try to catch up more drama, show pain, suffering. But there were also positive moments: the creators found new people for interviews, such as dance teacher dances or an old family friend. For those who know about Diana a lot, her personal words about Charles, Camilla and her own novels will not seem new: as if you read the book Andrew Morton, he wrote the same word in the word. I confess, sometimes the long glances of Diana in the camera were very frightened.

It seemed to me that Diana could say in the film more. Only meaningful views and strange remarks about sex life with Charles remained from long hours of records. It was the most shocking, but, in my opinion, more than.

The focus was made on the fact that everything went from misunderstanding in the family and probably dislike Charles. But Diana had their own skeletons in the closet.

Oksana Yegenko:

"To the film" Diana: in Her Own Words "I am sharply negative. Diana’s family, her closest friends asked not to publish these records. The media once again earned money on scandalous history, and it was necessary to be done in such an important, memorable year. Honestly, I hoped that the channel would listen and would not publish these revelations. The film turned into a solid drama demonstrating the royal family. And, as the former Personal Secretary of the Queen Dicky Arbitrator said, we never learned anything new: the infidelity of Charles, the infidelity of Diana, her bulimia, a heavy divorce, scandalous interviews, her death. The film leaves a very difficult impression ".

Kirill Fedorov:

Three documentaries about the princess Diana Should I watch

"It seems to me that the film" Diana: the story of her words "is quite deserved. Most of all I liked how dramaturgy is stunningly there: it seems that Diana looks at all the events of his life from the side, along with the viewer. ".

For the first time was shown Was on July 24, 2017

HBO TV channel

Personal memories of Princes William and Harry play a central role in the film. They are watching family albums together, comment on photos and tell what mom was Diana, what they loved to do together, what was their last telephone conversation, as she influenced their adult life and how each of them experienced a loss.

Harry recalls that mom sometimes chose to be surprisingly ridiculous outfits and, it seems, even thought it was funny, and William tells the story of how Diana invited to visit top models, and he came home and terribly embarrassed.

The most touching and heartfelt film, which, to all of the time, can be called the richest on the squalus materials – here and photographs that were not previously published, and the monologues of the speakers who were previously stored silence, and of course, the revelations of the princes themselves who are infrequently expressed on similar topics.

Among other things, celebrities took part in the filming of the documentary tape, in their number Elton John and Rihanna.

Ekaterina Mironenko:

"For me, it is definitely that the best movie made HBO – with William and Harry. This is the only tape that leaves the feeling of bright sadness about the man who has gone, because the closest people speak about it, and they definitely do not. It is very cool that I managed to see a personal archive and rare photo frames. The biggest opening of the film is that Diana loved the vulgar jokes and constantly teased the unfortunate William, then inviting supermodel, ordering on his 13th birthday cake with the image of a female chest ".

Oksana Yegenko:

"Film" Our Mom, Diana: her life, her legacy "my favorite. The creators showed the life of Diana through her sons, close friends, people with whom she worked. They left the scandalous stories and paid attention to its activities and what mom she remained in the memory of the princes. The film leaves a very bright impression and gives hope that thanks to her sons heritage Diana will live. ".

Kirill Fedorov:

"This film places, in my opinion, the right accents, talks a lot about her public activities. But this is the most important thing. Very many documentaries (and Russian, in my opinion, all) focused on digging in the personal life of the princess. Still discuss who was her lover and who was not. Remember that she wore beautiful dresses. In my opinion, it is quite patriarchal optics, in the presence of which a woman is estimated through the prism of only its appearance and relationships with men. The most important thing is that we should remember Diana that it was a strong woman who was not afraid to go against the opinion of the majority, with their actions proved the commitment to humanist values ​​and changed the world for the better ".

For the first time was shown Was from 29 to 31 August 2017

TV channel TLC

One of the most scrupulous versions of the biography of Diana. A three-hour film with comments of the primary biograph of the princess and the author of the most popular book about her – "Diana. Her True History "- Andrew Morton. Among other things, in the film – exclusive video glasses, even more conspiramic theories plus an interview with her close friends, among them – Mary Robertson, a woman, in the family of which Diana worked as a bebisitter to his wedding, Dr. James Kolitors and one of her former bodyguards Ken Wharf.

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