Thread aptos (aptos), tightening aptos threads, the advantage of the impact of the threads of the pharmospod, testimony and

APTOS threads (APTOS), tightening aptos threads, the advantage of the impact of the filaments of the pharmacy, indications and contraindications of the impact of the filament of the pharmaceutical

Aptos technique (APTOS) A fairly new modern method of plastic surgery, which is applied abroad for over 10 years, although he was invented by the Moscow Surgeon-cosmetologist Marlane Salamanidze.

With age, the action of the force of earthly attraction is becoming more visible on our faces and bodies. Using the APTOS technique, you can achieve instant results, slowing the processes of aging and making faces more clear and tightened without scars on the skin. For many, the use of this technique is a good delay from the beginning of the use of serious services of plastic or aesthetic surgeons. Also the APTOS is suitable for those who are a large surgical intervention is contraindicated.

Technology application threads aptos Designed for people of different age categories, with various needs. Summer lusion technology itself Threads aptos Based on their unique and at the same time simple design: microscopic notches are applied to the thread-rod at a pressed angle and fit tightly to it. Shells remain in such a position during the introduction of threads under the skin, which is carried out using the tool similar to the needle for injections. It is at this moment that the surgeon begins work on modeling a new facial oval. After the introduction of the filament of notches, they begin to move away from the rod and straighten, while moving fabrics of the face in the planned direction and securely fixing them in such a position. The end of the thread itself is cut and neatly introduced under the skin.

Such a simple and effective method has another important advantage in the fact that due to the fact that the microcations are located in different directions, the threads themselves are securely fixed and not shifted into neighboring zones.

APTOS threads turned out to be very effective in suspended not only soft facial fabrics, but also in the lifting of the buttocks, chest and other areas of the body.

The advantages of this method are that after the procedure there is no scarpets, since there are no cuts on the skin, due to which the recovery period is so raft, that in just a few days you can return to the rhythm of ordinary life, avoiding hospitalization. The obvious plus is that the whole procedure takes a little time, as well as practically non-implement.

Contraindications for filament impacts APTOS

It is not recommended to apply the procedure for implantation of the threads of the APTOS in cases of exacerbation of infectious or inflammatory diseases (including ORVI and flu), blood clotting disorders, as well as when inflammation of the area where the threads are introduced.

APTOS Treadmill Response Indications

If your problem is lowered the bottom edge of eyebrows, pronounced nasolabial folds, deep skin folds in the neckline zone, as well as neck and chin, the use of the threads of the pharmacy is the most efficient method for correcting such problems.

Features of the procedure APTOS

Before carrying out an operation on the patient’s skin, a certain markup is applied, that is, the place is denoted, a thread-rod to be introduced to the finest device. The doctor then processes the skin at the operation of an antiseptic operation. The prerequisite for the impact of the filament of the APTOS is local anesthesia, which is made by the mark of the marking line. Next, a special very thin needle, a specialist introduces a thread under the skin of the patient. This needle is introduced at the very beginning of the planned line and passes under it, as if slightly collecting soft fabrics. When the needle completely passed until the end of the marking line in it insert the thread of the pharmacy. After that, sipping the thread behind the needle, the needle itself is removed, and the thread remains in the gamble skin, reliably fixing the desired position of soft tissues. If the doctor determines that there is a focus not clearly outlined, that is, the thread is not tight enough, he can additionally pull the ends of the thread, after which they are cut and remain invisible under the skin.

Thread-rod contributes to the fact that each notch fixes and keeps the part of the soft fabric of the face that needs correction. Thus, the entire zone of soft tissues in the radius of the threads is tightened and very delicately delicately model.

Step by tracing the course of the surveillance operation, it can be argued that it is practically painless, since the cut of the skin does not occur, but those places where it came from and where the finest needle came out quite quickly. Since the operation passes with local anesthesia, at the end it is not necessary to lie in the hospital, do dressings or compresses.

Perhaps the most pleasant moment of all the procedure is that the expected result you will see immediately, your face will be tightened, and his oval will become as he was in his youth, due to the return of soft tissues in its place.

Thread aptos (aptos), tightening aptos threads, the advantage of the impact of the threads of the pharmospod, testimony and

Rehabilitation period after the impact of APTOS filaments

Recovery period after the minimum operation. Specialists recommend within 2-3 weeks especially carefully refer to an updated person and not perform sharp chewing or mimic movements.

Already after two months, implanted threads will turn the new connective tissue, so a young framework, firming and tightening the sovereign.

Postoperative recovery is harder in smokers, as well as those who suffer from accompanying diseases, the effect of the suspenders also persists less.

Tailing validity of APTOS threads

Of course, the APTOS method cannot be considered a substitute for a surgical lifting of the face, since the desired pulp effect is on average for 2 years. However, if after the impact of the threads of the APTOS, the cosmetology programs of the rejuvenation, which should choose a specialist, the new outline will continue much longer. Already three weeks after the operation, a massage of the area of ​​the neck and face can be carried out, and in ten weeks you can use photorejuvenation, use biogels and peeling.

Two years – this is the average value of preserving the implantation results of the threads of the pharmacy. There are some factors that have a big impact on the duration of the effect of the APTOS. This, of course, age, individual features of the human body, skin type, patient’s lifestyle and its quality, as well as, as already mentioned, the right integrated care for the filament impact area.

The impeller impact method of the Aptos, being a new development of aesthetic surgery, can become a unique chance for you to look younger and more attractive.

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