Taste’s subtleties: What a favorite wine can tell you about you and your character

Despite the large number of information available, still there are stereotypes that all girls love sparkling, and men prefer drinking drinks. How to understand what affects the perception of taste and our choice?

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There are many factors for the perception of taste, so sometimes it is so difficult to explain your own addiction. For example, our brain processes thousands of signals from receptors and seeks memories of tastes that we have ever felt. Thanks to this work of the brain, we still understand what we eat or drink. In addition, our taste sensations vary depending on the smells and atmosphere, in which we are, and even from the form of the glade (See also: "Table etiquette: how to choose the glasses under wine"). There are genetic predispositions. After all, people feel the taste of the same substance in different ways, and the thresholds of taste sensitivity differ.

Is it possible to "raise" taste?

Specifically in the choice of wine is very important to the taste experience that a person has received during life. Actually "raise" in itself a taste is quite simple. It’s like talents, if you develop, then the result will be the corresponding.

Several tips:

Try thoughtfully and calmly taste the same wine, but from various glasses or the same grade, but from different countries. In comparison, it is possible to understand much more than it seems for the first taste;

Find wine information that tried on the manufacturer’s site or importer and find out the details;

Paint books and magazines about Wine Burgundy, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Provence, Beaujolais, Tuscany and other famous wine regions.

Is there a wine culture in Russia

Over the past few years, the attitude towards the guilt has changed. People have become more demanding, curious and educated in the wine sphere. We witnesses this process. Guests have become interested to learn about grape variety and on which vineyard it has grown, in which wine region. Many want to have at home interesting copies or specialists – wines that are specifically created as rare and limited goods. There were wine bars with a pleasant atmosphere and new unusual varieties of wine. Wine culture develops. Now people come to the bar after work to drink a glass of wine already on Tuesday, without waiting for the weekend.

Largely due to changes in the legislation, Russian winemaking. Wine educational courses are available, channels on YouTube, where bloggers are happy to try new wines and talk about their taste preferences. Wine trendsetters spend tasting.

People like to drink wine, because it is a story about a good company, spiritual conversations and common interests. Wine After all – intelligent drink, the best pair to food and metabolism with it is also better working.

How the choice of wine characterizes a person

Of course, a fully psychotic man on choosing wine does not make up, but by experience, visitors can be divided into main categories:

Avoid conservatives – People who will not try something new in life. For example, a person got used to drinking a favorite variety of Chardonnon and nothing believes. It is impossible to convince.

People Ready for Experiments. As a rule, such people are distinguished by flexible thinking and constantly ready to try new. It is always nice to advise wine to such visitors. They very quickly go from recommendation to buy and brightly respond about what they try. Although, perhaps, more pleasant to – convince the conservative to make an unusual choice and make sure that he remained satisfied.

People who come alone more often order wine in glasses and are ready to experiment. They take something new, they have time to sit, think, taste. They communicate with bartenders and more often listen to the councils.

Thoughts of taste that beloved wine can tell about you and your character

Merry companies usually start a holiday with sparkling wine. But often in companies order those drinks that the company leader knows.

Power stereotypes

Girls really choose sparkling wines more often. A considerable role in this was played by modern culture of the series. For example, in the TV series "Emily in Paris" heroes constantly drink it. Taittinger champagne is bottled on the glasses in restaurants and in a nightclub, on the Montmartre heroes drink it straight from the bottle and pour them down to the head. People come to modern bars and restaurants for feeling lightness, freshness and holiday. Sparkling unobtrusion only emphasizes the atmosphere.

Winnobes themselves break stereotypes about the separation of preferences for men and women. No framework. Although, as practice shows, men act in terms of the situation and most often choose the variants of red wines. And, of course, the stereotype of the men "fell" in the heads of men – not for them (See also: "Between red and white: what is the pink wine").

Kings Party

Palm Championship belongs to all familiar grape variety Sauvignon Blanc. He has been popular for several years. Notes of a sheet of black currant, gooseberry, samshet, grapefruit, maracuy, pepper halapeno, freshly skipped grass, tomato sheet and even a rifle stone, no one leave indifferent. It is grown in most wine-making countries. Connoisseurs of Sauvignon Blanc love to travel in the summer, dancing on open verandahs and notify the nuances of your beloved variety in every place where we managed to visit.

Also people are happy to try different grade styles Riesling. This variety is right – the king of white wines and parties. Wines from this grape variety have a wide range of sugar content – from very dry to very sweet. With a strong aroma of citrus and honey. Very soon he will beat Sauvignon Blanc. If you do not know what wine to buy today to dinner, Riesling is the perfect option. This is an incredibly gastronomic grade. Suitable as sushi lovers and fans of meat dishes, sausages with stewed cabbage or pizza.

Alcohol – no longer important in fault

People appreciate more fresh and light wine. Such that you can drink not one glass for the evening, and a few, and at the same time feel great. Reducing the quantity of alcohol in the drink is a global trend in wine consumption. From one side of the trend actively spurs the winemaking industry. On the other, people really ceased to like to get drunk. The main thing is the sensations that a person gets from wine during the evening. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the passenger wines. They are incredibly diverse and pleasing to a large number of different varieties.

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