Those most reptiles

Today we are talking about seafood again, many of which we have previously considered real delicacies.

Young people are already probably not remembered those times when grandmothers for the holidays carefully kept jars of canned squids or crab meat, which they got unknown where and unknown by which blat. And shrimps, if we came across some stores "Ocean", provoked huge queues. That is, not everyone managed to taste the gifts of the seas and oceans, except for residents of the seaside districts of our immense country. I remember how local boys treated us with oysters and mussels when we were saving on the Black Sea. For them, as for the poor Paris, mussels and oysters were not delicacies. Interesting and the fact that some more representatives of the sea fauna, the lobster, before the mid-19th century were considered food American poor, as they were used as fertilizer and fish for fish. And then they became a recognized delicacy.

Today, no one will not surprise the rich assortment of seafood in our stores. Buy what your own own, in any form, at any time! Prepare a variety of dishes – at least in the post, at least in meatseed, the benefit of this is not prohibited by anyone. Enjoy the taste of the gifts of the sea and remove the benefit of the stomach and the body!

And one more incomprehensible plus in favor of seafood – they are preparing easily and very quickly.

Fritters with squid and cabbage

Would need: 600 g File squid, 4 st. Spoons of flour, 800 g of white cabbage, 2 cups of milk, 2 st. spoons of butter, 3 spots of bulbs, 3 eggs, 0.5 glasses of vegetable oil, 1 cup sour cream, black ground pepper and salt to taste.

Egg yolks separating from proteins. Flour breed milk to consistency sour cream, introduce egg yolks.

Cabbage is finely chop and allowed until readiness in a small amount of salted water with the addition of milk and butter.

Kalmarov boil, crush, connect with cabbage, sliced ​​onion, egg-flour mass. Salt, peep to taste, introduce egg whites and mix. Using a spoon, the resulting mass is layered on a frying pan healed with vegetable oil and fry until readiness.

Squeeze hot pancakes. Sour cream separately.

Seafood with cheese

This is a dish, cooked for a pair, is perfect for a diet with a gall-eyed disease.

Would need: 1 kg of seafood (Assorted frozen: shrimp, octopuses, squid, mussels), seasoning for fish, 200 g of solid cheese.

Frozen assorted defrost, drain excess liquid. Download ready-made mass in a double boiler, sprinkle with spices to taste, cover with a lid and turn on the timer for 10 minutes.

Then open a double boiler, sprinkle with grated cheese and turn on the timer for another 5 minutes.

Slices of cod with shrimps under cream

This is a delicious dish, cooked in the microwave, is quite suitable for diabetic nutrition.

Would need: 4 Slice of cod 200 g, 3 st. Spoons of vegetable oil, 1 average bulbs, 3 st. spoons of coarse flour, 300 ml of 0.5% milk, 0.5 cup of low-fat cream, 100 g of peeled shrimp, 2 h. Spoons of lemon juice, salt, parsley greens.

Put oil into a large bowl and warm up at a power level of 10 to 45 s. Add onions, close the bowl, leaving a lid lid. Passerize in the microwave in the power level of 10 5-7 minutes, stirring. Add flour, then milk, keep with a power level of 10 2-3 minutes, until notice, whipping every minute. Add cream, mustard, shrimp, lemon juice, salt.

Share a cod in one layer on a round plate. From above to pour sauce and keep in the furnace at the rate of 4 minutes at 450 g of fish. Turn over again.

Palmars stuffed

Prepare mince from heavily-salt red fish, 33% cream and a small amount of cream oil. Because of it in a blender. This mixture to restore the carcasses of boiled squid and put in the refrigerator. In front of the feed.

This mince can be made lean and meat. To do this, boiled to mix rice to mix with fastened with onions, minced meat or with rice, mixed with a packed onion and carrots. Strip the prepared carcasses of squid, fold into the container and put out. You can add a tomato or sour cream.

Fried rice with shrimp in Thai (Khaa Phat Kung)

This is one of the most popular dishes that are preparing in Thailand, and the products for it are the most common, which we can buy in our stores.

Would need: 3 st. Spoons of sunflower oil, a few large cloves of garlic, 7-8 large shrimps, 2 eggs, 1.5 glasses of rice, 2.5 st. Spoons of tomato ketchup, 1.5 st. spoons of soy sauce, 1 h. Sugar spoon, greens for decoration.

Swamp Fig. In a frying pan with high walls, heat the oil and fry chopped garlic in it until golden color.
Add peeled shrimps, shrimp tilt can be left to be more convenient to take them. Note: If you use large shrimps, you must remove the intestines from them, otherwise you can get easy poisoning. It is removed so – you need to tear my head, clean the shrimp from the scales, make a small incision along the ridge, remove a thin black stripe (intestine).

After the shrimps are frying, remove them together with garlic from the frying pan.

Cook an omelet from two eggs in a pan, a wooden shovel to break it on thin pieces, add earlier boiled rice, mix well. Add ketchup, soy sauce and sugar, mix everything and hold a couple of minutes on fire and turn off the slab.

Share rice on a plate, top to put roasted shrimps, decorate greens.

Fried scallops with chili pepper

At the rate of 4 servings will need 12 shrimp.
For marinada: 4 crushed garlic cloves, 3 chili peppers peeled from seeds and finely sliced, 2 st. Dry Herez spoons, 1 h. Sugar spoon, 2-3 st. Spoons of olive oil.

Connect garlic, chili, wine and sugar. Mix well to dissolve sugar. Add 2 Article. Spoons of oil and scallops, gently mix and leave marinated for 30 minutes at room temperature (or longer – in the refrigerator).

Choose scallops from marinade noisy. Marinade does not pour out. Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan with a non-stick coating. Fry scallops on a big fire for 1 minute on each side. Remove from the frying pan, pour into it marinade and boil 3 minutes. Pour scallops sauce.

Green Salad.

Seafood – excellent addition to salads. Seafood salads are delicate and tasty in any combination. This is a real gift of taste for any holiday, to the romantic evening, to the family dinner and to the launchy meal. Always and everywhere there is a place! And about the beneficial properties of such salads you can talk a lot. But it is better not to say, and cook and try.

Those most reptiles

Salad "Sea"

This salad can be used in diabetic nutrition.

Would need: 250 g fish fillet (cod, pikeshi), 100 g of peeled shrimp, half of the green sweet pepper pod, 1 h. Spoon of lemon juice, 0.5 cup of low-fat mayonnaise, salt, cutting salad lathouse, black plums, paprika for decoration.

Put fish on a plate, close the film, leaving one angle to go out. Cook in a microwave at the power level of 10 about 3 minutes or until the fish becomes soft. If the fish is thick, it needs to be flip over 1.5 minutes. Leave fish cool.

Cut fish cubes, add shrimp and green pepper. Mix with lemon juice and mayonnaise. Salt to taste. Lay out salad in a salad bowl. From above to arrange the fish mixture and decorate plums and paprika.

Shrimp salad in jelly

Very beautiful and delicious festive salad.

Shrimps omit in boiling water for only 1-2 minutes, then clean and cool. Panciri and heads with residents put back into the water and boil at least an hour. Add to broth add grapefruit zest, dill and pepper, white wine, salt.
Soak gelatin, filter 1-2 times and dilute in broth.

While the broth will cool, do shrimp. Beautifully decompose them on a big dish. Then carefully so as not to break the drawing, pour the broth. Dish to put to frost in the refrigerator.

Cut shrimps on the washed with spinach leaves, you can decorate not only greens, but also grapefruit, as well as small tomatoes Cherry.

Mango Salad with Shrimps

The most stringent connoisseurs of exquisite cuisine will be very happy to pamper themselves with the following dish. But the preparation of this salad requires some culinary skills.

First you need to pour boiling water thin and fine egg noodles. While noodles insisters, cut mango. Drain the water from the noodle, dried by a towel. Fry the finished noodles, stirring constantly. Remove from fire, add sesame seed, sesame oil and bean fresh sprouts. Add to Salad Sliced ​​Radish, Green Bow and Mango. Add fried noodles.

Make salad soy sauce and sherry.

Seafood salad

At the rate of 4 servings, it will be necessary: 2 chopped cloves of garlic, juice of one lemon, 4 st. Spoons of olive oil, 2 st. Spoons of chopped green parsley, 600 g of sea cocktail boiled (shrimp, mussels, squid rings, octopus), 1 Bulgarian pepper (sliced ​​stripes and fried), 12 black olives without seeds, 2 st. Spoons of fresh chopped basil, salt and black ground pepper.

In a small bowl, mix garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper.

Seafood put in a salad bowl. Then add pepper, olives and garlic refueling. Mix well. Leave seafood salad in a cool place for 30 minutes.

Before serving seafood salad, mix and sprinkle with basil.

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