Those more fruits best masks with fruit extracts

Those more fruits: Best Masks with Fruit Extracts

N apay, watermelon, strawberry, apple and avocado – This is not a recipe for useful smoothies and not even the ingredients of fruit salad, but real beauty assistants for those whose skin needs SOS recovery and moisture. The design of BeautyHack tested the best masks with fruit extracts and carried out its verdict.

Balancing mask with fruit extracts Fruit Balancing Mask, Egia

Anastasia Spear Spear Editor Tested Senior Editor

«Vegetable ingredients in the means from the Italian brand EGIA – not rare guests, but full inhabitants. It is not surprising that many new products manufactured by the brand wear a mark «For sensitive skin», Since there are no parabens, nor rigid pavs, nor synthetic fragrances. My skin loves to shove – On the sun blues, it peels off from the wind, and, in addition to everything, a tendency to Cooperoza was discovered.

Balancing mask was created as if specifically for me – If you also have problems with excessive sensitivity or frequently appear rashes and bold glitter, take note. The composition entered a whole range of useful plant extracts. Lipa, papaya, apple, black currant and lemon remove redness and irritation, and marine algae extracts normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

Mask Looks like a translucent pink gel with branded eagerly catchable aroma of EGIA – He reminds me of baby soap. I nano on the cleaned skin of the face, neck and zones decolte (do not forget about them) and keep 20 minutes – And after washing the warm water. The tone is aligned instantly, and the skin is becoming more dense – the case when the restoration of the hydrolynid mantle can really see».

Price: 4 000 USD

Fissure Mask Watermelon After-Sun Mask, Sephora

Tested Beautyhack Editor Julia Kozolia

«It turns out that watermelon is not only necessary Instagram props in August, but also a popular component in the composition of many summer agents: from serum to lip balm. Sephora In this regard, it was not a joke and released a whole collection of departures: clarifying serum, moisturizing gel, wet wipes and masks – all in positive juicy packs!

The main task of a mask with watermelon extract (it is about in the middle of the list of ingredients) – moisturize, calm and refresh skin after the sun. I tested the remedy after the tan to remove the redness and align the complexion. First impressions: a saturated fragrance is whether watermelon, whether freshly acted herbs and light chill when applied.

Packaging two fabric masks – For the face and for the neck (any cosmetologist will say that this part cannot be forgotten, making absolutely any care). Do business will not work – All crashes into the chest area. But it’s on hand! I leave a mask for 15 minutes, after driving the remnants of the skin by massage movements – No stickiness, exactly as dryness, which overtakes absolutely everyone after sea salt and UV rays».

Price: about 330 dollars.

Fabric mask Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Mask, FRUDIA

Tested SMM manager Beautyhack Alexander Grishina

«Do you know that garnet extract is rich in polyphenol – Powerful antioxidant? So this mask is 46% consists of a grenade and actively feeds and restores the skin for some 20 minutes.
Definitely appetizing packaging in the form of a jar of yogurt prepares you to the fact that there will be something fragrant inside. This is true – The whole procedure from the opening of the package before applying the mask residues on the neck and neckline looks like pleasure.

The fabric of the mask is created by innovative technology from vegetable fibers and provides dense adjacent to the skin, and even effectively delivers the active ingredients to it.
I decided to have all – Pre-used patches under the eyes, waited 10 minutes when they slightly plunge and fix on the skin (hydrogel friends, alas, so tormented to escape), and over the mask. With such a beautiful fragrant and, most importantly, a rested view was even sorry to go to bed. Take a note – Perfect cocktail for cheerful and fresh look at morning. It is very recommended to use those who are experiencing for their sensitive skin and often faces irritation after 10 seconds of using fabric express funds».

Price: 220 USD


Tested senior editor Beautyhack Anastasia Speranskaya

«One of my favorite children’s lessons in the country has always been the preparation of a face mask from vegetables and fruits – These were unchanging cucumber slices in the eyes and a finely chopped strawberry, which as a result was always eaten before the magic beauty effect would be noticeable. I do not know why this mask needed me in childhood, after all, the task of strawberries – breathe pigment stains and tighten the fading skin, but the process was pleasant.

Memories blended me when I first used the tissue mask Secret Nature – The aroma of strawberries filled the room, however, to eat her no longer had the opportunity (about how strawberries raises the mood, you can read here). This ingredient was made up apple extracts, grape bones, portulak and green tea. The mask very gently exfoliates the burned skin layer (which is very useful if your face does not tolerate hard scrubs) and improves the complexion. I noticed that the skin was noticeably smoothed and pulled it up after 15 minutes of gatherings in the fragrant strawberry paradise – I advise you to use in the morning so that makeup lay like oil».

Price: 90 dollars.

Fabric Mask with Pear LoveRecipe Pear Mask, Sally’S Box

Tested assistant editorial board Beautyhack Arina Zurtko

«Korean brands have long acquired popularity among fabric masks. At Sally’S BOX LoveReCripe A whole series of fruit nutrient masks, and I tried a mask with a pear, which perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin.

It’s all about active ingredients of plant origin. Pear extract performs anti-inflammatory function: relieves irritation and promotes skin regeneration. Lavender extract has a healing effect, and the violet struggles with external influences, toning and restoring the skin. The result does not cause himself to wait long: after use, the skin becomes noticeably softer and fresh, the mask calms down perfectly and cools the skin. Plus also in the fact that it is suitable for all skin types. I will be happy to try other masks of this line».

Price: 118 USD

Capsule Tissue Mask Power Capsule Mask Recovery, The Oozoo

Tested Beautyhack Editor Daria Sizova

«The oozoo fabric masks like life in the film «Forrest Gump», – Box of chocolate candies, and you never know what to get you. I do not like fabric masks, but The oozoo use interesting and fun, and they have excellent compositions! Power Capsule Mask from the outside is a capsule with oils of therapy, coconut and grapes, olive oil, green tea, which needs to be crushed right before use. Not to get it, but just press it – active substances soep the tissue base and all useful properties are not confused.

The main task of the means – Restoration and toning. Work perfectly as emergency assistance when skin condition leaves much to be desired. I nano mask on my face, I lie 20 minutes and distribute the remnants of the capsule to the whole face. After use, the skin begins to shine (the illuminator in a tonal agent on such days I do not add). For fine and sensitive skin, this mask – The doctor prescribed. It is very tightly adjacent to the face, and active ingredients as if absorbed in the deep layers of the epidermis. Bonus – Soothing properties: can be used even for problem skin with inflammation and peeling. There is a brand and a remedy with a rose extract with a super-moisture effect – It you will find here ».

Price: 900 USD

Mineral Peeling Mask «Double beam», Vichy

Tested Special Correspondent Beautyhack Daria Mironova

«The main ingredient of this mask – Fruit acids that carefully cleaned the skin from dead cells. In the means of gel consistency of peach color – Apply on the skin of the face for five minutes, after which we wash off warm water.

If it is used twice a week for a month, then the skin will become much smaller, expanded pores will decrease, and the inflammation will be faster. Mask restores the mineral balance of the skin, not dehydrating it. My belongs to the fatty type, but also the owners of dry skin mask, too, will suit (perhaps you will need to use it a little less often)».

Price: 1 200 USD

Those more fruits best masks with fruit extracts

Fissure Mask Firming Blueberry Mask Sheet, Secret Nature

Tested assistant editorial board Beautyhack Anya Hobotova

«Fabric masks – endless Love. Already at least 50 pieces visited my face. The choice fell on the Secret Nature. The brand produces funds only with ultra natural composition (90-95% of the ingredients of plant origin), and also uses rare plants with an environmentally friendly Island of Jeju.

SECRET NATURE mask – Aromatic blueberry bomb. It contains blueberry extract, increasing skin elasticity, preventing aging and any damage caused by an aggressive external environment. When opening the package, be careful – impregnating liquid a lot. As part of this essence, a lot of useful elements except Blueberry: hyaluronic acid for mega moisturizing, green tea against edema, ginger to improve metabolic processes.
The effect was visible immediately – The skin has become softer, the tone is smaller, and dark circles under the eyes due to constant lack of sleep disappeared».

Price: 90 dollars.

Enzyme Peeling Mask with Papaya, Mezolux

Tested assistant editorial board Beautyhack Arina Zurtko

«For me, this tool has become the opening of the century, not less. Peeling – an indispensable procedure for cleansing the skin, and when it is combined with a tender texture of the mask, the evening care ritual becomes much more pleasant. An enzyme peeling mask Mezolux librederm not only carefully removes dead cages from the skin surface, but also increases the skin tone, speeds up the regeneration process and contributes to the narrowing.

Papaya extract gently softens and exfoliates the skin, and zinc citrate contributes to the removal of irritation and inflammation. The composition also includes shea, coconut and sweet almonds, which are responsible for skin moisturizing. Mask and cleans, and heals, and softens – Immediately several stages of departure in one jar! In the testimony, it is written that the mask is designed for skin with visible age-related changes, but I can say with confidence that it is perfect for both young skin, since the main function of the means, yet, cleansing».

Price: 1 245 USD

Avocado Night Mask, Skinfood

Tested Assistant Editorial BEAUTYHACK Karina Ilyasov

«The mask is designed for dry and very dry skin, so the owner of normal, combined and oily skin – Pass past. As part of pair milk and avocado – The combination is unusual, but gives a stunning smell. I do not like night masks, because they are always very fat, my skin is only worse. This mask – This is, so I found it a non-standard application. I put it with a thin layer for 10-15 minutes, and then wash off the usual means for washing.

The skin after the mask looks better – It becomes soft and smooth, there is no peeling, but the tool has no prolonged effect, so it is suitable as a SOS-tool (owners of very dry skin it will be only on hand). If you just have dry skin without any complaints, then boldly indulge yourself with this agent».

Price: 770 USD

Rejuvenating Fruit Acid Mask, Dizao

Tested assistant editorial board Beautyhack Anya Hobotova

«Start to care better before – Another test Anti-Age mask was successful. Yes, and use it in two stages, from which the skin comes delight, but everything in order.

The remedy for the world-recognized cosmetic brand DIZAO consists of two parts – Tissue mask and hyalurone cream. The mask will seem to you the huge sizes, but it must be placed on the face and on the neck (there is a sample on the package). After 15 minutes of work of fruit acids, help update, align and moisturize the skin, it is worth removing the mask and wash. Here and comes the second stage – Application of cream. Hyaluronic acid in the composition more moisturizes and increases skin elasticity. Effect from the mask is chic – bruises and small wrinkles at the eye some miracle went away, and the skin became like a baby. The manufacturer recommends to fix the effect to use the mask by the course for 14 days, 1-2 per week».

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