This is why I did not hold the gel lacquer for a long time? Because I didn’t have ultrasound!

Gel lacquer – excellent invention of the beauty industry, nogot, dressed in it look just amazing! Yes, and afford such a brilliant and beautiful manicure can any girl. But only a frequent problem occurs – it seems and work extremely neatly, and you use the lacquer, and the result is still short-lived. It’s a shame ..

It turns out that the adhesion of the shellac and marigolds is perfect, the intermediary is necessary! Name Him – Nail Ultrasound. What it is, how to use it and all the secrets of the "invisible fighter of the Manicure Front" are open in this article.

What is ultrabond?

Not one page on the Internet and the channel on Youtube are devoted to gel varnishes, their diversity, design techniques. And in stores they proudly bang in the most prominent place, as if avant-garde of manicure troops. But about ultrabond they say quite a little and information while scanty. It’s time to correct.

Each Master of Nail Service knows perfectly well that for better nail clutch with foreign matter like gel, acrylic, biogel or shellac need primer. This is such a colorless liquid, which plates are covered before building or painting. So here – the primer can be:

  • Acid . This is a means containing methacrylic acid. It lifts the flakes of the nail and they are better grabbed with the material. But even the very description of the components and technology of application makes thinking: And I need it? It turns out that this acid is very dangerous, working with such a primer necessarily in protective glasses and mask (!), And if it falls into the skin, it is almost secured ..
  • Beckless primer – this is ultrabond. No dangerous methacrylic acid in it, but there is ethyl acetic ester – ethyl acetate. The substance is also not from the safest, but still more sparing compared to the acid primer. At least glasses, mask and yellow-black inscription "Biohazard!»You definitely do not need.

Unlike acids with sharp and simply beating in the nose in the nose, ultrabond almost does not have aroma. In addition, if he falls on the cuticle, it will not harm her, allergic and any terrible reactions are excluded.

What do you need ultrabond?

It is multitasked – necessary for degreasing, dehydration, destruction of the microflora harmful to nails. The infallive primer is often compared with bilateral scotch, and this is reasonable. He really fade from two sides firmly plummes artificial material and nail plate.

If you wondered than ultrabond different from the primer, now everything is clear. We can say that ultrabond is a non-consistent product that bisted from Primera.

Not advertising for the sake of, but benefits for ..

If you are just starting the thorny ease of the Neil Masters or just try to make a professional manicure at home, you need special tools and materials. In the process, it turns out that some means are excessively liquid and pounce on the cuticle, and some badly crossed and quickly digging, the list can be very long.

By samples and mistakes, most of the masters sooner or later acquires the products of KODI. This brand is largely a revolutionary in the world of Neil-Design. For example, her Kodi Professional Ultrabond collects enthusiastic reviews and professionals, and ordinary high-quality fans.

Cody ultrabond – what it is?

As mentioned above, it is a non-relaxed primer. The reluctance of varnish is often due to the fact that the moisture or fat microparticle remains on the plate, which interfere with the materials firmly hold on to the nail flakes. Of course, these factors need to be corrected! For what and the ultrasound Cody is useful – he degreases the surface, will destroy unnecessary moisture and kill harmful microorganisms that are just waiting for, when for a few weeks your natural nails will close the gel or shellac, to actively multiply and create all sorts of dirty life with healthy nails.

The price of ultra-club Cody varies from 200 to 500 dollars. Maybe someone will seem high, but remember how many times you did a labor-intensive neil-design, and he fell off literally after a couple of days? And with such an intermediary, the manicure will delight you until you come to try something new.

A small jar with only 15 milliliters of a transparent liquid is enough for a very long time, because the inflexible primer is very liquid and a thin layer is required to fully protect the plate and make a strong coating.

This is why I had no gel lacquer for a long time I didn't hold it because I had no ultra-cloud!

How to distinguish the original Cody’s ultrasad from fake? What is Fresher? Video

Liquid "wall" – how to apply ultrasound to nails

Now that you know what for what, you need to understand – how. That is, proceed to the practical part – learn how to use the Cody ultragond.

Experienced specialists recommend adhere to such instructions:

  1. Porridge butter do not spoil. It would seem that this proverb with nails? Answer – European manicure will never be superfluous at the first stage of any nail design. So try to make the baths to your nails and remove the cuticle with non-sharp layers, but a special rehemever and an orange stick. In addition, if ultrabond, albeit gentle, will fall into the wound from the bustard, there will be a slight burning. But with the European method of unpleasant surprises there is no.
  2. When the marigold is exempt from excess skin, they can be written beautifully and polished with the bough. The plate must be smooth and slightly. If the "terrain", relatively speaking, "hilly", then gel varnish and other materials will fall at uneven.
  3. At the next stage, nails are worth covering a pre-primer or a conventional degreaser.
  4. Now the turn of today’s hero is ultra-closed. Tassel type a little liquid, press the edge of the bottle and put a thin layer on the nail plate. The layer should be practically inconspicuous, if you smear it, do not regret, thick, then it will reduce its useful properties. Act the most carefully, do not allow the means to "escape" on the cuticle or side rollers. If ultrabond hits the skin, blot it with a napkin. Is it necessary to dry it in UV lamp? No, ultraviolet does not need here. Beckless primer is very independent – it will dry out for 1-2 minutes in the air. Understand that the fluid dried, it is possible when it stops shine.

When the stage with ultra-edge is completed, you can start building or applying the base under gel lacquer.

Video "Acid or Temple Primer"?

3 Comrade – Overview of other ultra-block brands

Although Kodi Professional Ultrabond and pet masters, but often it turns out that it can be ordered only on the Internet. And if you are needed here and now, you can search another tool, also effective. It:

  • Beckless Primer Runail Professional Primer. Well showed itself on gel varnish, the price is about 200 dollars.
  • Bond Primer from Aurelia. Remedy harmless to natural marigolds. Recommended for nails predisposed to resolve. Cost of about 400 dollars.
  • Le Vole Ultra Bond features a manicure resistance with perfect application. The price of such a primer starts from 260 dollars.

If you think about, then modeling or shellac make nail similar to a puff cake, so much has to be applied to layers of various neural products. But when compliance with technology, all stages, using high-quality funds, manicure will be gloss-ideal and durable. The same ultrabond – a small bottle with liquid "water", and how much depends on it! If you want a strong clutch and healthy nails, make friends with a cheekless primer. Well, and finally – good luck in Neil-Art!

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