This is just the end of the world: Sasha Suthormina – about how wine and baked vegetables will help to reach the spring

It’s good that at home turned on the heating, but after such a slipping summer pulls to be outrage: what the hell did we generally be content with so small? After all, we danced quite recently until the morning on the "Arrow", and now I don’t want to go outside. There is a golden autumn, in fact – plus six and frozen rain. Days become shorter, informing about the opening of new places from the cover to Tula also covers as meaningless as messages in workers’ messengers. Here, Greta Turnberg convinces that the last days come. In our case, they will end, they may be in April, and maybe never. There is an acute premonition that the 2020s may be decades of adversity and excitement.

How did you get a kitten Gav, you should be afraid together. In a number of America, part of the annual routine is the so-called Hurricane Parties. There, during the regular hurricane "Katrina" under the most durable roofs, parties are arranged without end time, because people do not know when it can be outward. Beer sales grow dramatically, and new families are created with special acne. Such Hurricane Parties should be regularly happening among the residents of the Russian metropolis in the interval from the fall in spring. This year we have a particular importance: together with the summer of 2019, we start to accompany the entire ten. And do it is beautiful.

I spent the whole conscious life on the principle of "houses not fun, fun – there". That is, in clubs with face control, in closed bars, at the Parties "on the Viscriptions" and in the bare of restaurants. All my life before last year, when it turned out that the main party is the one that is happening at your home. On it and the guest list, and the menu, and wine and playlist – all for you. Comet flies on the planet? New "Simachev" opens? Yes hell with them! We are more likely: we create a chat in a telegraph to discuss the bullshit in the style of "dynasty" and the eclairs with the crab, throw the memes from Instagram and invent the party’s date. Someone offers to dress up not like in the "dynasty", but as in the series "Becoming God in Florida" – and the sequel more! Further discuss menus and wine: I will bring you a pack of Chevra from Paris, offers one. The other answers: with me samovar, I can and the Uzbek carpet to grab!

I am also the organizer of home parties, but I still have learned my life. Therefore, the tip number zero: Take a co-host to prepare for the event together. Reliable zones: Let’s say Natasha cook better, and I understand alcohol and finely select flowers to music. Easit the convening of guests: Let every every half with the expectation, to determine the influx of new people who will get acquainted and bring together without leaving the apartment. You can still mentally divide the invited on some strange principle: say, call exclusively designers and eco -activists. Or Foreign Students and Snowboard Fans. Spacious open for the most non-obvious combinations in the spirit of "Monti Paiton".

Now food: please only do not delivery! For her ahead of all winter with a dozen hangover and the fresh season "Killing Eve". Food and her cooking should combine people, and not solve their basic needs. The main thing is a well-thought-out menu, good products and simple recipes. Decide: For example, the "holiday of a vegetarian harvest", "Chicken in the sour-sweet sauce under the films Wong Car Waaya" or "All you wanted to do from apples from grandfathers". By the way, pies are always in the topic! Instead of sticking to a million blog searching for inspiration Contact books Chef Yotama Ottolengi, transplanting London and peace on warm Israeli Waib. Recently, he had a new series called "Simple", where many vegetables, and everything about Shering. However, we do not cancel the recipes from Instagram Beloniki: I, for example, keep posts from culinary accounts to a separate folder.

Before sending shopping and markets, make a list of purchases and arm yourself by the CCM. Otherwise risks to detect yourself with a lot of packages in a 24-hour shop, punching the chips with bacon at the checkup. Do not save and choose with the mind. Fresh bread, which is the head, buy in Remy or in "Pechorin": to invest two hundred-three hundred dollars in the warm loaf, which guests will remember a week later. Vegetables take on the nearest market: I will manage for the Soromilovsky and Fair of the Weekend, but also in the "depot" you can find something non-volatile. Choose picky and season: berries, pumpkin, eggplants that we have here? Much cheese on Usachevsky; In the same "alphabet of taste" you can meet decent wavelas. Excellent fish in the mentioned "Depot" – Bake of Sybas in the oven, even with talentless culinary. Sausages take in the same place in Meat Dealers or in the Max’s chamber restaurant on the patriarch. Behind the steaks there are answered: its farm, herbal fattening, long exposure. If it is impossible to observe the ecobalance, at least support the local manufacturer – let the world already curse.

This is just the end of the world Sasha Sutormmin - about how wine and baked vegetables will help to reach

The story is not less, and even more significance – alcohol. Under the side there is a mass marketplace wine or "magnolia" – spit on them! We are with you solid people, so the fashion for home faults with cocktails will leave in 2014. Well, the maximum of Blady Mary or Bellini on aperitif. I am for wine and for reasonable consumption! Let’s start with Petnatov, that is, sparkling on the Dedovsky method. Thin bubbles, low degrees and cheerful labels, they close the question, plus supply companies at least another topic for conversation. Take red, white, orange and more – what could be worse than finishing the last bottle in the middle of the evening? Other win-win options – Riesling, GrĂ¼ner or Zweigelt. Under the pumpkin, Orange from Sicily comes perfectly with baked peppers. Pinot Noir is perfect. Want to mod? Choose the wines of the jury. By classic? You in Burgundy. Or Russian trail: if visiting foreigners, get a bottle of coast from Pavel Sweden or something from Oleg Repina.

When you collect ammunition, the time will come to cook food, cool wine and serve the table. To cheer out an autumn mood, there are enough oakham of daisies and dried flowers from "Moszvetto" or, again, from the market. I remind you that you have two – on all launch hours 2-4. Count the peaceful topics for conversations: the end of the world or heritage of Italian design of the mid-1960s – for the sake of all saint, do not speak about politics, gender, garbage processing and football. You can take turns to let each other sins and resentment, accumulated for months and years. Or, remembering "Notting Hill", arrange a competition at the main loser at the table (let the loser wash the dishes). Become a dysfunctional family from "Friends", pour children’s injuries to each other or labelish about the future. You can arrange a full-fledged New Year’s Falstart and give all gifts.

This winter on one of these slightly insane domestic dinners in the apartment on Leningradsky Prospekt met my Paris girlfriend and a friend. They have since three hours discussed the restaurants of Belleville. Other my buddies have previously brought love to Almodovar: they started the child, they broke up and again. My closest friends, married for ten years, also met so at a party on a visit. But I’m not talking about that, but that if the world is no longer saved, then friends, baked vegetables, "Like a Prayer" Madonna and Red Wine can be guaranteed to fill with warm at least one evening.

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