There is no bad weather?

"Nature has no bad weather, each weather is grace! Rain Lee, Snow – any time of the year I need to be gratefully taken … "(words of Eldar Ryazanov, Music Andrei Petrova, Artist Alice Freundlich).

Beautiful and words and music and execution. And from a philosophical point of view, most likely, everything is true. But to such a high wisdom, it happens so difficult ..

So for most of us bad weather still exists. Everyone is her own – someone’s heat, someone has a cold, someone has a rain.

Still, for most people, bad weather happens late autumn and winter. And it is important to go through this weather correctly. Do not get sick, do not ride depressed.

No matter how cool, and good mood is impossible without physical health. Therefore, we should not forget about movement and walks even in bad weather. By the way, there are people who love to walk in the rain. It is none of them and configures on a lyrical way.

One of my acquaintances specifically for such walks bought rubber boots and raincoat. She says that the walk in the rain satures her ozone. Everything can be.

But in front of such pleasures to strengthen immunity.

For example, for such a recipe:

Mix 1/2 cup of freshly squeezed carrot juice and radish, add 1 st. Spoon of lemon juice and 1 st. Spooning honey, mix well and take on an empty stomach in the morning and for the night of 1 st. spoon.

It is said that this recipe will remove not only from the cold, but also from viruses.

Ancient Tibetan recipe

Take 100 g of the grass of the Zverkoy, daisy flowers pharmacy, immortals and birch kidney, mix well.

1 Art. Spooning the mixture to pour 2 glasses of boiling water in the thermos, insist 4 hours. Strain through cotton fabric, squeeze.

In a glass of infusion add a teaspoon of honey and drink half an hour before sleep. 1 cup drink in the morning half an hour before meals.

Insist and drink daily until the blend of herbs is over.

Sometimes bad weather outside the window serves as an indicator of our mental anxiety. Specialists advise in such cases "to know ourselves" – find out what actually overshadows the mood – rain and snow outside the window or some unresolved internal problems.

To do this, it is recommended to retire, light the candle and turn off the light. And let go of yourself, try to cut off the outside world and listen to the world inner. First, as a rule, all sorts of thoughts climb, sometimes stupid, but if you continue to sit quietly and look at the light of the candle, all the bay leaves and the depth opens.

Many exactly this way managed to understand themselves and understand ourselves.

Often bad weather spoils us a mood, because it deprives or desire to go somewhere, go, to meet someone, to do something.

But it is precisely this weather that gives time to think about your life. Maybe there is not enough goals? The goal fills human life meaning.

Objectives can be a different, not necessarily ambitious, such as the opening of a new planet, and for example, learn English or German to read in the original Shakespeare or Goethe, do without a guide in traveling in Europe.

Or, for example, learning to draw to capture everything important not with the help of a camera, and with the help of a brush, invested in the picture not just display, but also emotions, human soul, animal, subject.

After all, in fact, no purpose, a person can not be happy.

He wakes up in the morning and he has nothing to strive for. If the sun and green grass outside the window, then the absence of meaning is not so much. And, here if the rain and darkness ..

You can come up with an interesting hobby! Start breeding cacti, violets or other plants, solve crosswords, embroider, knit, sew and much more.

I remember how everyone was shocked when a modest 56-year-old accounting of autumn bad weather was recorded on Latin dance courses. Some even twisted at the temple.

But already at the New Year’s Eve, she was so lit up that young girls went out into the sidelines.

And it was just surprising that so many years she squatted with a gray mouse and suddenly transformed into a bright butterfly, or the bird. In the summer on vacation, she went to a cruise along the Volga. There he met a man for whom married. Here is such a wonderful transformation can give the correctly selected hobby.

What else can be dispelled with melancholy caused by bad weather?

Books. After all, how often in good weather we are underway, then on the beach, then in the theater, then visit. But in the world so many interesting books! In addition, reading trains and develops our brain and emotionality.

Even in this weather you can watch beautiful light films. My husband and I love to revise the old Soviet comedies. How do they raise mood! How to Bodryat!

There is no bad weather

And in rainy weather, you can master new recipes or remember the old and cook something is a breathtaking delicious. Better to take and invite for lunch or dinner friends. Here the bad weather will feel gray and will be curious to look into your windows, to make better welcome.

Some girls and women love to arrange bachelides, and even pajama parties. Where you can and in the vest girlfriend cry, complaining about life and to lose weight.

There is another way to raise yourself mood. And I must say rather romantic. Write a paper letter to your beloved person, girlfriend, parents. But it’s most interesting to write a letter … myself.

Yes! Yes! To do this, it is necessary to be removed from yourself, to see yourself from the side and tell about your feelings, experiences, desires. You can even give yourself advice, point out mistakes and how to fix them. And, of course, tell about your attitude to yourself, about sadness, love and all the feelings that are in the heart.

Read a letter written to yourself not immediately, but six months or at least about three or four months.

And I also like the Lavr.

Relaxing and refreshing bath from laurel leaves

20 leaves of the Laurel Pour the liter of boiling water, bring to a boil, reduce fire and cook on slow fire 5-7 minutes. Insist half an hour-hour. Strain, add to the bath. These baths clean the skin well, lift mood. The course of such baths helps to cope with depression.

To reduce the impact on us stresses and all kinds of negative emotions, experts advise on autogenous training or yoga.

It is also useful aromatherapy

Drop a few drops of jasmine essential oil, lavender, rosemary, lemon, tea tree in aromalamp or in a glass with hot water and put next to you.

This procedure and infection kills, and the nerves soothes and raises the mood.

The mood raises the mood of Sage oil.

Psychologists are advised to avoid communicating with whins and losers. In their opinion, poor mood and failure.

In order to be happy, communicate with optimists, with those who are configured to success and encourage others.

Hope that these little tips will help someone wisely agree with the authors of the song – "Nature has no bad weather".

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