The smell of a woman

The smell of a woman

Calculate – just honestly – how many bottle of perfume stands on your dressing table. Marketers argue that on average every Russian woman has about six. Those who still keep loyalty to one-sole aroma, among us only 15%. The rest every year buy or get as a gift from one to three perfumes.

"The choice of fragrance is similar to the choice of a lover," says Professor-Parfumumer in Roger, "you have to spend the night with him to find out if you come to each other". So when you will be in the store, ask samples, splash the scent on the wrist, and then nicely smile and go home, not leaving the salesmanship persuas. The smell will change throughout the day – the upper notes will leave 1-2 minutes, the heart of the spirits you will feel 2-4 hours, later you will be accompanied by the flavor of the aroma. And all this time spirits should be pleasant to amaze.

The perfume shop is best to go in the afternoon when the smell is particularly acute. Trying perfume, splash them on the skin and do not rub in any way – so you break the natural process of the evaporation of the spirits, and the fragrance will change.

Before going to search for new spirits, determine your favorite family of fragrances. After all, the store will still not be able to truly try more than 2-3 perfumes. And never buy spirits according to the description – your favorite note, such as raspberries or vanilla, can sound completely different in the composition.

There are several groups of aromas. Such a classification will help you better deal with your preferences.

Tell some flavors you like, and we will say who you are. You can, on the contrary, if you ..

You lead an active lifestyle, love rollers, skiing, sportswear clothes. Choose light spirits with the smell of the sea, beveled herbs, wildflowers.

Classics of the genre:
L’Eau d’lssey, Issey Miyake
CK One, Calvin Klein
Tommy Gerl, Tommy Hilfiger
Fluid Light, Iceberg

Charming vertihvostka
If you are coquettes, mixed, then your aromas – citrus fruit, giving an acute spicy note.

Classics of the genre:
Green Tea, Elizabeh Arden
O de Lancome, Lancome
Mat Blue, Masaki Matsushima
VV, Roberto Verino

You are dreaming, you like love novels and moonwalk. Your choice – flower bouquets, gentle, like your soul.

Classics of the genre:
J’Adore, Dior
Romanse, Ralph Lauren
Clinique Happy, Clinique
Echo Woman, Davidoff
Ame Coquine, Chantal Thomass

Exotic bird
You are sitting in the country where winter never happens, and cocktails from exotic fruits. Perfume – with notes of rare strangers.

Classics of the genre:
Chanse, Chanel
Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani
Still, Jennifer Lopez
Pure Poison, Dior
Yohji Yamamoto
Sephora White Sephora

Femme fatale
You wear high heels, bright lipstick, and men beware of looking into your eyes. Saturated Eastern Armatians are suitable – wood and floral powered.

Classics of the genre:
Boss Intense, Hugo Boss
Opium, Yve Saint Laurnt
Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo
What’s New:
Provocative Women, Elizabeth Arden
Le Baiser Du Dragon, Cartier
Armani Mania, Giorgi Armani
L’Instant de Guerlain, Guerlain

You know a lot about wine and adore Crêpe Suzette. Need "edible" perfume with notes of chocolate, vanilla, almond, spice.

Classics of the genre:
Angel, Thierry Mugler
L’Or de Torrente, Torrente
What’s New:
BLV Notte, Bvlgari
Anice, Etro
Apparition, Emanuel Ungaro

Another selection criterion may be the color of the vial, e.g., delicate shades vials stored feminine fragrances cold tones carry freshness of flowers and glass warm shade promise saturated sweetness.

Fashionable Chinese grammar Feng Shui says: if we choose perfumes by the color of their bottles, you can easily manage and their finances, and romances:

Blue Feng Shui is responsible for the element of water. Wear these spirits when you have to solve issues of career and finance – they will awaken your intuition.
Depend, Puig
Summer Dream, Chost

The smell of a woman

Green – the harmony and energy of nature. Perfume bottles of green uplifting and gives cheerfulness.
Eau Parfumee au the Vert, Bvlgari
Neonata Sev, Yve rocher

Gold It represents the entire range of metal. Use these aromas when you need to feel like a wise, strong, and keep all the odes control.
Timbuktu, L’artisan Parfumeur
J’adore, Dior

Red – the color of fire. It means passion and glory. Scented this perfume to be the center of attention and as a magnet to attract the views of others.
Trouble, Boucheron
Amor Amor, Cacharel

Pink – it is emotion, sensuality and feminine. Envelops itself in this fragrance before a date or a meeting with your dear people.
Pinc Sugar, Aquolina
Ysatis Iris, Givenchy

White symbolizes purity of thoughts. Choose it when you need to relax, set yourself up for cleansing or creative way.
Basi Femme, Armand Basi
Angel Schlesser Femme, Angel Schlesser

Black – it is a symbol of profound changes. Before accepting an important decision, sulfate perfume from black bottles – it leads thoughts in order.
L’Eau de Kasaneka, Menard
Eau de Parfum, Juozas Statkevicius

And finally – Several tips from Frenchwoman. It is believed that they have a congenital gift to wear perfume.

– Do not chase at the momentary fashion. "I change perfume only when my life is changing radically – every five, and then ten years old," says the top model of Ines de la Fressing (in 1994, she was a model of the Bust of France symbol – Marianna). – The aroma is the expression of your "I", and not the mood that changes every day, and even every hour. To emphasize today’s mood, put high heels or change the color of lipstick "

– Perfume need to spread, and not according to the first notes to understand what kind of smell. "Now the flavors in which one note dominates, for example, chocolate or vanilla, – says Atrice Audrey Tatu. – The present spirits must be multifaceted, they should not be logic and accurate calculation – only inspiration ".

– Aroma is not sex, but a good mood. "Often in advertising you can hear that one or another smell will make you seductive," says Ines de la Fressing. – I would say differently: Favorite spirits attach confidence, and this confidence makes a sexy woman ".

– "Just a little – already enough. "Frenchwomen prefer to say about them that they are smart, interesting in communication and possess a tact, taste and sense of humor, and not that they are pleasant and fashionable smelling" – Laughs actress Sophie Marso. "Apply perfume in such a quantity so that others can feel your fragrance, just approaching a kiss".

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