Study with baby shape and color

Study with baby shape and color

All the basic knowledge that we have are laid in our deep childhood. The idea of ​​the form and color, the sizes of things, the concepts are more or less – it seems that we did not teach this. But in fact, our mothers every day showed us the differences in the objects surrounding us and put all the skills in us in us.

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Studying with baby shape and colors

Also now our children like a sponge absorb information. With a kid of a one-year-round, you can even effectively begin to study the concept of form and color.

Invented toys, sorters, computer programs, and everything else for better babysitting. It remains only to buy and show, well, you can do with icy means.

Paper and cardboard

So, armed with scissors and color cardboard? Can of course use and paper, but such products will not be durable.

Almost simple. With the help of a circulation or a conventional glass, draw a circle and cut by contour. Also prepare triangles, squares, rectangles. In general, all the simplest geometric shapes.

Abroad should be the figures of different sizes, so that the kid can match them with your absolute.

Money rings. Let the child seek his hand through it. Place the rank ofkomo. It will take quite a bit of time and your baby will understand the difference between them.

Slipigur make a large enough, about 10 cm diagonally. With stainlessness or double-sided tape, attach them on the walls of the room. Take the attention of the baby several times, passing around the apartment, call the shape.

Indicate the child to divide the concept of form and color. It is better to say: "This is a square.He is yellow, "and not" this yellow square ". Thus, the baby will quickly read that there can be a square, and a cube, and his beloved blade.

Combine teaching with the development of shallow motility. Collect caps from plastic bottles.At least with blue and green problems do not have problems. Showers will prepare dinner in the kitchen, tell the baby that the round lids are tied with all eggplants. Green covers close small baclags, asylum color big. Connected concepts are more or less.

Pretend to calculate eggplants. The gouache is most likely not suitable, since the pens sweat the handles, but the usual felt-tumbers will fit quite. Prepare bottles I expect them in different colors, we add another field for activity. Nowado twist the caps on the bottle of the corresponding color.

Buckets and boxes

We will teach the baby to put the toddler in one. Jars and buckets from ice cream, yogurt, sour cream.Labels can be easily removed, and the surface is placed with colored paper. Corrosively everything will be colored, so the main thing is that they sustain the general and not very attempts to create anything with them.

Stroytebashni, put together in my friend, Be sure to comment on every step, go to the crumb. Repeat that I am a big bucket, you are putting small in it, or that the box (this is for older children) and you need to choose a wider.

Poprositev Square boxes include bear (beloved baby toy), and rectangular. Do not forget to praise the baby, because at any age it is nice to hear that you are pleased. (But we praise in any case, even if the baby can cope immediately).

Nanash view, the best help in learning color are fruits and vegetables.In the midst of the summer, just sin does not help the child to learn new things for him.

Pomotimous that you will definitely tell the child about the properties of various products, call the form and color of the fetus.

Study with baby shape and color

Especially important for fruit with constant color. Tomatoes red, carrotarange, watermelon green. Of course, exceptions are happening here, but nevertheless, apples that can be yellow, and green, and red.

Duplicatebean all try to touch. It is much more productive to twist an apple in the sleeves to realize that it is round, than to believe the word. And after you have the color of the baby, you can call it, you can eat juicy.

Show the child ordinary things by functions

I wipyastol with a cloth, show her baby, say that it is square, the coaching cup is round, and the napkin folded in half is a triangle.By the way, multicolored napkins generally excellent healthy material for studying forms and colors. The same cheap and necessary every day.

Single Plasticine or Salt Dough You not only teach the child to show a certain forms and colors, but also create them on their own. Sleep the ball, ride it, add flat striped or rounded to the ball. Help squeeze the baby Plasticine Cube. Explore the full colors.

If more than two years old, collect the car, the Christmas tree, the Snowman with him from the details. Save your creation to remember, the diteevoity of the baby to feel and realize how new figures from the usual piece are found.

In the corporal to learn only one form or one color for a long time. Nothing extent will not come from this vent. Child is able to remember all the information you give him. Therefore, successfully study the shades of different colors, enter high-low, narrow-wide, deep-shallow. Arounding on the forms of items that surround you.

Take the baby with a break, that his plate is round and small, and your round is also round, but at the same time show sure to see the Croch. The door is a square window, a triangle is drawn on the carpet, and the tablecloth on the table is oval.

Try all colors and forms correctly. Baby is very easy to get confused. If we say that the cup is green, then it should be exactly green, not salad.Children, like us, without any problems distinguish colors and may not understand why the raspberry T-shirt, red, is clearly not correct. In the start of the crumbs with flowers, just choose those subjects to teach that they cause doubts about their shades.

Accompanying with rims, short poems. After all, it is much more fun and easier to learn when everything is folded and can even go.

Walkway days. For example, in the morning, look around the apartment all things blue, after the dining age will come the time of pink items. Naivilitis necessarily pinches green grass, sniff red roses, tap flat, and consider square tiles.

We will tell you about the rainbow, he will definitely want to see her alive, but first do it, blind, collect a pyramid or a turret from all its colors.

Distinguishes the child will begin long before it starts calling them. This is incessantly and logical. The older it will become, the more shades and will learn how to identify them.

Nozzle Rule concerns forms. Teach children with what surrounds you. All that is ordinary for adults, unusual and new for kids.

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