Study on vacation: why it is necessary and how to motivate a child

Each child, feeling what studies is very happy when, finally, the days of rest are coming, and the heads are immersed in what was inaccessible during scientific knowledge. Of course, at this moment, the speech about repeating something or continue to memorize, does not go for a student who felt freedom. However, excessive relaxation on vacation can lead to the fact that the whole school program will quickly crawl out of the head, and what it was necessary to prepare, and remains to lie on the sidelines.

Why is it important to continue studying on vacation?

The holidays are necessary for the child to be able to rest from everyday worries and fit all the information outlined in the lessons in their heads, however, if the weekend takes not one or two days, and a week, a month or three months, then a complete immersion in carelessness only hurts future studies and reduce the figures of the child. Based on this, it is important to note the benefit of repetition and continue learning on a long holidays, which will help the student not only not to forget all the information received earlier, but also not to get out of the working rhythm, to which he is already accustomed to during everyday lessons.

Regular receipt at least some information from the curriculum and approximate maintenance of the usual already schedule guarantee that your child will quickly strengthen in the educational process when it takes. In the opposite case, it will be somewhat difficult for him, since the first week, or even two, after the holidays he will experience severe stress, lethargy, to reduce its performance, which in turn will not be a positive factor for the assimilation of the information received.

How to relax, not forgetting about learning?

To resolve this important question, it is necessary to determine what exactly you need to know and remember your child for this period of study. This can be discussed with him or his teacher, familiarize yourself with the school program or school curriculum and T.NS. Know all the details is not necessarily – the main thing is that you as a parent have an idea that the child is now studying, and which of the new knowledge would be relevant for him in each case. A consistency of the student may also play a significant role. For example, if he knows the mathematics and physics perfectly, it is not worth the attention too much attention on these subjects, but you can pull into the chromium astronomy and chemistry by visiting the observatory of your region and museums related to the specified areas.

When the direction is chosen, it is very important that a plan of action was scheduled for the entire holiday period. This applies to both the educational and relaxing process. From the same as clear, the list and procedure will be, the effectiveness of all that will be done by you. By drawing up a plan, you should consider the wishes of the child and the arguments of teachers in favor of one or another subject, which will allow reaching the Golden Middle. The list must include specific training classes, lessons combined with recreation or educational and educational games, as well as individual games and recreation, interesting for the child directly, and, of course, free time for him. Take care and that the leisure of the child includes, like communication with friends, with family, and the opportunity to be alone.

In addition to cognitive and interesting excursions, which will include a repetition of the studied school, every day the child can ask certain issues during normal communication. For example, thanks to what physical strength we can walk, ride cars, cut the oil and t.NS.? Thanks to the power of friction! And such questions can come up with a lot in a wide variety of subjects.

In order for the child to have time to read what he was asked for a holiday, or repeat the material already passed, you can select a little time before leaving to sleep (no more than an hour). Let it make it a child yourself or take part in the evening ritual, if required.

When selecting certain actions on the repetition and knowledge of something new, do not forget that the total amount of time spent on this should not exceed the total time spent on walks and communicate with friends, otherwise the holidays will not be different from the usual school day.

Study on vacation for what it is necessary and how to motivate a child

Methods of motivation of a child

Fine! Compiled a plan, picked up a recreation program and repetitions. But what to do if the child is very difficult to passion, and the study itself causes him only negative associations. First of all, in no case sweat and do not force it forcibly to the textbooks or go somewhere in the museum – all your actions and hiking should be agreed and not to cause hostility, otherwise it will not only bring benefits, but also hurts Forever hitting the child a desire to learn. To this not happen, you can use various motivation methods.

Before try to bring a student a serious argument for him in favor of going to go to one or another exhibition, go to the Hygiene Museum, listen to the general educational lecture on geometry and t.NS. It is important that your words are soft, but persistent, and in no case have worn a threatening character. Agreed with the child, you will get the greatest result and make a good time. If this is not your option, we start looking for approaches – for everyone they will be individual.

One of the methods of motivation can be called the deprivation method, that is, the child is deprived of something important until the action scheduled in your plan. It is also worth noting that it all should not happen in a categorical form, but in trust, that is, the child should argue so – I will fulfill the task and I will do a loved one. To further strengthen this desire, you can intrigue him with some surprise. For example, for every day to cook small gifts with pleasant and interesting baubles, which the student will receive every night after performing all the intended goals.

Try also to motivate the child with future ratings, with the help of which he can not only conquer the respect of teachers, but also class attention, and also much faster to learn new information that will save his time.

An ideal option for training on vacation will be thematic campaigns or camps, where all the necessary training information will be presented with games, competitions and tasks. In such places, having fun, the child will be able to rest well, and throw out my emotions, and learn something new, and repeat the information previously passed, having received a lot of impressions and not noticing how quickly the days of vacation flew.

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