Stubble skin happens!

Ground skin? Sometimes it happens!

Popular singer, actress, TV presenter, Large mother and Happy wife Victoria Beckham believes that "Beauty is 10% genetics and 90% of hard labor". Today, this "hard work" often gives reverse results. At cosmetologists even a new term appeared – Ground skin.

From television screens, glossy magazine and billboards pages on the streets, young and beautiful women who do not have flaws are smiling. And the figure is perfect, and hair, and face. It seems that time over these women is not authority. And we begin to pickitate themselves in the mirror, and then we hurry to the beautician to look as charmingly and young as strangers on advertising posters ..

According to experts, up to 35-40 years old skin relocation is more harmful than its flaw. In the future, this can lead to irreversible changes that will not be under the power of cosmetic procedures and means. Alas, such is the payback for too zealous desire to turn the time to reverse. In the XXI century, the cult of youth so captured the world that the first pricks of Botox in order to prevent the girl make a little bit of senior school classes. Not to mention the "heavy artillery" in the form of gold yarns, a mesoroller and other rejuvenation agents available today, to which women are treated with real aesthetic issues. About the principles: "Everything is good in moderation," "In all, you need a golden mean" and the like in the struggle for eternal youth and beauty forgot. Although specialists recognize that it is partly and their fault. Creams and lotions sold in ordinary stores have a small action. The effect of grinding occurs due to the impact on the face of professional drugs, which can be obtained only through the cosmetologist. At work I communicate with people of this specialty. Good masters scored alarm, as they begin to realize and see what the same anti-aging leaving. They honestly recognize their mistakes and try to dissuade clients under 30 years old from serious procedures that they are not needed yet. But most experts do not think about it or in no hurry to refuse expensive and profitable services.

Signs of grinding skin

Of course, you need to care for yourself. An ideal skin boasts a limited number of women. Problems are even at a young age. But it is not worth remarking with procedures and creams. What changes on the face signalize that it’s time to stop?

Condition. Most often, the owners of oily skin suffer from her. Permanent glitter – one of the characteristic features of this type. It’s not beautiful. Curly, but not the most effective means in the fight against glitter (helps for 1-2 hours) – matting napkins. But in the cosmetic office will offer peeling and other procedures based on acid-containing preparations and retinoids aimed at suppressing semichange. As a result – peeling. It occurs just in those places where the skin is especially fat – forehead, wings of the nose and chin (in other words, T-zone).

Excessive moisture. Magazines scare us, what consequences there may be a lack of moisture in the skin (wrinkles, dull color, acne). But excess of moistening is also helpful. It arises as a result of "hobbies" by biorevitalization, mesotherapy. Face with excessive moisture acquires an unnatural, as if wax, shine, skin looks strongly stretched.

Hypercorrection of parts of the face. Make more complete lips, remove nasolabial folds and goose paws under the eyes, raise the cheekbones – today everything is possible in cosmetology. A couple of years ago, women came to a reception with really existing problems. Now, more and more clients are rushing to the salon for the simple reason that "fashionable", "Girlfriend does", "This is the prevention of aging". As a result, the person becomes unnatural, which is very striking and noticeably not only to other women, but also the strong floor, for which we try. Men negatively belong to such "beauty". Of course, at a certain age without interference, it is not necessary to do. But you need to do it with the mind.

What is the danger?

Abusing cosmetic procedures in the real absence of skin problems, we prematurely deplete its reserves. Biorevitalization, mesotherapy and t.NS. Strengthen skin cells. But this process can not last forever. As a result, the skin will simply stop responding to stimulating procedures, and most importantly – the pace of its biological aging will accelerate.

Actively visiting the Cabinet of a specialist, we can significantly change the nature of your skin: it will turn into an dehydrated, normal will become dry. Fix similar errors is very difficult, and in the future you will come across other, more substantial problems.

Technology and age

Stubble skin happens!

Various departures and techniques helping to stop time, a large number. Tell me with the most popular.

Biorevitalization. He did not hear about her only lazy. This procedure contributes to deep skin moisturizing and helps to avoid wrinkles. The effect is noticeable immediately – the skin smoothes, acquires the gloss, it seems healthy. But gradually the skin gets used to biorevitalization and requires it increasingly and more. Experts do not recommend using hyaluronic acid fillers up to 40 years old and withstand break between courses at 12 months.

Chemical peeling. The wonderful procedure recommended for different types of skin: oily, dry, normal, young, mature, with acne, wrinkles. She helps to cope with many problems. The main thing is moderation. Any peeling trauma for skin. She takes time to recover. If you neglect this rule, instead of beautiful and well-kept skin, you will receive extended vessels, dryness, hyperkeratosis and other problems. Of course, peelings are a good thing, but subject to certain conditions. Up to 40 years without harm to the skin, it is allowed to do one course of surface chemical peels per year, after 40 years – two similar courses per year.

Termolifting. The procedure has a lot of fans, which is not surprising, since the result is noticeable after the first procedure – the skin becomes smooth and smooth, as if luminous from the inside. Now there are many methods of thermolytic. Laser and RF radiation remain the most popular. The essence is as follows: Cosmetologist specifically "wounds" the skin using high temperature. As a result, self-healing mechanisms are launched, collagen fibers again acquire elasticity, their active synthesis begins, and the face shines youth and beauty. Experts believe that it is necessary to contact such procedures after 40 years, when the skin really needs help. Before this age stimulate fibroblasts dangerous.

Volumetric contour plastic. This service is also popular among representatives of the gentle sex. It is rather inexpensive (compared to the same thermalifting), does not require courses, and the result is instantaneous. With a gel based on hyaluronic acid, the beautician fills the folds, for example, nasolabial. With the wisest of fabrics, many women are first faced after 30 years. Of course, the folds are not decorated with anyone, so hurry ladies to specialists. As a result of the procedure of volumen contour plastic wrinkles smoothed, the skin is stretched. It is recommended to do it only with real problems, in no case for prevention. Between injections withstand rehabilitation period.

Modern Beauty-industry has very wide opportunities. But do not think that they will replace full sleep, the right diet and good mood, which is necessary for beauty and youth. Do not hurry to make injections and suspenders. Everything has its time. Most likely, you can not do without them. And there is nothing terrible or indecent. Science does not stand still, why don’t we take advantage of her fruits? But contact anti-aging procedures too early dangerous. Do not make mistakes!

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