Strong woman

Do not give birth to a beloved child, Irina became a grandmother for his daughter. They say fate – villain. Never know what Caverzy she raises. So Irina, even in a terrible dream, did not imagine what this could happen to her. And suddenly one day as the thunder among the clear sky there was a phone call.

– You know where your husband is now? He has a mistress. Verifying address.
Street and house number turned out to be familiar. It was one of the family hostels, where her Kolya worked by an electrician. Yes, and they themselves, once they lived there, until they gave an apartment. Irina has long stood in stupor, not understanding what happens. Her beloved and native knee now in the embrace of another woman? Can not be! After all, he loves her and children so much. It’s probably someone’s evil joke. Maybe a mistake? No, you need to check. Thoughts were confused, and the legs carried by themselves.

– Oh, Irina … Hello! What fate? – broke into a smile on duty on watch.
Not answering anything, Irina passed in the hall. "And why am I here? Idiot!"- she is he yourself, climbing the second floor. During her absence in the family dormitory, little has changed. Everything also smelled with acid saches, children’s voices came. Irina approached the room, which a benevolent called her. The heart is pushed. Irina was involuntarily touched the door. Once unlocked, she opted, and Irina saw a semi-naked Nicholas.

Discouraged, she did not know what to do. "Traitor!"- Irina wanted to break into the room, clinging to the nails in the traitor of her husband and in a hated rival. But the legs suddenly became cotton. "For what?"- rushing in the inflamed brain. Shocked, offended, she jumped out of the hostel, without understanding where it goes. "How could this happen?"- Thoughts were confused in the head. And six years of marriage as one moment swept over her eyes. Here it is – a five-year student, and Nikolai – already an adult 30-year-old man. Wedding, Birth of the Son, Daughter. Irina believed and sacred believed that Kolya loves her also selflessly and devotedly, like she.

Irina and did not notice how it turned out to be in the apartment. Suddenly, everything here became a stranger and unnecessary. Life collapsed like a card house. Insult, malice, despair, – all stirred in it. "How he could?" The phone rang. Hearing the voice of the girlfriend, Irina burst out:
– Kolya has a mistress. I can’t cut it. Will not forgive.
– Oh well, stupid, not roar, calm down. So everyone lives. Cutting eyes. Think, my holy? Territa for children.
– No I will not be able to. It’s not fair. I trusted him so. How now live?!

On that day, Nikolai came late, bench. "We need to talk," Irina tried to be restrained. Tears she has already managed to smell, – only pain remained in her eyes.
– I know everything. I was there.
Nikolai did not justify. "Want to give a divorce," he said through his teeth.

Irina did not soon bother with the role of a divorced woman. But she did not feel lonely. The main thing is the joy in her life remained. These were her children – Kostik and Yulia. They did not give Irina to relax, to open, making it strong. And a few more dozen articular pairs of eyes in the lessons of the Russian language and literature. Irina knew that she needed to hold. No one should guess what is happening in her extension soul.

Blue-eyed happiness

These were the eighties. Then, during a terrible deficit, in the city, as if mushrooms after the rain began to appear kiosks with all sorts of things. That’s where I was settled in the night shift Irina. For one salary of the teacher, could she live with two young children? Well, the Nishchensky alimony did not save the situation at all. In the evening, feeding and putting the children to sleep, Irina went to the second job, capturing with him to check the notebook. Upon nights, the people were not particularly, so Ira is at least workers, but still managed to sleep right behind the counter. So, in fact, she lived: spinning like a squirrel in the wheel, completely forgetting that she was a woman, besides still young and beautiful.

That late evening when Irina began to duty in the kiosk, did not differ from hundreds of others. Buyers were little. Verified notebooks have already been lying in a bag. Irina scrolls in the head of the case ordinary. "A bone trousers completely hoisted, Yulia, a new dress asks. And before the salary of Oh, how not soon. We have to still sew ".

– Girl, I would be a bottle of beer, – the buyer’s voice is distracted from everyday thoughts.
Irina took the money and stretching the goods suddenly clinging to the eye of the incredible blue eyes. Like a clean-pure sky, without a single cloud, suddenly descended to her sinful land.

– Girl, why so sad? Beautiful woman should not be sad. You can, I will come to you more often?
Irina shrugged. The young man left, leaving an invisible magnet, hooked the heart of a woman. Vladimir, so called the guy, now every time he began to come to Irina to work. Imperceptibly their friendship grew into close relationship. Vladimir quickly found a common language with her children. So in the house settled warm happiness, and I was not to know. Always hurrying somewhere stonney, she lit up, re-feeling the taste for life. Her thirty two, he twenty four. What a puffy. Didn’t it prevent them from loving each other?

Strong woman

Recognition in love

Walked years. The children were adjusted, the time was changed, and with him and life. Somehow a former husband declared Irina. Semillion, slightly cooled, without the past chic and gloss, with the temples, and extinct eyes. He recalled how once she loved her. He loved both children, but lost in stupidity. But now he is not needed to anyone: neither women who have already fell off or the second wife, which all the time there was little money.
– Do you really understand everything, Kolya? You know, but we waited for you. But not now. Don’t go to us more. Children have long grown. Now and you don’t need them. Yes, and me too.
Nikolai left, and Irina watched him for a long time, nothing except annoyance. Her heart has long been dug. Mature, smart woman already knew himself. True, not everything in life was evolving, as I wanted. Irina has not yet been married. It didn’t imagine her relationship with Volodya. Or maybe the reason was that they did not have common children? She often crashed herself for having to give birth, took an abortion.

She did not give birth, her other. Volodya did not immediately admitted to Irina that he would have a child. The story about a young woman Gali, who came from the village, which Volodya settled in his senses, Irina knew for certain. Volodya then worked with Galya. He is a bus driver, she is a conductor. The poor fellow drove her husband. Well, where she was to go with a minor child? Irina sama fed her, bringing lunches and dinners for two. Waited at the bus stop, even their things gave. Who knew that everything would turn?

Over time, Volodya became less likely to go from Irina, referring to urgent matters. And soon he has certain responsibilities. Volodya helped Gale, engaged with her daughter. And Irina loved him and continued to wait, refusing to take care of other men. And only when the Volodya had a daughter, like two drops of water similar to dad, realized that this is the end. However, she was mistaken. Volodya again began to come to her, but already with her daughter. Irina happily took them, giving all his free time. I tried to feed delicious, give Svetlana a new toy, play. It seemed to her that her mother did not care about the child. And Irina had long dreamed of his own grandchildren, whom she had not yet had time to give. By that time they rose and scattered who where. Konstantin entered the military service under the contract, Yulia went to study in Moscow, yes so there and settled.

Volodya seemed shattered about what had happened, worried about his, as he said, failed life.
– You forgive me, Irishka. Can’t I do without you. Pulls me here, even though you are crazy!
He said that the daws was stupid and slightly, and that he does not think on her. Just really wanted a child, his.
– Your children, Ira, for me, too, native, but it’s not that. You go wrong.
Irina tried to understand Vladimir. After all, the children are not here. And how not to love his daughter Svetlana, this is a blue-eyed blond treasure?

Her reflections interrupted knock on the door.
– And here we!
Lights rushed to Irina. And from the sincere arms of this child, all the vital troubles disappeared. "Yes, you are my miracle!"- smiled woman. And that suddenly exhaled: "And you are my favorite granny. I love you very much. Like this!"And the net recognition of this crumbs of the VMYR has crossed out all other explanations in love from the heart. Irina smiled again, – Well, life continues ..

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