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Dishes that do not require heat treatment – a dream and an experienced hostess, and a beginner from cooking. Oshiving a few simple recipes, you can not only feel delicious and satisfying guests, but also surprise them: cook food in Mexican, Spanish or Georgian style! But the convenience and space for experiments – not the only advantages of dishes from fresh summer gifts. Adherents of proper nutrition know that with heat treatment of fruits, vegetables, berries, part of the vitamins in their composition is destroyed, so they are better to use fresh. So boldly prepare for guests a light, but satisfy meals based on vegetables – along with them they will get a maximum of useful substances and good emotions.Georgian kitchens with melon and fried Sulugunin 4 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 3 minutes• 200 g Suluguni cut into cubes and roasted with almond flakes • Assorted lettuce leaves – to taste • Salt – on the knife tip • 2 st. L. Oil mixed with 1 h. L. Adzhika – for refueling • finely cut mint – to taste • 400 g melons cut into thin sacrament of a bowl. Mix lettuce leaves, mint and slices of melon, season with olive oil with adzhika, sprout salt. Spread the resulting salad on the plates, put a few pieces of suluguna, roasted with almond flakes for each portion, and serve a ready-made dish on the table.Advice: Instead of almond flakes, take the usual breading. If Georgian Adzhika with Chile’s pepper seems to you too acute, use leaks with Bulgarian pepper.Salad with watermelon and avocadone 2 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 5 minutes• pulp 1 avocado cut by slices • 30 g of pumpkin seeds • 200 g of moaning of watermelon, chopped slices • Assorted Salad leaves • 150 g of Imeretin cheese • 30 g of finely chopped green onions • 2 st. L. olive oil • salt, black pepper, finely chopped greens – on the taste of all ingredients for salad in a shallow bowl, fuel olive oil, sprinkle with salt. Serve on the table, decorating pumpkin seeds or finely chopped greens.Advice: Instead of pumpkin seeds, use sunflower seeds. You can also experiment with taste and use nuts for refueling.Lemonade from Tarkhunomna 1 portion // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 3 minutes• 1 bundle of Tarhun • 220 ml soda • 80 ml of green apple juice • 1/5 Stem Lemonongrass, finely chopped (you can replace the grains of half lime slices) • 1 Limon sliced, chopped in half – for decoration • Cheerful ice – by tasteing cup (Do not separate leaflets from the stalk) and lemgrass, then add apple juice, some ice and soda. Stir a spoon. Serve on the table in glasses with lemon slices.Advice: Combine Tarkhun leaves with mint – it will give a drink fresh notes.Mexican kitchenets from mango and avocadone 3-4 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 3 minutes• Package 2 mango and 1 avocado cut by cubes • 1/2 red onion, sliced ​​sliced ​​slices • 1 small chili pepper, finely chopped • Lata leaves • 1/2 st. L. Red wine vinegar • Salt, pepper – in taste • Fresh vegetables (radishes, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, onions) – for decorating a breakage of refueling: • 1/2 of natural yogurt banks • 30 ml of mango juice • juice 1 limemaschee in deep plate sliced ​​mango , avocado, chili pepper and onions, then fuel Lyme juice with red wine vinegar and sprinkle salt and pepper. Place the leaves of the leaves on the plate, lay out the cooked salsa on top of them. Decorate the dish with small slices of radish, cucumber, Bulgarian pepper and bow. Serve on the table, after watering each portion of yoghurt, mixed with mango juice.Advice: Salsa from mango and avocado well combined with fried beef. And for fish dishes in the salsa should not add chili. Otherwise, he will overcome all the taste.Britto with shrimp 3 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 10 minutes• 2 rubber salad sheet • 2 sheets of thin lavasadl fillings: • 1 small fine-grated carrot • 6 Tiger shrimps chopped on halves • Battering caviar – to taste • 90 g of philadelphia cheese • 1 Cucumber cut into small pieces • 3 whole tiger shrimps • 30 g of chopped parmesanset in the Pial finely grated carrots, soft cheese, chopped with small pieces of cucumber, tiger shrimps, battlefish caviar (to taste) and divide them into 3 parts. Put the filling on the sheets of the pita and the leaves of the salad and roll them in the form of the tubes. Serve on the table, decreeing with whole shrimps and sliced ​​slices of parmesan cheese.Advice: Britto stuffing can be made from different ingredients: tofu with garlic and spices, weakly salt salmon, lentils or beans.Guacamole with celemic 3-4 portions // Preparation: 2 minutes // Cooking: 5 minutes• 2 Article. L. olive oil • 2 large tomatoes • meat of one avocado • lemon juice 1/2 • salt – on the tip of knife • 1 bulbs • 1 Bulgarian pepper • 1/2 stem celery ingredients Weight in a blender to the gauge.

Stretch a pleasure

Ready dish Decorate with grain grains and celery chopsticks.Advice: Guacamole can be used as a refueling for dishes from cabbage and salad leaves and sndrets for sandwiches.Spanish kitchenware with Ovwasin 3 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 10 minutes• 1/2 cucumber, Bulgarian pepper, large tomato, chopped with cubes • 1/3 celery stem, sliced ​​by cubes • 1/2 bulbs, sliced ​​pieces • By pinch of finely chopped parsley and basil • 10 g of olive oil • Pepper, salt – At the tip of the knife • The thin pita leaf cutting into 3 parts • Mangold leaves – for design • 3 Metal baking baskets for baking Cupcakes Position Lavash in the baskets and modify for 2 minutes at 170 °. In the Pial Mix all fresh vegetables with greens (except charda), season with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, lay out in the basket of pita. Serve on the table, decorating dishes of mangold leaves.Advice: In the baskets, you can feed pickled vegetables or guacamole with duck breast.Stuffed tomatoes 4 portions // Preparation: 5 minutes // Cooking: 5 minutes• 440 g of tomatoes of different varieties (Baku, Cherry, Kumata, Bullie Heart) • 180 g of feta cheese, sliced ​​by cubes • 20 g of olive oil • 15 g of chili pepper, chopped with small pieces • 10 g Basilica • 3 g of black ground pepper • Solk Pepper and onions – for the design of tomato dishes cut the tops, carefully remove the cores. In a separate pack, mix feta cheese with chopped small pieces of chili pepper, basil and olive oil. Fill the stuffing tomatoes. Serve on the table, sprinkling the dish with fresh herbs, sweet pepper and onions.Advice: Tomatoes can bentry with grain cottage cheese, mushrooms, mozzarella, pesto, mussels or corn.

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