"Singing stress ; what to do?"

During the abundance of products in supermarkets, few people return home without a sachet with snacks. They are modern citizens try to love stress, resentment, fears and other bad emotions.

Appetizing sausage, fresh baguette, cookies in chocolate glaze – all these and other products are able to give a person such a lot of joy that he will forget about the problems at work and in his personal life. But, unfortunately, oblivion will be temporary. Overeating does not bring relief, but on the contrary, adds new problems – overweight, poor health, unnecessary waste.

The women’s website "Beautiful and Successful" today offers its readers to discuss the question of how not to eat stress and receive a maximum of pleasure from life without delicious.

The first thing to do for this is to learn to recognize stress to understand that the desire to sneeze it has not appeared on a natural reason, but is a response to some external influences.

How to recognize stress

According to statistics, a modern person can face stress up to 50 times a day. Small shocks several times a day lie down each of us in public transport, at work, at home.

Each of these shocks is a large load for the nervous system to which it can react in the following ways:

  1. Feeling anxiety, sharp desire to escape somewhere.
  2. Tension muscle.
  3. Dry mouth.
  4. Disorder of the digestive organs (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).
  5. Heartbeat, discomfort in the chest.
  6. Feeling heat and sharp sappen.
  7. Stress stress; what to do
  8. Numbness of the limbs.
  9. Chills.
  10. Itching throughout the body.
  11. Tremera hand.

Why, during a nervous shock, a strong sense of hunger can appear?

In the state of stress, a person instinctively is looking for opportunities to get a quick portion of positive emotions. The easiest way to do this by buying a small chocolate chocolate or cake in the supermarket. Sweets (and many other modern products) contain sugar – source of glucose, which causes insulin emission to blood, resulting in a tryptophan level. From the amino acids of this compound is a hormone of a good mood – serotonin. That is why immediately after meals we have pleasant sensations. Unfortunately, these feelings disappear very quickly, and then we, wanting to get away again from everyday problems, eat something else, and then – more.

The body quickly gets used to getting serotonin from food, so the person in a matter of days is dependent.

The stress of any scale becomes need for him. He eats almost constantly, full, suffering from a number of diseases and falling into the despondency about the changes happening to him.

To stop constantly eating stress, you need to find a way to lower couples and enjoy life without delicious dinners, breakfasts and dinners.

How to learn not to eat stress food

As Sympaty found out.NET, feeling of hunger can be false and true.

Recognize the last form is very easy: when you really want to eat, and fresh buckwheat porridge look, and a light chicken soup, and a cooled vegetable puree. If the saliva flows only from the species of a juicy cake, poured with chocolate icing, or a steaming baked grill, most likely, this condition was not caused by hunger, but by the desire to get a portion of good emotions.

What to do to remove the tension without overloading your stomach? Psychologists give some tips on how not to dine daily stress. Here, for example, some of them:

  1. Technique Stop. It consists of the following steps:
  • Stop. If a feeling of hunger has dropped sharply, interrupt the case you were engaged in.
  • Deep breath. You can breathe and exhale several times. This is an excellent means of combating nervous tension.
  • Owning your thoughts. At the moment of stress thoughts become chaotic, and a person can not understand what he wants. To bring order in the head, usually need a few minutes.
  • Continuation. After thoughts and emotions are put in order, you can continue your occupation. Most likely, buying sweets and dine stress moves.

The main minus of the Stop technique is that it requires a considerable willpower. Those who do not work to control itself, other techniques will be suitable.

  1. Glass of water. With nervous tension, pour yourself a glass of water and drink it in small sips. Habit often drink ; Great way to stop eating stress.
  2. Switching attention. To stop eating a bad mood, you need to learn to draw a positive in other sources, that is, distract from negative thoughts. The best way to neutralize any trouble ; hobby. Start something to do. Favorite lesson, which gives present pleasure, ; This is a super effective medicine from stress any scale. Those who have not yet opened the talent to knit, embroider, burn on the tree, play on a pipe, worth searching for yourself in other types of creative activities. There are so many of them that anyone can choose something suitable for himself.
  3. Sport. Probably, many noticed that in the stressful situation, I really want to escape somewhere. Therefore, if possible, go on a jog, visit the fitness club or pool. Many women after a heavy working day or after a quarrel with her husband, instead of saming their stress, Zano is taken for general cleaning: it is generally an ideal option for combining pleasant with useful.
  4. Music. Favorite music helps to relax no worse sandwich with two ham slices. To stop eating stress, start listening to musical compositions. You can exercise at the same time: so it will be possible at all.
  5. Communication with a person who can understand well. Instead of love your insults of hot dogs or pizza, you can just speak close to a friend. Do it need as often as possible.
  6. Writing in the diary. Stop to love the negative sweet helps the diary. Pour your resentment on paper ; and they will stop lying on the soul with heavy stone.
  7. Relaxation. There are many ways to completely get rid of stress, and not just to eat it for a while. The most famous relaxation methods ; This is meditation, yoga, autotraining. But this list also can also include such methods of relaxation as respiratory gymnastics, a hearing of the mantras, prayer (by the way, a very effective way known since ancient times), complete inaction for a few minutes, collecting the Rubik Cube, Spinner’s rotation, and the sheep Baths, launching paper airplanes and t. D.

In other words, you need to not eat stress, but to look for opportunities to completely get rid of the negative, do not miss it through yourself, is more important than the experience of trifles, deeds. For example, improving your body and enriching the horizons, helping the needy, pleaseing those who are really hard.

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