Staying dreams with SteamPod 3 hair styler. 0

Staying dreams with SteamPod 3 hair styler.0

To change all the thermodes: what is a styler for hair?

Hair styler is a home and professional device to create hairstyles and styling: perfect straight strands, elastic curls, waves, rounded ends and Air volume – He can all. From Classic Crying or Ironing This device is distinguished by a set of features and in some cases the existence of several nozzles that are included in the kit. The styler can almost all, while the fluff is designed only for straightening and creating light waves. Crying, iron, hairdryer – in the styler "hidden" several gadgets at once!

There are several varieties of styllers:

  • Stittle curling – Device for creating various types of waves and curls. Usually the kit includes several nozzles for a specific curling type (cone, spiral, nippers of different diameters, rectifier).
  • Styler comb – It has the form of a large round comb with plastic cloths and a function of blowing hot or cool air.
  • Multistailer – Professional styler, which often includes many nozzles for any purpose, including a conical curl and Corrug, Iron with a special relief of plates.
  • Steam styler – acts on the hair with a steam and does not adversely affect the strands. The steam styler is able to perfectly straighten the curls, to help when creating waves of any type, as well as to give a chapel with a resistant fixation and an impressive volume.

Overview of the best professional styllers from L’Oréal Professionnel

Professional steam styler, which SalonseCret experts without fluctuations would be included in the ranking of the best, is a styler from L’Oréal Professionnel entitled Steampod. Over the past almost ten years, the brand has already released three generations of this gadget.

Steampod – where all all began

Professional steam styler was created by a brand L’Oréal Professionnel Together with the brand Rowenta in 2012. Gadget became a real breakthrough in the beauty industry! It looked like a standard iron iron rather large with a separate water container.

The structure for the curl is also unusual: one plate with a ceramic coating, and the other with a comb and outlet holes for steam. Steampod It was created specifically for pacifying and curly hair, as well as to create lung waves on direct strands. Together with the iron brand released hair care products that went into the course during the straightening procedure, restoring and transformation hair.

Steampod 2.0

A few years later, in 2015, L’Oréal Professionnel reissued by the factory styler.

The main features of the new features:

  • stylish concise design;
  • Continuous steam supply;
  • Built-in comb for uniform distribution of strands along the plates;
  • Temperature modes from 140 to 210 degrees;
  • Anodized floating plates;
  • Careful smoothing no harm to their health;
  • possibility create laying with curls;
  • Hair restoration When used with special Cream-care or protective serum;
  • Protection against damage hair during stacking.

Steampod 3.0

In 2019, the brand released a completely new Steampod – -Chentimated and, according to SalonseCret stylists, impeccable. The new version has become more compact, ergonomic and more efficiently. Unique hair treatment technology, which, by the way, has 30 patents, rectifies hair as quickly as possible without harm to their structure and quality.

For what they love him?

  • Design – Minimalistic streamlined shapes and concise appearance.
  • Functionality – Even at the minimum temperature of 50 degrees, couples disciplines, displays and straightens the hair.
  • Security – According to tool test, Steampod 3.0 Applies 78% less harm to hair than the usual fluff.
  • Staying dreams with SteamPod 3 hair styler. 0
  • Efficiency – After using the styler, the hair is not just well laid: they are shiny, live, soft and even look healthy.
  • Gabarits – Now the water tank is built into the device handle, which means that it has become easier and more convenient to use it, moreover, the styler has become easier and less (almost twice!) and it can easily take with you on travel.
  • Ergonomic – The styler is equipped with a cord rotating 360 degrees, which provides good "maneuverability" during laying.
  • Variety of functions –Steampod 3.0 Ideally straightens, restores and smoothes curls, and also creates several types of laying: "Glass" hair, S-shaped waves, double wave, Hollywood curls, Fast laying "As after the cabin" and the effect of laying a hairdryer.

Created to protect, admire, curl, work smoothly and turn the idea of ​​the brilliant salon styling, – so they say about the new stylist stylists from the Russian team L’Oréal Professionnel.

Vitaly Karpenko, Technical Expert L’Oréal Professionnel:

"The new Steampod is the long-awaited thermal tooth and modern as much as it is in principle possible. It opens up new features for stylists and their customers. Now luxury is even closer, and healthy hair in laying – already reality. For me, the convenience of Steampod is no less significant. Styling is always a pleasant creative game, but if the tools are light and non-throwing movements, we can say that the game goes to a qualitatively new level ".

How to choose styler?

Choosing a stiler, steam or any other, worth paying attention to several nuances. Individual hair features, the desired effect and method of application – look for a gadget, based on these very personal criteria. Analyzing the market, pay attention to the following nuances.


The more powerful styler, the more opportunities he has. If you are planning to create complex hairstyles, it is worth seeking professional models with a capacity of 1.5 kW. For everyday use, tools are suitable with an indicator of 0.1 kW.

Number of nozzles

Maximum set of nozzles (cone, corrugation, comb, nippers, iron, spiral and t.D.) By the way, those who are used to the challenge over their hair daily. The optimal option for laconic styling and waves of various species will be a classic universal styler.

Plate coating

Plates can be made of metal, ceramics, teflon, tourmaline or titanium. The first option will more seriously affect health and hair quality. Ceramic coating is considered the most fragile, and titanium is the most durable.

Width plates

When choosing a styler size, it is worth navigating the length of the hair. For long curls, it is better to use a styler with width plates from 3-4 centimeters. For laying bangs or short hair, a device with plates 2.5 centimeters will fit.

Additional functions

Some stylers in addition to their basic functions have pleasant bonuses. Ionization removes static electricity. Infrared radiation helps to keep the level of moisture in the hair. The effect of steam prepares curls to the straightening procedure and protects them from heating. It is not necessary to collect all the bonuses together, but the couple will definitely prevent!

Expected effect

And most importantly: what we are waiting for this device?

  • Straightening

To create flawless straight strands, a package with fairly wide plates is perfect. If your goal is a brilliant and smooth hairless canvas, pay attention to the steam styler.

  • Elastic curl

For curls of all shapes and sizes, it is better to use the device specifically created for this. A good curling styler must have in a set of at least three nozzles – for some different diameter.

  • Locks

A steam styler copes well with curls, as well as a multistyle with a set of nozzles.

  • Volume

To create the effect of volume, the roots should be bought by a tool with narrow and thin plates or a stailer-comb.

How to use the styler?

Create beautiful styling with a styler can be in just a few minutes. What rules should be guided?

Use styler Needless to do practically dry hair. Never ignore this rule if you do not want to say goodbye to the most part of the chapels.

Always thoroughly comb hair Before starting laying.

In the case of steam styler Steampod 3.0 You can use specially created to work with it: smoothing cream for dense hair, smoothing milk for thin hair or serum to protect against humidity for 24 hours. Restoration and protection of curls from the effects of high temperature are provided!

Straighten hair stands hard: The thinner the curl, the better the final result.

During styling styling Try to put the tool with each strand only once. That is why movements should be slow and smooth.

Classic styler is also better to use with thermal protection agent. For example, you will help you Nutrifier Styling Cream For dry hair or spray for painted hair Vitamino Color – All of the Collections of Care L’Oréal Professionnel.

If you are planning to create a complex laying, do not forget to apply on the hair and styling agent. Product type depends on the final result: for unique smoothness and obedience – oil for laying Liss Unlimited, For volume – spray PLI From the TECNI Gamma in Russia in the spring of last year.ART.

Compliance with the faithful temperature regime Another secret to the success of styler. Usually straighten curls or Create waves It is possible at a temperature of 180 degrees, however, this figure is considered critical for thin and damaged hair. The maximum possible heating of the styler – 230 degrees – suitable for very hard hair.

It seems soon the new Steampod styler will appear almost in every first cabin. And what devices for thermal laying use you?

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