Static exercises for weight loss

Static exercises are often underestimated by those who seek to become slim and develop their body by making it more enduring. At the same time, static exercises are never inferior to aerobic or power training, but spend much less of your energy, gently act on the cardiovascular system, allowing you to effectively work on yourself even very obese people who have difficulty breathing.

Features of static exercises

Static exercises have several important features that can be called their advantages.

1. Less intensity of the exercise complex. It reduces the load on the heart muscle, but at the same time no less training the rest of the muscle groups responsible for the development of your body. Low intensity avoids the breaths, not provoke attacks of breathing and continue the classes longer than, for example, running. This factor is especially important for those who suffer from a serious overlapping weight and difficult to carry any kind of loads. From static exercises in this case, we start slimming easier and safer for health.

2. Gradual and confident endurance. Overcoming yourself on a treadmill, you quickly develop lungs and teach the body to serious loads. However, there is no need to rush in this matter if tomorrow you do not expect tests to determine personal endurance. It is possible to develop it with a more gentle way precisely due to the statics, since the holding of certain poses in specific conditions requires no less effort, but more focusing that not only increases your physical abilities, but also teaches to control the energy used for exercises.

3. Statua can be done practically in any conditions! A small home space and the inability to sign up in the hall will not be an obstacle for static exercises.

4. Not only the main, but also deep muscles of the body are developing, which at times increases your stability and automatically affects the holding of correct posture. Thanks to static exercises, you can emphasize the relief of your body in detail.

5. Development of the vestibular apparatus. The need to hold the body in the same position during the allotted time trains a part of the brain responsible for the balance and helps you confidently navigate in space, and it is also easier to carry long trips, flights and hiking.

Static exercises for body development

The ability of their body can be developed in a complex of static exercises aimed at strengthening muscle corset, stimulation of attention, reaction and equilibrium improvement. Balancing with change of positions is suitable for these purposes. After studying different directions of martial arts and classic oriental gymnastics, you can make a set of static exercises that you are most interesting. As basic, you can use the following balancing exercises.

1. Classical Balancing with Raised Knee. Meets in many martial arts. Stand straight, legs twist together, hands omitted, look ahead. Doing breathe, lift the left knee. At the same time, the hands rise parallel to the floor, and the left brush rises up, and the right – goes down. Head must be turned in the direction of the left hand, attention to focus on the fingers. Start holding the rack with 5 seconds in one and the other side and gradually increase the time to the maximum possible.

2. Exercise on the development of the vestibular apparatus – "Four sides of the world". From the same position to inhale lift left knee to the belt. At the same time, put the palms in front of you and hold your breath for 2-4 seconds. After that, in exhalation, donate back, your hands are on the sides, but pull forward. Retention 2-4 seconds and return to the first position. After another delay to the left leg pull down to the left. At the same time, the left hand lowers the palm down, and the right remains at the chest level. The housing leans to the right. All the same need to repeat the other way. Start with five repetitions in each direction and increase to the maximum possible number of times.

Static exercises for weight loss

Another static exercise refers to the discharge of stretching. It has a beneficial effect on the state of the spine, helps to relax the muscles of the back, but at the same time develops muscles and strength of brushes and hands, in general. To do this, you need to perform VIS on the crossbar. It is desirable that the legs you can pull out completely. Just need to strain! At the time of keeping the body on the crossbar, follow the way the muscles stretch along the spine, the pelvis is lowered down. Start holding from 5 seconds and add another 2-5 seconds each time to hold. Ideally – every day hanging at a crossbar at least one minute. For those who already hold their weight well, this time is 2-5 minutes. If the crossbar is not your option, then perform tightening from the standing position. The feet can be tight pressed to the floor, or put on socks, look – straight, hands stretch up on a breath. This position is held for a few seconds, after which it is done, and the hands are descended.

Static exercises for weight loss

So that static exercises helped to lose weight, you should resort to exercises that require large force costs. For example, for weight loss hands, it’s good to hold a weight or dumbbell weighing up to 8 kg in an elongated hand. The position of the semi-transfers with the holding in the hands of additional weighing will help get rid of fatty deposits in the field of berry and abdominal nose. The well-known plank and "bridge" – will pull up the whole silhouette, the muscular corset will strengthen, the posture will be corrected.

To speed up the process of combating unwanted sediments with the help of statics, in one complex should alternate the positions, half-sidew and half. As exercises for the second position, you can use lunges with fixation of the ultimate posture – the front leg is bent, most of the weight on it, the thigh parallel to the floor. The second leg relies on the sock, slightly bent in the knee and takes the minimum part of the weight. Hands – on the belt or freely omitted along the body. In this position it is necessary to spend at least a minute, after which change your leg. Immediately after performing static attacks, hold the bar for one minute. When using additional weight (weightlifiers in arms, legs or lumbar region), the amount of energy spent increases. On average, per hour of static classes can be burned to three hundred calories.

After the plank, again apply the exercise in the semi-pass. For example, a rack of rider from a martial arts complex by wushu. To fulfill it, spread the legs wide, the feet must be parallel to each other, and the hips – the floor. Keep your back smoothly, arrange hands on the belt, look forward. During holding posture, the back of the hip, buttocks and the bottom of the belly are most strained. Holding the rack for each approach should be at least a minute.

Picking out the statics for weight loss and making an emphasis on it, remember that a complex of such exercises is not suitable for rapid weight loss, but with them you can achieve a strong result that will concern the burning of excess fat and develop your abilities in general. With a healthy approach in nutrition, with the help of statics you can work out the deep muscles and form the natural relief of the body.

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