Star Roman Garik Harlamova and Christina Asmus

Very often new acquaintances will wait for us not only on the street, in transport or in entertainment establishments, but also on the Internet. Yes, it is this way that today is very common and popular. In addition, familiarizing through social networks also used the famous Comedy Club resident – Garik Harlamov and now his wife – Christina Asmus. Despite the fact that they previously worked on one channel for three years, but never crossed. Who would have thought that it was communication on the Internet that would become a kind of foundation for the relationship of the future family pair.

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Star Roman Garik Harlamova and Christina Asmus

How it all began.

For the first time, the meeting of Harlamov IASMUS occurred after Garik saw the girl in the TV series "Interns" and, as they say, it all started, twisted. They talked for a long time on the social network, then moved to phone calls. Inaconal, Kharlamov gathered with the forces and offered to meet. As Kristina says, at first she considered him a narrow-minded and selfish guy. Nonone looking at it, Garik himself never tired to felt that he was in a TV ion in life – these are two different people. The first date of the future pair passed, to put it mildly, unsuccessfully. Garik considered the girl too bright and beautiful for him, from which their first meeting went slightly tense. Garica seemed that even the difference between the ages (7 years) could cause different views, and self-densible for the comedian was that they could not find a common language. Alone Asmusimmela on this situation is completely different glances. According to her, the first diet of a kind of "chemistry" of relations. It is then that the actress is beginning to bring what.

The only mentioning fact was that Kharlamov, so far he was actually actual. Although in fact he has not lived for a long time with his former Supgoyulia Leshchenko. The prolonged marriage process was in no way for the origin of the new bright relations of Christina and Garik. Yes, perhaps, someone began to condemn all this and express their discontent, but at the delerse itself can someone or something to influence such a beautiful feeling like love?

Star Roman Garik Harlamova and Christina Asmus

Christina is not afraid of "share of happiness" with others. That is why the World Wide Web is so rich in public photos of lovers. Garik himself, more than once mentioned the relationship of the suggestion by the girlfriend, with the help of Twitter.Undoubtedly, such openness of the couple gave many reasons for the yellow and the right press. Officially, a couple began their relationships in January, but already with the triasert and to date they were repeatedly separated, they came up with different studies and were not tired, to interview the comic comedian wife.By the way, relative to Yulia itself – she explained the cause of the divorce with the Garicomenno Asmus. Although, according to many, the crack of the happy seeds of life is a lot of factors that took place before the appearance of the actress in the ride religion comedy.

If Christina responds to all claims, the accusations are more or less calm, then Garik is not ashamed to express its discontent with the help of social networks. "All you write about my privacy in the press – a stupid lies! All programs on this topic – lies! Not yet alone interviews on this topic! Another time about the divorce. All that write in the internet and magazines, personal fantasy of that side. ". It is tactfully described the comedian all talk about his life. Perhaps here and unborn. Who will be pleased when all your problems are withdrawn on universal formations, and even so abundantly season, to put it mildly, not proven and unreliable facts?

Was a wedding?

The Comedy Club, Kharlamov and Asmus pushed about their wedding festival in Jurmala. Talking about the fact that they got married, Christineapodreated the elegant ring on his unnamed finger. The White Gold Ring Ring has become an excellent addition to the universal painting of the party. However, the surprise of most observers, the official marriage of Leshchenko Imearlamov, has not yet terminated. And this means that a new marriage is on this ethapreen. Since Russian legislation does not allow this. Therefore, the marriage of Asmus and Leshchenko, can only be considered engaged. Although, in spite of this, the philosophizing of the reality of marriage between the Actresses and the club resident continues. It is worth noting that the lawyer of the former wife Harlamovdazh managed to comment on the situation in one of the magazines. "If there was some marriage, the marriage was officially registered, he can be recognized as invalid" – said the Guardian of Justice. Of course, it is immediately understood that such comments are caused by the fact that the brachurazo-produce is still continuing. It is worth noting that the judgment of once at once is soothing due to the late desection of one of the parties, then for some small skins. The past meeting was to pass under the auspices of the consideration of the financed claims of Yulia to the ex-husband. It is worth noting that today Leshchenko demands not half of the property from Harlamov, and already twinary. Increased cash appetites is connected with the fact that Julia learned about Tomfakt that Harlamov lost to poker about 5.5 million. In turn, the lawyer is also succeeded. They filed a response claim, requiring an equally significant amount from Yulia.Explaining his claims by the fact that during the family life, Leshchenko did not care anywhere and only spent earned money. Whatever it was, but all these adjustable topics continue to pursue Garik, not giving him the opportunity to completely enjoy bright relations.

Current Harlamov and Asmus

This pair, without a share of embarrassment of the sophistication, can be called the main intrigues of the Jurmala Festival of this year.The couple is the matter of the questions about the future marital life, the wedding and other things, set up that they have not yet planned anything yet, I just smiled.At the same time, it came out to the fact that Christina even rejected the fact of their disposal, although even the naked eye was not very noticeable that the QUALASMUS was categorically the opposite meaning. Good prominent rounded animals fact that the actress on 5 months of pregnancy is real. Boots began their attack on a couple of questions about whether the wedding will be and what exact date, you smile, and then "Bulldog" without a share of embarrassment stated: "We are already married.We are husband and wife!". What’s so here and say, Asmus and Kharlamov – exactly seepat and make it very bright and always appropriate. Watching the common life of lovers is very interesting and sometimes even fun.

No matter how cool, and we can only wish them a bright star guys, as soon as possible to deal with all your problems, etc. I really create strong, reliable, and most importantly, a happy family. Whatever it happened, but the guards of the feather are forever ready. And if something changes, we will learn about it in shortheosides!

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