Spirits from Clinique ; and reviews about them

Surprisingly, Clinique managed to make such perfumes that cannot be confused with any other! And today we turn to the spirits from the series Clinique Happy ; After all, you just need to feel happy in such rainy weather.

The spirits have brand &# 171; clinic&# 187; There is one small peculiarity: On each person they are revealed in their own way ; Hence such contradictory reviews. So if you decide to buy, sprinkle on your wrist and smell what it turns out in the end, because on the blotter (a piece of paper) the perfume Clinique Happy smells not as they smell on you.

And now let’s read about the perfume clinics, and about Reviews about them!

Clinique Happy

Clinique Happy ; The fragrance that combines the spirit of happiness in all its manifestations, sentiments and ages. Red Grapefruit and Bergamot, Cool Newly Inventory Colors of Westing Mandarin Tree and Alpine Laurele in Primary Note Transfer to Exotic Aromas of Blackberry Flowers, Morning Orchid. Clay make up the tropical sensual aromas of the Hawaiian wedding flower, white lily, Chinese golden magnolia and spring mimosa colors.

CLINIQUE HAPPY Spirits Reviews:

&# 8212; Such a pleasant smell, gentle thin cool, the lightest smell of spring colors!
&# 8212; Banal Sweet Fruit Voddy.
&# 8212; Such a cheerful, tasty, air! And it seems to me suitable for all occasions! And in general I love all happy!&# 8230;
&# 8212; Sweetish fresh, read and transparent, and at the same time exciting, so nothing superfluous! &# 128578;
&# 8212; My young man says that more sexual spirits I just never had something that I bought after the clinic ; With him and near &# 128578;
&# 8212; This is a very interesting fragrance that suits cheerful girls.
&# 8212; I liked him on Blotter, took a probe, ; On the body smells like rubber blown by balloon. Splashed on the blouse ; Good, citrus and flowers.
&# 8212; This fragrance chance Shanevsky remotely reminds?

Clinique Happy Heart

Aroma Clinigue Happy Heart makes a note of romance in the Happy family. This is a new interpretation of the flavor of Happy – a saturated flower smell, personifying happy love. Happy Heart is designed for the one that is in harmony with his heart and appreciates its own feelings, emotions and relationships. She knows exactly who and what makes her happy. Confidence, youth of the soul and love in every movement – these are signs of which the owner of a happy heart is recognized!

The first notes surround the purity and coolness of mountain air, combined with mandarin and cucumber notes. In the "heart" of aroma – the whole sea of ​​flower petals: primula, whitehead (wild carrots), hyacinth and many others. Completion Aroma give notes Sandal.

Reviews about the spirits of Clinique Happy Heart:

&# 8212; The smell is very ringing, awakening and tangerine. For winter, just a miracle, it is heavy for summer, clinique happy is more.
&# 8212; Rare Skyushka, I ask a girlfriend a year to change perfume.
&# 8212; Smell of spring and joy!! Suitable at any time of the year!!
&# 8212; So-so fragract. Soap citrus gives, nothing glamorous in it &# 128578;
&# 8212; IMHO, too much there was stuck, the smell is rude.
&# 8212; The aroma is really very racks, despite this, it would seem, freshly light floral composition. For aromas of this type, very atypical resistance, usually they are more volatile. Herself used and suffered from the fact that often &# 171; dubbed&# 187; &# 128578; Kowaren.
&# 8212; The first notes are fresh, light, non-bank.. But the notorious &# 171; heart&# 187;, when the aroma &# 171; riddled&# 187;,, caused me bewilderment, and at MCh in general the wild association ; burned plastic, yes, yes, he asked &# 171; What kind of stroke, the socket is something burned?&# 187;


Bright, sparkling, penetrating freshness and filled with solar mood fragrance CLINIQUE HAPPY TO BE – This is a new fragrance variation for lovers and happy Clinique Happy. Freshness of citrus and sweetness of fruit harmonize in it with an abundance of blossomed flowers, the irresistible taste of cocoa and pear brings piquancy, and the nuances of sesame and sandals add almost tangible sensuality and tenderness. Fragrance, clean, romantic and feminine will make her owner truly irresistible.

Major notes: Hibiscus, Bulgarian Rose, Lilac, Cocoa, Pear, Schuput, Sandal.

Spirits from Clinique; and reviews about them

Reviews about Spirits Clinique Happy To Be

&# 8212; The smell like the smell, normal, not nasty, but there is no special impressions from it, everyday, medium resistance, the usual happy clinigue is better and longer thanks.
&# 8212; Aroma antidepressant, fragrance laughter, fragrance, similar to a bright air balloon. Want. In order for winter longing to move away, not withstanding the head of joy from Happy to Be.
&# 8212; An interesting combination of marine freshness and sweet honey makes the flavor so unusual and welcome! How ; As if you sit on the seashore, somewhere in Turkey, Tunisia or Egypt and enjoy the eastern honey sweets &# 128578; Here is ON ; CLINIQUE HAPPY TO BE!
&# 8212; The first impression is deceptive to bunting&# 8230; it will be covered on the skin, like a kitten, and you think he disappeared&# 8230;. then reveals such a magnificent chord!&# 8230; In the heat plays fruit and grass&# 8230;
&# 8212; Very simple freshly green-citrus flavor, unassuming for summer. Greatly loses compared to Clinique Happy.
&# 8212; Fragrance fresh, light, very pleasant in his citrus sweetness. Improves mood and pacifies. Aroma playful, bright, non-serious&# 8230; Thinny than Happy and Happy Heart, but less resistant. Aroma of immediance and carelessness &# 128578;

Clinique Happy Male

Sensual flower-fruit, wood fragrance.
Bright, invigorating and unique optimistic fragrance will give the completion, the image of its owner, emphasizing its outstanding personality and bright personality.

Primary note: Kafir, Calamanzi Citrus, Mandarin, Yucca
note &# 171; Hearts&# 187 ;: Ozone, herbs
Ultimate note: Cedar, Mediterranean Cypress, Guayak Tree.

Reviews about Spirits Clinique Happy for Men

&# 8212; This summer fragrance spins my head&# 8230; It is your ease! Does not hit the nose and does not smell per km&# 8230; Namely, the Golden Middle, when it is not enough I catch myself thinking that I try to be closer to the young man, I also want to burst into it and inhale this fragrance!
&# 8212; When I feel this magic aroma on my man, I start so excited&# 8230;.It is simply unrealized, very sexy and unique.
&# 8212; How can I write about him &# 171; Stunning fragrance&# 187; If it is the first 10 minutes smell like soap, then 10 minutes some kind of kislyak and then disappears at all??
&# 8212; In fact, the smell for young men 19. Young girls really like.
&# 8212; Fragrance for resistance is quite normal. He is softer than many male flavors.
&# 8212; The smell is cool, I do not argue, I will not even call it male, rather unisex.
&# 8212; I AM ; Girl, but this fragrance I love very &# 128578; In the summer I bought myself in the summer of 100 ml and used a month 3-4! &# 128578; It seems to me that he is quite persistent. And all the ocked asked &# 171; what the perfume is so awesome. &# 187;
&# 8212; After Aqua di Jio, the best aroma in the world. No boss with him compares. Girls like.
&# 8212; Today, all the office tried this fragrance, bought by one employee for his young man. Commonly agreed that the fragrance is quite &# 171; female&# 187; and liked even more than women’s equivalent Happy and Happy Heart. However, on a man sitting well too.

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