Spinal and back disease

Spinal and back disease

It is better to go for help not to the therapist or a neuropathologist, but to a narrow specialist – A vertebrol doctor who, due to its specialization, mastered orthopedics, rheumatology and neurology. He is just obliged to know about diseases of the spine and back pain all or almost everything. Moreover, such a multiple­a specialist in a state not only to make a diagnosis, but, if necessary, is ready to assist in professional "Manual" – In the best traditions of manual therapy.

But what you need to know about the spine to us – people without medical formation to notice the problem in time and understand where she «Grow legs»? The main thing is that you need to remember – The spine is the basis of the health of the whole organism, and therefore requires careful circulation. In addition, it will be easier to know that:

♦ The spine from 24 flexibly connected vertebrae: cervical – 7, breast – 12, lumbar – 5, as well as 5 surrounding the sacr­out and 4-5 of the same controversial­Smokchiki;

♦ Interposent­Night discs provide vertebral mobility in relation to each other, they also «help» In this joints and bundles;

♦ Spine, as a peculiar spring-shock absorber, protects internal organs and brain from damage while walking, running or jumping. He is like protective «Skafan­Dru» serves as a spinal brain;

♦ Thanks to S-shaped,­The beer allows the person­century move vertically. It is also a person with his help can have sufficient flexibility, change the position of the body (stand, si­go, rotate to all the case, bend and t. NS.) and expose yourself pretty pain­shim loads;

♦ According to experts, the load on the spine when lifting weights may increase 10 times. When you, for example, raise a bag of 4 kg weighing, then a load of 40 kg is located on the spine.

This one­measures is a direct confirmation of folk wisdom that the table­Tyiya appeals to lovers all their worn with them: «Do not take in the hands of heavy!» The vertebrology is, every day dealing with the consequences of such actions in the form of various diseases, invas after: «And if you take, do it right!»

Specialists advise

The maximum allowable weight of lifting weights for a healthy adult woman directly depends on the mass of her body, but in no case should­to exceed 10 kg. But the representative­The nice of the beautiful floor in the position even with excellent self­The objects can not be raised more than 1-2 kg.

Actually, rules «Take weight» not so much and they are pretty simple. But despite this, the statistics of spinal diseases and back pains (for example, the same osteo­Chondroza) suggests that almost every first resident of the Earth suffers from this disease after 30 years. This is a sad confirmation of universal «Weight» illiteracy. Let’s go through the main methods of preventing this ailment.

It would be nice to follow the example of rods: with straightened legs never bend forward, trying to take standing­in front of you load, and first bend slightly in your knees – And only then lean the hull forward. Similarly, you need to post­To pump and with the severity you take one hand. The only difference is that by raising the goods with the right hand, it should be placed on the right of the case, and the left – left.

When lifting weights, you need a post­wander to avoid abrupt corpses. With such television conditions often come back and back pain.

Experienced movers and tour­stons know no obstacle that if gravity needs to be transferred to­Disclaimers, they are best to carry on the back. So the load on the spine will be distributed as uniform. Do not be lazy to take a backpack with you, and not a bag over the shoulder. Yes, and about special trolleys for the transport of gravity and bags on wheels forget also do not. When still you have to carry the load in your hands, better keep it, pulling it as much as possible to yourself, or try to distribute it on both hands equals­Merlo. You never need to try to shoot gravity, standing on tiptoe – It will be better to use a stepladder or taboo­Retom.

Infringement in rights

It may occur for the spine not only from overload, but also become the consequence of hypothermia or injury. The slightest­The spine is threatened with the infringement of vessels and nerves that pass through narrowed and modified­vertebral holes. The most frequently «Violations» – Mixing vertebrae or sublocks. In the course of them there is a voltage of muscles and ligaments,­sign directly with vertebrae affected by n­gom.

Violations in the cervical department can be revealed by the signals of the body in the form of head and muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, noise in the ears, visual impairment,­Hands, feelings «Mura­Shek» in the fingers, larynx diseases and even mental disorders.

In the disease of the thoracic spine certaintress, pain in the back, chest (interchange­Naya neuralgia), heart areas, and the function of the internal organ­Nov – liver, kidneys, stomach­ka, hearts and t. D. So called «Breast» Vertebrates are, for example, osteo­Hondronz, Interree­Bird Neuralgia and Spondlis. The latter is a disease in which the bone fabric of the vertebrae grows in the form of spikes and protrusions. Similar growth means that the body desperately tries to take part of the loads with the vertebrae, artificially growing additional­Restaurants.

About the same thing that something is wrong­Mr. Spinal Department (Lumbago, Radiculitis, Ishias and T. NS.) to you «Say» Restriction under­Vision and periodic muscle spasms. Just in their background and develop various diseases of the small pelvis organs. The occasion of pancreatitis is also often consequences.

Immediately refer to the doctor if:

♦ Pain and character appear­leaning in the rotations of the neck, or there are limitations of mobility in the cervical department;

♦ There is a feeling «Mura­Shek», tingle in cums­kakh fingers, often hands,;

♦ There is a dizziness at the slightest turn of the head, and the occurrence of noise in the ears, headaches, violations of the vestibular apparatus;

♦ From time to time you feel­do sharp pain in the area­Hearts, come­kazing during sharp tilt­New or lifting weights. The situation is especially serious if the doctors did not have any changes to the ECG;

♦ often without reason spin hurts.

Spinal and back disease

Removed like a hand

Yes, it is the most accurate­Definition for reception­Mov manual therapy. It is no secret that its founders were ordinary der­Viennese Kostoprava, which poorly imagined with what the finest «Mechanism» They have the case. So tough and sometimes dangerous for health­launch technique of many hundred­Ringed manual reception­Mov referred to it from there. It is the verteble­Nika is in a special extent. After all, his ineptly manual treatment can lead to disability.

Contemporary vertebrolov in service with x-ray, magnetic resonance­MoB and Ul­trazovuk. And nowadays they assign­Read soft manual technicians. The main task of similar­Mov – Relaxation of spashed muscles with help­massage, as well as the removal of inflamed­Nia. So through data about­Cedur spine is put in order maximum.

Harbor­Came sessions, as the practice of manual therapy shows, it is best to spend not every day, but with a break in one or two days. So mouse­Tsy and ligaments are restored most smoothly and carefully.

If muscle pain appeared after the session in the spine and back sections exposed to manual exposure – It is not worth worrying. If intervention is performed competently – This is akin to peculiar­workout for blocked ligaments and muscles. It is at this moment that they work hard and precisely because pains arise as due to reinforced training. The opposite effect comes with those groups of muscles, which as a result of the disease constantly find­Tested in tension. In this case, sensations are similar­in hand or leg, which has been fed from being in an uncomfortable or fixed pose.

The course of treatment in each case, of course, will be individual. One patient can get help during one session, another will be required, for example, a weekly course, and the third will be prescribed by a health program designed for 20 days.

Doctors are watching how to re­There is an organism in the course of treatment, and, if necessary, connect additional methods – Massage, physiotherapy, medication therapy, acupuncture. There are exceptional cases in which comes­Smiling to resort to the stretch of the spine. And for removing acute pain, the medical blockade is carried out.

At the end of the course of treatment, you need to exercise. It is forbidden to raise weights, especially­But in position «Housing forward». To prevent the displacement of the vertebrae and­inflammation and muscle spasms with this, need to avoid drafts and re­cooling.

We’ll have to postpone the exercises to the full restoration­form. This is especially true of those sports in which you need to jump and underwhelm. This is primarily Aero­Beach and Shaping. It is best to replace them with therapeutic physical culture, swimming, yoga or pilates.

In the language of disease

It is on land «Talking» With doctors our tongue to report a little bit. He has certain «the words» And for the spine.

And all because it is in language that many changes are reflected­that occur in the human body. And long before the clinical sympto­we are of one or another disease.

According to foreign experts, enough look­to the fold, which passes in the middle of the patient’s language­that to learn about the state of his spine. In the event that the curvature of the language fold is detected at the tick of the language itself, it can be about cervical osteochon­Droza. But if such a deviation is observed by the village­DINE – This is a signal of failures in the thoracic. Deviation of the line from direct «Course» The root of the language testifies to painful violations in the lumbar department.

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