Perdontitis. Symptoms and causes of periodontitis. Prevention – How to prevent periodontitis homemade

Perdontitis. Symptoms and causes of periodontitis. Prevention – How to Prevent Perodontitis: Home Tools. How to cure passionontitis

Perdontitis. Symptoms, Causes and Prevention of Periodontitis

Every morning, coming to the mirror, you admire yourself, with your beautiful smile, healthy teeth. You want it to be so always? In this case, you need to not forget about daily hygiene – thoroughly brush teeth carefully, use dental thread.

These uncomplicated procedures will help you avoid periodontitis and keep your smile beautiful and attractive for many years. If the care of the oral cavity will not be conscientious, then avoid periodontalism will not be easy. First weaken your gums, and with time and deeper fabrics.

The World Health Organization conducted research, the results of which are not competent. It turned out that the risk of becoming felling perodont is in 90% of adults. And it is possible: that you also enter the risk group. It is easy to check – if your gums are pink, without any redness, their pattern is smooth, and the view is healthy, then there is nothing to fear. If at least in one point you are not sure, you should start worrying.

Causes and symptoms of periodontitis

What can lead to problems? Not regular cleaning of teeth – if not to clean your teeth twice a day, then there will be particles of food and forms a dental flare. Flip from every day will become over the thicker, gradually enveloping the tooth and turning into a solid stone.

For such a transformation of enough three days. The stone will cover the entire surface of the tooth and take it under the gum. The gum will stop tightly adjacent to the surface of the tooth and open access to its neck.

Toothstone will cause inflammation of the gums, because it will accumulate and multiply bacteria. Determine the presence of inflammation of the gums simply simple, or rather it is difficult to not notice it – every time you will eat hard food, or brush your teeth with a brush with a rigid shield, blood from the gum will be blood. Their bad well-being will affect the appearance – it will turn red and swell.

In addition, most likely there will be an unpleasant smell of mouth.

To stop the development of paradontitis, it is necessary to immediately treat such inflammation, otherwise large gaps are formed between the teeth and the gums, the so-called "pockets".

Fabrics are inflamed that are responsible for the reliability of the attachment of the tooth, with time the tooth will begin to stagger and falls as a result.

However, sometimes even your efforts, daily hygiene will not be able to protect such problems from the occurrence of such problems, since it has been established that the risk of paradontitis depends largely on heredity.

The reason for the occurrence of pararadontitis, it can also be the use of certain drugs, especially this concerns those that include elements that reduce the separation of saliva. These drugs include many antidepressants and some media from colds.

Often, paradontitis occurs in people with diabetes and other diseases of the respiratory organs, because their immunity is in a weakened state, which affects the state of teeth and gums.

Smokers, like no other risk of earning problems with gums, because there will be voluntarily create comfortable conditions for breeding bacteria. However, if you do not smoke, but feed out of the rank badly, abusing sugar and ignore the products containing calcium and vitamin C, then the probability of getting the paradontitis is also great.

Prevention – How to Prevent Perodontitis: Home Tools

If you notice in time that the state of your gum is not perfect, it is quite possible to cope with the developing disease independently. For this, do not forget to brush your teeth every morning and before bed. And if you have the opportunity, do it after each meal. That this measure is effective, it is necessary to choose the right brush, the bristles of which should not be too tough, and the handle is flexible enough.

Do not apply a lot of power when cleaning your teeth, otherwise you risk injured enamel. It is best to consider dirt by massaging movements, in a circle. In order to be confident in the correctness of their actions, consult on this issue from a specialist.

If you have never used the dental thread, then it’s time to purchase it. Thread will help remove contamination in those places where the brush is not cluttered – the space between the teeth. Use the thread at any convenient time, every time after. After all, the pieces of food stuck between the teeth will create a comfortable environment, for breeding bacteria. This is fraught with the appearance of caries and the weakening of the gums. If your mode does not allow you to use the thread during the working day, then use chewing gum – the main thing is not purchased the product containing sugar. When you chew a chewing, the mouth of saliva takes place in the mouth, which neutralizes bacteria and removes, although not so effectively as a thread, food remains. Chewing constantly should not be enough, enough 15-20 minutes.

To strengthen the gums, you need to use pasta containing fluoride, which inhibits the development of caries. Also, your paste should include various herbs with anti-inflammatory properties.

Do not neglect the mouth balsam. They also have antibacterial properties and remove the flight. Before buying a rinser, consult with a dentist, it will help determine which means it will be suitable for you. If you do not have the opportunity to consult with your doctor, then read the composition of the liquid, it is desirable that alcohol is present in it.

The rinser can be prepared independently. For these purposes, Sage, St. John’s wort, Arnica. This kind of infancy will be removed by inflammation and tumor, get rid of bleeding.

How to cure passionontitis

But even with proper care of teeth and gums, you should regularly visit the dental office. Since only the doctor can remove the dented stone, which is the main reason for the occurrence of periodontitis.

For the treatment of periodontitis and periodontalosis, you will need to visit a periodonticologist, it will make X-ray, according to which the results of the teeth and their roots will be able to assess. Only after that you can assign treatment.

Perdontitis. Symptoms and causes of periodontitis. Prevention - How to prevent periodontitis homemade

Today, dentists can successfully deal with this disease.

There are antibiotics that will stop inflammatory processes and get rid of the need for surgical intervention. In case this is necessary, it is worth conducting an operation that will help keep the health of your teeth.

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