Pendant BVLGARI in defense of the children of The GET.


Roman jewelry house created a new pendant for a special collection of Save the Children &# 40; in which the 10th anniversary of the cooperation of AI 100th anniversary of the organization&# 41; And put a bold goal – in one year bring the total amount of donations to the protection programs of children up to $ 100 million. Help?

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Dior released miniature versions of their cult bags

Fashion for microscopic accessories does not even think to go to no. Dior in this warm season released a collection of tiny versions of their most popular bags, and we warn: they look as cool as cool. You can buy a micro-SADDLE – such an accessory would envy Carrie Bradshaw, – Miniature Lady Dior, Dior Caro in retrostile and more reserved 30 Montaigne.

All bags are presented in several colors. If you do not carry anything with you, except wallet and lip balm, we advise you to pay attention.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Comprehension continues: Etro released a capsule collection for the city

In this warm season, Etro has released capsule summer collections for several very popular resorts in the world. Fort Dei-Marmi was lucky in Italy, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Bodrum in Turkey, Hamptonse in the United States and – Surprise – Sochi in Russia. In 2020, the city was dubbed in sochifinity, and not just so. The prospect of exclusive shopping expresses is now added to the perfect resort climate.

ETRO line for Sochi includes everything you need for beach holidays: Bikini and Monokini, denim shorts, Dresses-shirts, Cozy Hoodies, Cotton and Denim. Did not forget the designers of the Italian brand and about Espadrili, hats and, of course, canvas tutes with paisley pattern. For amateur guests minimalism in the collection presented a one-photon version of the bag with a print logo. Already now all things can be found in the store Etro in Sochi.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

BirkenStock and Jil Sander created a collection of the most fashionable summer shoes

For the autumn-winter season 2021/22 BirkenStock and Jil Sander prepared a gift to all lovers of comfortable and beautiful shoes. In a joint collection, the launch of which goes today, on June 21, there are cult sandals of Arizona and Milano from the skin and with metal fasteners, suede sabro Berlin, as well as a new model – Muli VELAN with wide leather tapes tapping on the ankles. Luke and Lucy Meyer endowed the line by all branded features of Jil Sander+. Beauty combines with practicality, and textured details make each shoe pair of special and very fashionable.

"How much we remember yourself, we always wore BirkenStock shoes. We were in it in the most outstanding places of the planet – both in Canadian forests, and sitting by the fire in the Swiss Alps, "said Jil Sander’s creative duet. For designers, working with BirkenStock has become a personal challenge, as well as the ability to submit its own interpretation of his favorite footwear. The whole collection you will find in the Jil Sander space on the 3rd floor of TsUM, it will go on sale in July.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Chaumet created acrostic bracelets in which you can encrypt a personal message

CHAUMET jewelry house for 240 years creates an acrostille bracelets for the individual order, in which you can encrypt the sentimental message: recognition in love, date of birth or proposal of hands and hearts. You can read the decoration with the help of a colorful alphabet in which each letter corresponds to the first letter of the name of the stone. For example, Aquamarine (Aquamarine) – "A", Beryl (Beryl) – "B", citrine (Citrine) – "C". On the pink gold bracelet, precious stones are connected by patterns with crossed links, characteristic of Chaumet. Interesting Fact: The first acrosth bracelets were ordered by Emperor Napoleon for Josephine at the founder of the house of Marie-Etienne Nito.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Chopard created an openwork ring with a 20-carat morganite

Collection of high jewelry art Chopard replenished with a novelty – "lace" ring of white gold. Masters of the house wanted to note what level it reached this jewelry direction Chopard, open on the initiative of Carolina Schoifel, and developed a decoration design with a central stone of the pear-shaped cut. Morganite weighing 19.87 carats in the frame of the Aquamarins of the "Markiz" cut (6.32 carats), pink sapphires and diamonds resembles a complex dessert; Pastel, gentle colors of stones are perfectly combined with each other, giving birth to the magic game of flicker. Ring is represented in a single copy in the Moscow boutique Chopard.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Pendant BVLGARI in defense of the children of The GET.


Italian fashion house replenished FENDI PEEKABOO ISEEU Bags Family New Model in more compact format. The novelty repeats the silhouette and proportions of the predecessor, but is made in a smaller size and is presented in several shades of the skin – black, white and light brown. Peekaboo ISeeu Small is still crowned short handle, long strap to wear her over the shoulder, and golden fittings.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Elegant Pareur from the updated Bvlgari Fiorever collection

BVLGARI Fiorever Collection with recognizable floral motif, which house interprets as a symbol of happiness, joy and carelessness of times, this season was supplemented with two decorations of white gold transformers with diamonds – elegant necklace with a miniature fastener in the form of a flower whose suspension can be easily turned into a sparkling Brooch, as well as earrings with single-row diamond cascades, which are converted to universal carnations with four petals, bracelet and spiral ring.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Cartier released a flawless collar of gold and diamonds

This spring legendary Cartier Love collection, products from which since 1969 are measured by the power of romantic affection, replenished with a concise and elegant collar necklace from 18-fold white gold. For the creation of Love, thank Aldo Chipullo, who has developed decorations with minimalist design in New York in the middle of the last century. In the past, Cartier could only find a necklace with thin chains and pendants in the form of a rings, and the new collar is a white gold rim with a diamond seal of 450 precious stones. Already decoration can be found in Cartier boutiques.

Marksistskaya Street, 34/10, Office 403 Moscow, Russia, 109147

Limited Collection of Biotherm

Every year, Biotherm brand expands our knowledge of the world ocean and its inhabitants, and also reminds how important it is to take care of the "blue light" planets. This time, the brand was united with the famous Spanish artist and photographer Coco Capitán, which decorated several bestsellers – Anti-aging serum for Life Plankton ™ Elixir, Laochko for the Lait Corporel body and the male moisturizing face Aquapower Gel face in two formats – writing them as much as possible Craft phrase that makes thinking: "How we will swim to breathe without the ocean". By the way, the jars of these funds are made of recycled plastic and glass, and the external packaging is 100% recycled cardboard.

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