Paulo Coelho: the top 10 books that you should read and interview about the new product

73-year-old Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho continues to delight fans of their creativity with new works. Readers from all over the world have already compiled a list of the deepest and most significant novels, including: "Alchemist", "Veronica decides to die", "11 minutes", "I cried on the bank of Rio Piedra" and others. And on November 10, 2020, the author presented the new book "The Archer" ("Archer" to the entire English-language world – Translation of the author of the article). Up to this point, it is necessary to get acquainted with the novelty in the native language had the possibility of inhabitants in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. And although the release date of the Russian-speaking version is still questionable, we were able to learn some of the details about the new work, and would be happy to share them with you.

Life Paulo Coelho could well be a story for an interesting book. In adolescence, his own parents were placed in a psychiatric hospital, because they considered the Bunlet behavior by a sign of madness. The future world-famous writer had to pass through the horrors of electrocontal therapy during treatment, but it did not break his will. When Coelho was twenty with a small years, he threw his studies at the Law Faculty. His dream was traveling and he began with the study of the continent of South America. Next followed pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. This journey changed his life. After which Paulo decided to fulfill the dream of his life and become a writer. Let’s look at the 10 most memorable author’s novels that he presented the world.


The main character of the work of "Alchemik" – Santiago, shepherd from Andalusia (region in southern Spain). The young man sees the same exciting sleep. It is interesting for him, whether his dreams bear some sense. To find out the truth, he decides to consult with gypsy. She interprets Santiago’s sleep as a prophecy and predicts that shepherd is destined to find a treasure in Egypt.

Santiago sells his sheep to cover the cost of traveling through the Mediterranean Sea, and goes on the road, which, ultimately, will lead it to the creation of his "personal legend".

Personal legends – leitmotifs of this book. The work explores the topic of execution of fate, the conformity of the truth, inside each person. The theme of the life you need to live, following your heart, no matter what. Other deep problems are also addressed, such as human connection from the universe, our ability to be one with our environment.

The name of the book tells us that a long way leads Santiago to deep transformation – spiritual alchemy. Because to create a "personal legend", you do not need to turn stones in gold, and should be filled your own soul.

Hundreds of thousands of readers were deeply touched by this story. And the phrase: "If you really want something, then the whole universe will help your desire to come true," responded in hearts in the hearts and thoughts of many who discovered this work for themselves. Perhaps this is your favorite book, or vice versa, this story did not cause you special feelings – in any case, it is only the beginning of our list.

Trilogy "and on the day of the seventh …"

The following three works have a certain period of time, duration of 7 days. The author shows readers, as in just one week you can change consciousness, and, as a result, and myself. Absolutely different heroes of these books are ordinary people. Their fates add up in such a way that in just 7 days they rethink love, faith, power, life and death.

2. "On the bank of the Rio-Piedra, I set I asked"

This time the heroine of Roman Coelho is a young 28-year-old Spanish store, who lives his life in accordance with the rigid plan of social expectations. It is educated and independent, in the form of a strong, confident woman. Nevertheless, she is unhappy. But it is worth a friend of childhood and the first love to break into the harsh weekdays of the girl, as a layer of protective dust immediately rises, to whom she allowed to settle around.

Her childhood friend is a spiritual leader, he is studying in the seminary and devoted to the Virgin Mary. However, he also carries his burden in the form of a gift of people’s healing. But, one day, when his desire to devote himself to the ministry of Knowers, it was more than ever, he finds himself in a house with white curtains, in which he wants to spend their days from Pilar, raising children. Therefore, a man decides to understand himself, inviting Pilar on a journey to French Pyrenees, dedicated to the self-knowledge and research of life and faith.

The theme of this novel – the inner tightening of the rope. Many people happened to survive such a state. This is when your true "I" and understanding of the "person", in your opinion, you must become for "happiness", fiercely face, and it is necessary to make difficult decisions. Given the spiritual profession of the main character, the author also reveals the issue of religion, primarily the women’s hypostasis of divinity.

Readers interested in self-realization and self-knowledge, this book will most likely like. It contains a distinctive feature of Celo’s creativity, when the author speaks of spirituality and self-help, concluding events in the shell of a fictional story.

3. "Veronica decides to die"

No sense of life

In the title, the highlight of the plot. Taking a book in the hands, we already understand that it will begin with the thoughts of the heroine of suicide. And indeed, a young girl named Veronika wants to intentionally part with life.

When the reader begins to study the life of Veronica in more detail, it turns out that its existence is not filled with no insurmountable obstacles, nor the decision of the chaotic problems. It is not even placed in the center of sad family history. It seems that events for the heroine are not so bad. Nevertheless, she decides to die, because he believes that she is not for nothing.

After the overdose of sleeping pills, Veronica loses consciousness and wakes up in a psychiatric hospital. The doctor tells the girl that she was left to live only a few days, because the suicide attempt inflicted irreparable damage to her heart.

First, you might think that this news will not cause special shock in a person who decided that life in any case is not worth living. But the book reveals deeper problems for seven days, while Veronica is waiting for death.

Roman inspired by personal history

Blurred boundaries between sane and madness, as well as the meaning and joy of life. This product makes the reader feel alive and experience life in its entirety.

This novel inspired by the author’s stay in a psychiatric hospital, in which parents concluded him in adolescence. The book talks about how to break out of the shackles, put on our society and experience freedom. Even if you are imprisoned, your mind is able to challenge the concepts of sanity and discover the difference between real life and simple existence. In 2012, Veronika Roman decides to die "was fused and replenished the list of best motivation films and self-improvement. The main role in the film was performed by Sarah Michel Gellar. Paulo Coelho commented on the game actresses, noting that she showed that Veronika, which he thought during work on the work.

4. "Devil and Senorita approx"

Eternal conflict between good and evil returns in the work of Paulo Coelho "Devil and Senorita approx". Talking this story, the author turned the Eden Garden into a small village in the mountains, dormant in peaceful bliss, and the forbidden fruit – in gold bars. As a serpent, the tempter is an elegant traveler who chooses his mediator Chantal approx – a young and beautiful waitress. Coelho analyzes and plays his characters as puppets in this world of shadows where death is not limited to the cemetery, but remains closely related to life. The reader has to respond to several important issues: a good or bad person inherently? Is God interested in fate? Each of you will be able to formulate your point of view, indulging in fantasy flight, a great size of just over 200 pages.

5. "Eleven minutes"

"Eleven minutes" is, first of all, the history of Mary, a beautiful and intelligent Brazilian woman, who in gentle age was wounded with love and decided to exhaust him from annoying emotions. She has big dreams of leaving her poor edge and achieve fame and wealth in Europe. Maria falls into Geneva and ironically begins to work as a prostitute, and very successful.

One of her customers opens her the world of sadomasochism, where Maria will know the feeling of freedom and the opportunity to go to the desires, and she also begins to understand sex in the context of love.

Roman includes a description of erotic moments, but can very disappointing those of you who are waiting for hot sex scenes. Those readers who want to spiltily clean against the background of frank intimate experiences will conduct pleasant moments for reading this book.

In the end, you read Roman Paulo Coelho, so you can safely count on the necessary portion of philosophical and mystical reflections. In this product, the colorful nature of the author’s filing is to find connections between sex, love, soul and the concept of "sacred sex".

If you are interested in tantric sex or engaged in his practice, then you can safely hint to family members, what you would like to get the next birthday or another holiday book "Eleven Minutes" in a beautiful binding.

6. "Witch with Portobello"

Heroine Roman – a young woman named Sherin, who calls himself atine. She was undered in Romania by Lebanese parents who held a high position in society. Reception Mother and Father gave her love and gave excellent education. Athens’s biological mother is a poor Gypsy, who threw the girl, because I could not move the gravity of vicious love. Due to the bloody events, the Athens family moves into modern London, where the book takes place.

The world through the eyes of others

The reader fails to meet with Athena and learn its point of view on what is happening. The book begins with her death and tells about her life and personality through an interview with important people in a woman’s life. Roman opens the world of Athena through the eyes of other people. You will learn about the child’s heroine, religiosity, desire to become a mother, accession to a religious cult and rash solutions that she sometimes took.

Meaning of life

Athena is not a witch in the traditional understanding of this word (there are no wands, magic spells or boilers). This novel is based on the description of the female archetype, as well as the path in which the heroine reaches enlightenment and is looking for the meaning of life. All these distinguishing features characterize Creativity Paulo Coelho. In the work, the classic themes of the author again pop up, such as divine femininity, self-realization, the search for truth. A mysterious element of a police investigation adds additional acute history consisting of a very combustible mixture.

7. "Brida"

History of young Irish looking for knowledge. Brida was always interested in magic, but she eager for something more. Selling a girl lead her to a meeting with great wise men who have learned the bridge to discover the spiritual world. The magician inhabiting in the forest teaches her to overcome his fears and believe in the good universe;He explains the girl how to dance in the rhythm of the world and call the moon. Then Brida continues to searches to meet with his fate. Will she succeed in throwing everything and become a witch? This charming novel revives themes, so loved by Readers Paulo Coelho, because the author creates a story in which love, passion, mystery and spirituality mixed up.

eight. "The winner remains one"

What is the price of success? Paulo Coelho depicts the mirror of our society, where the cult of luxury and success makes us deaf to the truths that whisper our hearts. In Cannes, we meet those who succeeded in the world of high fashion and movies: Russian millionaire, famous Middle East stylist, ambitious detective and model. Money, power and glory – goals of their life, and for their achievements they are ready for all.

I am. "Adultery"

The author explores the question of what it means to live a full and happy life, finding a balance between the routine and the desire of something new. How to be a person who wants changes, they need him, but, at the same time, on the way to them, he loses with himself? 30-year-old woman begins to doubt his, it would seem of the perfect life: she is married to a rich and loving husband, she has well-brought up children and a successful career in the newspaper. Her apathy comes an end when she takes an interview with a former boyfriend, and now a successful policy. They start a novel who opened a sadomasochist sex for heroine, which she really likes. But now she must defeat this love and learn to face everyday life.

ten. "Spy"

Paulo Coelho 10 best books that you should read and interview about the new product

Paulo Coelho describes the life of one of the most mysterious women in history: Mats Hari. Having studied the details of her biography, the reader understands that the only crime of a woman was its independence. Once Mata Hari arrived in Paris, without a penny in his pocket. But after a few months she became the most famous woman in the city. As the dancer she shocked and admired the public;And how Kurtizanka fascinated the richest and most influential men of his era. But when the paranoia covered the country in a state of war, the way of life Mati Hari put a woman under suspicion. In 1917 she was arrested in his hotel room on the Champs Elysees on espionage charges. Maty Hari in her last letter, Roman "Spy" is an unforgettable story of a woman who dared to challenge conventions and paid the highest price for their independence.

eleven. "The Archer" ("Archer")

About the date of the novel in Russian is still unknown. About his literary title we also can only build assumptions. But thanks to the annotations, reviews of readers and interviews Paulo, you can recreate a picture of what awaits us.

So, the author promises us an inspiring story about a young man looking for wisdom, and about practical lessons that he teaches in his path. In the novel, we will meet with an archer named TTSUY, a man who once glorified by his amazing gift to own Luko and Arrow, but got out of society, and a boy who goes in search of a wiser. The young men had a lot of questions accumulated, and, responding to them, Tsuya illustrates the way of ownership of the bow and the principles of meaningful life. This story written by Paulo Coelho suggests that life in which there is no connection between actions and soul can not be full. If your existence is limited to fear of failure or failure, then life is not worth living. The author calls to take risks, gain courage and brave to meet unexpected travels prepared by
We are fate.

Paulo Coelho: "Why I wrote" Archer "?

Paulo, you yourself – an archer, which attracts you in this sport?

NS.TO. In my youth, I thought onion shooting a very elegant occupation. I told myself: "I will definitely learn it.". One day, not far from my house in the Pyrenees, I met a man who learned me to use Luko and Arlas. The main feature of the archery is that the body moves from the extreme voltage to full relaxation at the very moment when you release the arrow. In addition, this sport is really very elegant, because it is very important to choose the right pose. It is about learning to focus and perform certain actions not for the sake of exercise, but in order to do what you want to do. It’s my opinion.

How your experience of archery influenced the writing of the book?

NS.TO. In a sense, this book is the consequence of my experience learning to shoot onion. And, of course, I was looking for a landmark in the form of history. While reading you will learn everything I learned about. Release an arrow – it’s not just to get into the goal, it is rather an attempt to see the world through the prism of the bow. Moment of full tension before relaxation. You reach the goal or not, it does not matter. But what is important is to become a bow, an arrow and a target at the same time. That is, stubbornly work, have a goal and passion for its implementation.

Was any definite experience in your life, which inspired you to create this work?

NS.TO. Once I was sitting in my house in the Pyrenees and thought that the shooting of Luke was an incredible occupation, and I wanted to write a book about my experience. I needed to write it even for myself. I wanted to teach people what instinctively learned. Sometimes, when you want to understand how it comes out, you need to sit down and describe everything. By doing so, I wrote a book. Now she is in your hands.

As you think your pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela influenced all your books, and on this in particular?

NS.TO. The essence of pilgrimage in Santiago de Compostela is as follows: you know your goal and go to her. The awareness of this very much affected me. I realized what should focus on one purpose and move forward.

"Archer" gives simple recommendations for a well-lived life. What do you think bass or allegory are the most effective way to teach what you learned about the most important truths of life?

NS.TO. It’s just a small book, no need to complicate anything. (Laughs) . Actually life is simple. We complicate a lot. And bass or allegory talk about hidden parts of ourselves. You know the essence of life, paying attention to the simple things that they surround you. This is the idea of my new novel. I am talking about everything: about the importance of tool, accuracy and concentration. In the end, this is life. You learn by living her.

Whether you ever have such a mentor like TTSUY? If so, what wisdom you have been comprehended?

NS.TO. Not in the metaphorical sense I use in my book. I had a mentor who helped me learn the basics of shooting and how to harm yourself. I am very grateful to him for knowing knowledge. But, in the end, as I said, you learn, making something. What do you like. So in fact you don’t need a mentor – you just need to take steps in the selected direction.

After the goal is set, you can move forward, and then just repeat and repeat a certain set of actions until, one day, they will not be executed automatically. Somehow the subconscious takes over you top and continues his unique path on the Nativity.

Are you trying to follow the example of TTSUI, when you are instructed by young writers?

I do not instruct young writers. Who am I so to instruct anyone? Of course, I get invitations to master classes, but never accept, because I have nothing to teach others. I think that writing is the experience in itself: he is unique and everyone has his own.

Could you tell us about the spiritual and religious influence of your creativity? How do you feel about the fact that "Alchemist" many readers choose as a fairness for spiritual development. Do you think your new novel will be used in the same way?

Of course, I hope that in the footsteps of the archer, people will pass the same spiritual journey in which they went, reading "Alchemist". Although these works are very different. "Alchemist" is a guide that will lead you to the acquisition of the meaning of life and knowledge of yourself, and "archer" – a set of laws about life.

What do you think readers will get from "archer"?

It is impossible to say what exactly I can hope, because all readers perceive the same product in different ways. I get a lot of letters about my books, and sometimes readers see what I have not seen, and tell me about it. I am very glad that they share their thoughts, because I study on them. With them I recognize more about myself.

Thanks to wisdom, generosity, simplicity and grace, Novel Paulo Coelo became international bestsellers. In his works, the author provides the basis for a full life: stubborn labor, passion, goal, care, readiness for failures and the desire to change the situation for the better. His characters are always returning to the favorite theme of the writer – spirituality. Deep, forced to think and instructive for some preach and deprived plots for others. The only way to find out whether you are entering the "coelo fans" or "Coelho opponents" – it is to choose any of his numerous books and read it for yourself. Have a great time!

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