Overview January Glambox

Overview January Glambox

This is a cosmetic line with organic Echinacea extract from the heart of the Swiss Alps. Protects from the action of free radicals, nourishes, restores and soothes the skin.

To begin with – the necessary introductory information, because the Zepter cosmetics is not yet well known as well as other goods. In Russia, the company is represented by six brands. One of them – cosmetic, Zepter Cosmetics. The production of cosmetics has become new to Zepter direction, when in 1996 the Swiss company Intercosmetica Neuchâtel SA became part of Zepter International, and since then it produces cosmetics exclusively for Zepter. Cosmetic products are made at the factory in Switzerland, and formulas include the most valuable vegetable components from the heart of the Swiss Alps.

In particular, they were absorbed by Intercosmetica Neuchatel SA, which makes for Zepter phyto-cosmetics, developing it together with the Association of Drug and Homeopathic Plants of Switzerland. Now the company has several lines of cosmetics, each specializes in one plant and on a specific skin problem, making emphasis on environmental and safety.

GLAMBOX took a try moisturizing and universal in terms of age creams from the series Swisso Logical, which is based on the Echinacea flower, toning and strengthening immunity, in particular, the skin.

In a box, three creams – night, day and multi-engineering for additional recovery of tired skin. All three cream dense and nutritious, like a real cream, and not the usual emulsion or gel. All three smells slightly in different ways, but one is sweet and "nutritional", I can not find another word. Maybe the flower of Echinacea smells? Daily cream white, thick, easily absorbed, nightly-pinkish night, absorbing also quickly and to the end. Leather remains smooth and tender. Multi-generating white, more thick and more oily, longer lies on the skin, looks like a nutrient mask. I used instead of the night once.
In general, my skin was satisfied. I did not fit acne, did not grow horns or some other unhealthy allergic reaction. The skin remained moistened and respanted even in the middle of the use of tubes – and I still did not finish them. Well, a good moisturizing trinity. I do not know what Echinacea was removed from, but no problem did not create any problems.
The only thing, I did not accept the ceremonial smell, unpleasant to me in facial tools, so:
Grade: 4

30 ml / 2290 dollars

Easy skimming formula and stabilizing complex Pigments ColorKeeper 14 hours retain Makeup resistance. The cream matures and leaves no traces on clothes!
03 came up to the skin shade perfectly, so I am especially pleased with this cream. It falls perfectly, overlaps the pimples and redness, leaves the skin perfectly healthy on the view – without shine, without mask, without excessive mattness. By the end of the day, we put the face in the T-zone flashes, but it is in principle normal, especially since nothing does not flow anywhere, everything is in place.
So now I have two tonal creams: Chanel Teint Innocence – for radiance and smooth skin and Lancome – for frostedness and lubing, if there is something to lure. And I still can not say what better.
Grade: 5

3. Matis means of lines restoring or glitter youth, 25 ml
200 ml / 1080 dollars

The lilac line "Brilliance" prevents the appearance of the first signs of aging, and the orange "restoring line" tones the tired skin and vitamins.
I love tonic and was glad to try it is a tonic from an orange line Energising Lotion Response Vitalite. The one that is full of vitamins and should toned the skin. So, for me, he turned out to be one of the best tonic at all. I know some do not like a feeling of pinching from lotions, but I love. It is this feeling of "toning" of the skin and in the process and after. And the improvement of blood circulation is a panacea from all the troubles regarding and skin, hair, and nails and T.NS.
This driver is easy and pleasant smelling, perfectly cleans the skin from dirt and somehow disappears, without leaving the desire to wash it off. At the same time, the tonic did not dry the skin, on the contrary, it always remained fresh, gentle and ruddy.
Grade: 5

4. La Reina Professional Nail Polish, 15 ml
15 ml / 520 rub

High-quality professional nail polishes that are manufactured on innovative advanced technology and patented formula.
Excellent varnish, here’s my opinion. First, beautiful shades, especially enamel. Already a couple of girls made a compliment with a shade of varnish on my nails. Secondly, it is dense, pigmented, well lies and has a wide enough and comfortable brush. Thirdly, keeps without basics and fixers for a week (at sea! With swimming and around in the sand!) easily. A week later I’m just terribly tired of monotony and I removed the varnish without a single chick. Slightly lasted along the edge of the nail. By the way, after him I sat down and painted the nails Opi and Orly (yes, so together) and I was much less convenient to handle the tassel and the nails were filmed, I didn’t know what’s the matter.
What else is needed from varnish, I do not know
Grade: 5

Overview January Glambox

5. Melvita Face and Body Oil Carite Software, 20 mg
100 ml / 1322 rub

Recommended for dry and sensitive skin. 100% natural oil combines oil properties Carite with restoring properties of bee wax, seed oil seeds, crash (1%), arganya (3%) and sesame (7.5%). Oil can also be used to restore the skin of the hands and dry hair.
I am a big fan of all kinds of natural oils, so I already stood a jar of Shi-batter Czech terribly eco-friendly bio-brand. In principle, Melvita oil does not lose with this clean oil, except that it is harder and gain it difficult than the usual eco-oil, which just melts in the hands. That is, some special pieces have been added to the mervel to maintain solid consistency. But it is nothing: on the effect it is the same nutritious, fatty and pleasant for hands and for lips. Straight clean food for leather.
In addition, I gave it to assist the aunt, when that was terrible irritation and painful burrs in her arms, and here it was saved: the next day she even rushed to wash the dishes
On the hair I did not try this oil, still it is too little and not convenient to apply, but I believe that they would have led them to feel.
Grade: 5

6. Chloe two perfume Love and Eau de Parfum, 2 + 2 ml
30 + 30 ml / 2750 + 2750 rub

LOVE is a graceful composition of orange colors with a cold touch of pink pepper, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria. The second aroma is a velvety bouquet of roses with a heart from magnolia, lilies.
Both fragrances have something in common, but I liked Eau de Parfum more. This is the first chloe brand fragrance, released after a 10-year break, it is positioned as "Classic Aroma – Mark Symbol". Maybe it’s not exactly my smell, but he is noble, rich, in it should be sitting in the 19th century before the piano or read French novels, stroking the spitz, somehow so. This is not a fresh smell, and powder, amber, honey, rose, and it remains all this on the skin for a long time, long and long.
Love – also a floral-powder smell, sweet, smells of expensive linen, expensive cosmetics and love for yourself ☺ Smell for the evening, for dresses and twilight, I would say. Not for a relaxed image, but for coquette and secular lioness. In addition, it is also very resistant and economical – one drop on the sleeve is holding a whole day. And I will complete the fact that both odors are undoubtedly noble and must have many and many fans, but still not mine, therefore – Grade: 4

7. Rivage One of the funds: Cream for hands, legs, faces, soap, 10-30 ml
60-120 ml / 740-1410 rub

Jordanian cosmetics, in all the products of which are elements from the water and dirt of the Dead Sea, natural phytoextracts, oils and active ingredients, contributing to the prevention and treatment of skin diseases. Rivage cosmetics distributed only through the networks of exclusive beauty salons and SPA.
I got the most interesting tool of all – leg cream. It should contain: almond oil, tea tree oil, Dead Sea minerals and other moisturizing, antimicrobial and nutrients. It is light green and smells clearly and strongly … medicine. Sniffed to the whole house, guess what kind of familiar smell could not. But I still remember the topic about Babushkina wipes from leeches ☺
On the legs feels fat, quite well absorbed cream, although after absorption it is like a slippery film.
I had a task to soften the skin on the heels without a global pedicure and thus check the effectiveness of the cream. Well, managed quite. After three days of hedgehogs and annoying applications, the heel remained, of course, rough, but without obvious ground, hardness and roughness. I continue to use. The cream remains the feeling of precisely therapeutic and effective cosmetics. One confuses me – the smell is still strong, eaten and specific, it is difficult to wash off after use even with hands. That’s why:
Grade: 4

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