Our rating of liquid washing powders (gels) – what to choose?

For washing in the machine-machine, many hostesses prefer to buy liquid powder, because it is better dissolved in water.

I must say, the liquid agent has other advantages compared to the powder: it is economically spent, it is more convenient to dose, does not irritate the respiratory organs, it disrupts well and is easily floating.

The Women’s website "Beautiful and Successful" found out what funds are included in the rating of liquid washing powders, as they correctly use where to pour, and decided to share this information on this page with their readers.

Before talking about what liquid powder is better, it should be understood by which the criteria is determined by the quality of a good product.

How to choose a liquid powder

Nowadays on the store shelves, you can see many types of washing gels, each of which has its own characteristics: price, color, consistency, composition, smell. Where neither look, everywhere I will stumble on an interesting bottle with a bright label. What you need to pay attention to when choosing? Experienced hostesses recommend that each liquid washing powder has its own purpose:

  • Universal gels. They are suitable for any fabrics. Usually, unsalted pollution is well removed and left after a pleasant unobtrusive fragrance. There are any major manufacturers such products. They are suitable for washing in a washing machine of things from natural and synthetic tissues.
  • Liquid powders for white and light things. They may contain bleach to deliver things from gray and yellowness. In cheap gels are often added optical bleach – substances that only mask. As a rule, the liquid is not suitable for silk and woolen things.
  • Foods for colored linen. Such gels are distinguished by a careful effect. They remove pollution without destroying pigment. Good gels for colored products contain components that not only protect the dye on clothes, but also make it color brighter.
  • Gels for children’s things. As a rule, it is informable products, which contains a minimum of harmful substances. The fragrance of children’s powders is light, barely tangible.
  • Black Things Washing Liquids. Black dyes are easy to wash. So that black things are not poured, they should be washed in special means containing substances that protect pigment. After washing in such liquids, even worn things look much better.
  • Our rating of liquid washing powders (gels) - what to choose
  • Gels for washing delicate fabrics. As part of powders for wool and silk there are substances that soften fabrics. Means with such an action are not producing all manufacturers of liquid powders. The most popular liquids with similar properties are caressing, Wollpflege, Vorsinka, Faberlic, Perwoll and DR.

You can also find special compounds for down jackets (Uni Pooh, Woly Sport Down Wash, Heitmann and DR.) who are similar to funds for silk and wool. Companies producing gels for washing, very much. But the big confidence of buyers do not use everything. As Sympaty found out.NET, hostess prefer famous brands.

The best and expensive washing fluids in the machine

Of course, a good washing gel is an expensive product. Among the most famous brands of washing powders in the form of gel, you can allocate products to the following brands:

  1. Seventh generation (US production). This hypoallergenic gel is produced in a plastic container, accompanying 1.47 liters. On a bottle with liquid there is a "bio" mark, which means that the basis of its composition ;Natural components. Thanks to natural biological enzymes ;The tenrangeds that are present in this gel, it perfectly disrupts even the difficult pollution. Another plus of this fluid is that it does not pollute the environment. Many call this gel better in the rating of modern washing powders. His only minus is the price. Seventh Generation 1,47 bottle costs about 1400 dollars. Enough the funds about 33 washing depending on how much pouring into the car.
  2. Ecover Zero (Belgium production). Those who tried this product, chorus sing to him diffilams. The fluid copes well with many types of pollution, does not contain synthetic flavors, oil and phosphate refining products. The equipment includes natural active enzymes and oxygen stains. Ecover Zero is a hypoallergenic agent that can safely apply for baby clothes. It is perfectly flooded, suitable for both manual and machine washing, copes well with stains. Cons he also has. First – colored things after washing in this liquid powder linen. Second – price: 1,5-liter liquid bottle costs 1000 dollars. The third one is not available in free selling, it is possible to buy Ecover Zero products from distributors.
  3. Burti Liquid (Germany production). Gel is produced in 1.5 liter bottles. Does not contain phosphates. Well copes with stains of coffee, fat, wines and blood. Spent quite economical, works well with any temperature modes. It consists of components that perform the air conditioner function for linen, so things after washing in this age can differ soft and tenderness. Bottle of Burti Liquid about 500 dollars.
  4. Frosch &# 171; apple&# 187;, concentrate (Germany production). This liquid powder refers to bio products, that is, in its basis – natural detergents. Liquid powder in soft packaging, which allows producers to slightly reduce the cost of the goods: for a 2-liter bottle will need to pay about 400 dollars. If you believe feedback, Frosch is inferior to other gel-like foods for laundry in quality: with protein pollution, it does not cope at all.
  5. Persil &# 171; Premium&# 187; (Germany production). This remedy for the well-known manufacturer does not contain phosphates, but at the same time copes well with various contaminants. Distinctive gel feature – pronounced fragrance. Persil &# 171; Premium&# 187;enters air conditioning, so it likes it is not every buyer. 1 l and 224 ml of the product are placed in one bottle. The cost of this volume is about 400 dollars.
  6. Losk Aromatherapy (production Russia). This washing powder has a good position in the rating of the best products. It contains active enzymes, thanks to which various pollution removes well. To the advantages of funds include the absence of an optical bleach. It is a bottle of gloss with a capacity of 1.46 l a little more than 400 dollars. For one use in the compartment for washing powder, it is recommended to pour 70-150 ml.
  7. Lion Fragrance Top Fresh Camomile (Japan production). Like all Japanese, this laundry laundry gel is distinguished by high quality and reliability. However, it does not create miracles: the solar stains with it will not be able to remove. Lingerie after using the product acquires a saturated aroma of chamomile, becomes soft and gentle. Another plus of liquid powder – he disinfects clothes. In addition, Lion Fragrance Top Fresh Camomile protects the washing machine from the formation of scale. Lyric Capacity with the means costs 300 dollars. One wash should be filled with 25-50 ml of means depending on the amount of linen.
  8. Concentrated washing gel Kao Japan Attack Bio Ex (Japan production). This liquid powder contains natural enzymes, so well disrupts various pollution. Sale agent in liter bottles. You can also purchase it in a soft package with a volume of 810 ml for 350 dollars. Family of 3 people of one bottle of such a means is enough for 3 months.
  9. Caressing care and freshness (production Russia). This gel is included in the ranking of the best and most popular liquid washing powders. Main plus caress – it can be used for things from delicate tissues. After using the gel, clothes becomes soft, it is easier to iron. Litter bottle of caress costs 250 dollars.

All listed products are considered quite effective and cost relatively weekly. On sale today it is quite possible to find and cheaper gels.

Liquid washing powders: budget options

Inexpensive funds are quite often surprised by the owners of quite normal quality. Among the liquid powders that families can afford even during the period of the financial crisis, the following good stamps can be distinguished:

  1. Help. A liter bottle with this liquid powder costs much cheaper famous liquids ;Only 150 dollars. The tool is suitable for things from delicate tissues. You can pour it into a washing machine or use for manual washing. After gel, clothing becomes soft and easier smoothed. If you believe feedback, he disrupts well, no matter where it will be poured: in a special compartment or inside the drum.
  2. Gel for washing &# 171; SE-PLUS&# 187;. This inexpensive liquid powder of Korean production is more infrequently found in stores. However, those who have already tried it in the case are confident that it is a worthy alternative to more expensive goods of promoted brands. This product is 170 dollars (in 800 ml pack).
  3. Gel for washing WELLERY &# 171; eco wagon&# 187;. Liquid powder is suitable for color things that do not have special contaminants. He will not cope with serious spots. The manufacturer does not promise miracles, warning about the limited features of the means on the package. However, if you fill in the water for washing the stain remover, problems with stains are solved. Main Plus Gel – Cost: Liquid liter costs only 170 dollars. Another advantage of this product is unobtrusive smell.
  4. "Mara". This gel Belorussian production is relatively inexpensive: a liter bottle will cost you 300 dollars. In the rating of the best, it does not enter, but it copes well with pollution, it smells pleasant and does not cause allergies.

New products are constantly emerging in the household chemical market. Therefore, of course, the list given in our article cannot be called full. Perhaps many experienced hostesses will be able to add it to their proven gel.

Where to fill?

Those who have never used the wash gel often arises the question where the liquid powder is in a washing machine? All listed gels can be poured into a special compartment in which powder means fall asleep. Quite often, manufacturers recommend placing a measuring cap with the desired amount of fluid in the drum of the washing machine.

The washing effect with gel depends not only on the type of washing powder, but also from which mode was selected. Before pouring a means into a typewriter, you need to apply it to the dirtiest areas on things. If the clothes are very dirty, it is recommended to use stains with a washing gel. They are also in liquid form.

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