Ketchup: harm and benefit. Composition ketchup. Useful properties ketchup. What ketchup choose

Ketchup – one most popular sauce in the world. It is used for cooking snacks, salads, hot dishes and complex sauces. It is rumored that some gourmets refuel ketchup … Tomatoes.

Thanks to its natural ingredients, ketchup is a healthy product. But all the modern types of ketchup are preparing without the use of preservatives and other harmful components?

Composition of the ketchup of industrial production

Classic composition of ketchup: tomato, water and spices. Tomato, in the form of a paste or puree, is the basis Natural and high-quality ketchup. Tomatoes first carefully select, washed, crushed. Then heated to 95 ° C and passed through the sieve, thus getting rid of the skin and green. This ends the preparatory stage and the evaporation process begins until the paste or puree is obtained. The longer the time this process will last, the point is the final product.

Ideally, a tomato paste, really cooked from fresh tomatoes, should be 40% of the total mass of Ketchup class "Premium" and "Extra", 30% in Ketchups "Higher" category and at least 15% in economy class ketchups (the first and second categories). The lack of tomato paste is compensated by apple, beet or plum mashed potatoes, arched thickeners: starch, flour and gum. At the same time, non-natural starch and gum (excerpt from the pods of the Mediterranean Acacia), but synthesized by chemical. The composition of cheap ketchups also includes citric acid or vinegar, as the equivalent of natural acid of tomatoes.

Water also affects the quality and taste of the product, unfortunately, to learn about its environmentally friendly seems to be possible, it remains only to hope for the conscience of the manufacturer.

Modern species ketchup It is difficult to imagine without adding various seasonings and spices, among which are particularly popular: onions, garlic, sharp and bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, olives, pickled cucumbers and herbs. In the "Premium" class, the proportion of such dry substances should not be less than 27%, and in the "economy class" – at least 14%.

Naturally in the majority Ketchupov industrial production add flavors, preservatives and stabilizers, but their concentration should be minimal in order not to harm health.

Useful properties ketchup

Natural ketchup, prepared for all rules, and containing the necessary amount of red tomatoes and red pepper has in its composition such a substance as a pigment lycopene, giving these vegetables red. This pigment has an explicit antitumor action, and, in addition, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Interesting is the fact that when heated, the number of liquid in tomatoes does not decrease, as it usually occurs with various vitamins, but increases. And after fifteen minutes of treating tomatoes with high temperature The concentration of this pigment increases one and a half times.

The basis of Ketchup – Tomatoes are rich in vitamins P, RR, K, all the vitamins of the group in and ascorbic acid, which is in them almost the same as in citrus. Salts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, no less important for the human body, are also contained in tomatoes and are not destroyed in primary heat treatment.

In addition, in the composition of the natural quality ketchup, there is a "hormone of happiness" – serotonin in the already finished form and Tiramine, which, getting into the body, turns into serotonin. So ketchup also antidepressant capable of treatless wounds.

Harm Ketchup

Ketchup Poor quality, in particular containing artificial dyes, can provoke in children and adults:

  • inflammation or aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • development of allergic reactions;
  • Inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

Do not abuse ketchup People with impaired metabolism and tendency to excess weight. Contained in poor quality ketchup flavors, dyes and modified starch can further aggravate the situation.

What ketchup choose?

As a rule, in the food industry, the price of the product correlates with its quality, which means that the pursuit of low cost ketchup can only harm your health and health of your loved ones. And unfortunately, in the Russian market most Ketchupov Local production refers to the category of "economy class", that is, with a content of natural tomatoes less than 15%.

If ketchup packaged in glass container, then it can be judged by the appearance of the product. Unnatural shades of red, dark or too rich tones indicate that the basis of this ketchup is an apple or plum puree with plenty of dyes. The content of the tomatoes in it is insignificant.

Ketchup harm and benefit. Composition ketchup. Useful properties ketchup. What ketchup choose

Glass is generally more optimal packaging than plastic or "Doy-Pak". First, it can be seen that it is a purchased product, and secondly, glass is environmentally friendly. From the plastic after some time, polymer substances are beginning to be released, which are transferred to the product.

Product consistency – also allows you to judge his quality. Ketchup should not be a bubble in the package, allocate bubbles, and falling on the plate, should save the volume and not spread.

In order not to expose your health excess risk, When choosing ketchup Prefer premium or Extra class products and read the label carefully. If it does not have such ingredients as: vegetable or fruit puree, starch, vinegar, dyes and preservatives with marking E – then this is a quality product. Also pay attention to the fact that Ketchup is made in accordance with GOST, and not TU (technical conditions). In addition, acquired ketchup, remember that prepared for all the rules, it cannot cost 50 dollars for five hundred grams.

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