Keep smoothly: how the spine is associated with our health and emotions

If modern medicine implies the treatment of patients and systems separately, then alternative holistic medicine exactly on the contrary advises to treat the human body as a unified system. The tendency of modern science ─ to combine these two directions. What can happen from this and how the spine diagnostics works today – tells the expert of the school of healing practices Wu Ming Dao Anna Vladimirov.

If the tooth hurts, we go to the dentist. But not a cardiologist, although (and this is a scientific fact!) bacteria causing caries, provoke dangerous to life Endocarditis disease – inflammation of the inner heart sheath.

But since me, since childhood, we go to various doctors for the treatment of different organs, in our consciousness lives the conviction that each body is sick with its diseases, and it is possible to treat it regardless of all the rest of the body.

If you think and see wider, then you can come to an obvious conclusion: the bodies that are at a distance of several centimeters from each other can not work (and therefore and root) autonomously. And in case of illness, it is necessary to treat not an eye or a spleen, but an organism as a whole.

Body base

In our body there is a powerful frame, which unites all organs and systems into a single whole. The spine is the basis of the body on which almost all internal organs are fixed (saying roughly, they are on the spine "suspended"). From the spine, the nerves depart, on which the brain is managing the work of the internal organs and receive feedback from them. Accordingly, if there is disorders in the spine, then the nerves that go to the internal organs can transmit incorrect information – and the body will suffer. Right and reverse statement: if one or another organ is sick, it can be reflected in the state of the spine.

Diagnostics on the spine

In medical practice there is a so-called map of segmental innervation: it clearly shows which vertebra with what bodies are related.

The cervical vertebrae – from 1 to 7 – related to the health of hearing and vision organs, the speech apparatus and the state of the brain. Overvoltage of muscles in the field of cervical vertebrae can cause headaches. Exercises, aimed at relaxing the neck area, allow you to remove the headache (even during the attack) and adjust vision.

7 cervical vertebra – a major nervous center that is responsible for the health of the thyroid gland. The area of ​​the 7th cervical and 1-3-breast vertebrae is also associated with heart health. Pay attention to the elderly people who have formed a pronounced "Horbik" at the bottom of the neck. With a probability of 99%, they have heart problems: jump pressure, there are attacks of angina or arrhythmia. If this deformation of the spine has a young man, this is an alarm: it’s time to engage in the health of the spine and check the heart.

4-8 Breast vertebrae associated with the work of the digestive system. For example, regular coffee consumption can give a feeling of gravity in the thoracic. And the point here is that the stomach with difficulty absorbs the product and transmits a discomfort signal in a thoracic spine.

9-12 Breast vertebrae is responsible for the correct operation of the urinary system. First faced with pain in this area, a person, as a rule, cannot determine independently: whether the muscle pulled, whether the kidney hurts? In any case, the pain in the field of nose of the breast department is a reason for a trip to the urologist.

The top of the lumbar department is associated with a thick intestine. For example, familiar pain in the lower back can release after the intestinal dysbiosis is. The pattern is valid in the opposite direction: regular abdominal pains can pass after you start doing exercises for spinal rehabilitation.

NIT of the lumbar spine – signals from genitals come here. A variety of "men’s" and "female" inflammatory diseases can give a sense of discomfort in the field of the lower back.

Chinese anatomy

Chinese doctors discovered the connection between the spine and the internal bodies in several millennia to the invention of X-ray. According to the theory of acupuncture, to influence each organ there is a point near the spine. If the pain is given to it, we can talk about a different disease, and for its treatment, this point must be activated: with, for example, needles or massages. Anatomical ideas about the relationship of vertebrae and internal organs largely coincided with a modern segmental innervation card.

Keep exactly how the spine is associated with our health and emotions

In addition, Chinese scientists of antiquities came to the proven conclusion that our spiritual emotions are implemented through the body. They systematized emotions and revealed what type of experience destroys one or another body.

3 chest vertebra – associated with the work of the lungs. Emotion that accumulates here and breaks breath – sadness.

4-5 Breast vertebrae – directly related to the heart, the main enemy of which is rage, aggression.

9-10 Breast vertebra are in connection with the liver and bubble, and these organs are the strongest destroying the evil, bile.

11 breast vertebra – spleen. This body suffers most of all from the fact that a person holds one and the same thought for a long time, chews out, inclined again and again worry his failures.

The 2nd lumbar vertebra is associated with the work of the kidneys. The health of this body is the strongestness of fear.

There is a very simple technology of Eastern massage, which each person can master at home – and help their relatives to restore strength and health. The above-described points are opposite the specified vertebrae at a distance of two fingers. And at a distance of two more fingers from them, according to the Chinese tradition, there are points responsible for the devastating emotions, accumulated in these organs. Thus, making the tips of the thumbs along the spine, you can improve the work of the whole body. Massage movements should be soft: Press your fingers to the area along the spine, moving down. During massage, a person should not be painful: if one or another point is painful, you do not need to put it even more – on the contrary, loosen the onslaught.

Of course, it is impossible to hope that as a result, a massage will be held by one or another acute disease, or, say, recover the liver affected by cirrhosis. For deep, many years of existing diseases have more powerful treatment technologies. But for the prevention of diseases of the internal organs and the general healing of the body, such a massage is a light and efficient means. In addition to the impact on the spine and organs, it also affects the nervous system, so that after a qualitatively completed massage you will get a feeling of a two-week holiday from all worries.

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