Kate Hudson: "We are all imperfect"

Kate Hudson is always in sight, whatever do – cinema, design of own line sportswear or winemaking. It is always different, as in the new Campari calendar, the heroines of which she became following the mind of Turman and Eva Green.

Pouring smiles of movie star, confident presidential candidate, Tomny Femme Fatale with feline plastic and piercing squirrel semi-trifle, the case changing eye expression – the Campari-2016 calendar star Kate Hudson changeable, like light glare and the game of shadows in a cocktail glass. Such a calendar of this year, the famous fashion photographer Michelangelo Di Battista, whose photos do not leave the viewer of the chance to definitely answer the question: you prefer sweet? or bitter? Determine the gentlemen, define. Bitter or Sweet? Vote, vote. On the pages of the calendar Kate Hudson appears in the images of two presidential candidates, representatives of the opposing parties, the choice between which it turns out completely impossible.

"I think I managed both images," says Kate Hudson. We are talking on the phone, but the feeling that she is near: the warmth in his voice has a conversation. I ask her about impressions from shooting. – Working with Michelangelo – Stunning Experience. He is absolute perfectionist. He is great, deliberates in every detail, "she continues lively. On this day, she was planned several dozen interviews with publications around the world, and I was already far from the first in this series, but in her intonations it does not feel any fatigue nor monotony, which appears when you ask some similar questions in a circle.

Kate is generally a very warm, benevolent person – primarily in the personal space, with loved ones, with children. She has two of them: 11-year-old Rider from marriage with the frontman of The Black Crowes group Chris Robinson and 4-year-old Bing, the son of Muse Matthew Bells, with whom they were engaged for three years and broke up last year. She repeatedly said that Chris, and Matthew – an important part of her life, that thanks to children, they are forever with her. Everything else – behind the scenes. Then, a few days later, I put by Your Side, the Album The Black Crowes 1998, trying to submit a person who fell in love with young kate.

"When it seems to you that the heart is about to break,
When they betrayed friends,
When I gave everything, I received anything in return,
I will be near",

– sings Robinson with a light hoarse in his voice. Slim, long-haired, slightly similar to John Lennon – Dream of romantic girls. The peak of the popularity of the group came to the beginning and mid-1990s – it is likely that their records were in her teenage fan playlist. These are just guesses, but definitely from the early years old music asked a certain vector of her life and career. They got married in 2000, 21-year-old Kate and 34-year-old Robinson. In the photos of the time Hudson, with another children’s smile, the absolute, unconditional happiness, which is possible only in twenty years. In the same year, a film was released with the symbolic name "almost famous", Road Muvi about the tour of the young Stillwaters tour, in which she played their shaking fannock Penny Lane (although the events of the picture and the group itself were fictional, the script was written by Director Cameron Crowe on his impressions from his Tims around the country with The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin and Eagles).

Matthew Bellamy Hudson began to meet in the spring of 2010, and a year later I bought a house in London, where, as a little later, the newspaper reported, she subsequently spent six months. In June 2011, they had a son, and in September, the Muse group began work on the new album The 2nd Law, which will be released in October 2012, – on his cover will be a picture of the intrauterine heartbeat of their child.

Somehow, in an interview with Kate Hudson, said: "My body is imperfect, but I take myself as it is". The phrase crashed to me in memory: numerous photos of its exact figure in glossy magazines are clearly dissected with these words, obviously, not deprived of some coquetry. However, in this one – a small female weakness, the usual thing. But no, she does not flirt, she really thinks so.

Kate Hudson

"How to take your own imperfection?"I ask me. "We are all imperfect," she answers after a second pause. Her voice sounds seriously, but even through the handset and thousands of kilometers feel her branded smile, inherited from the mother, actresses Goldi Houn, and a cunning glitter quick eyes. – Even the people we consider the embodiment of beauty. This is a question of perception. Our self-treatment is always different from what others see us. I think you just need to listen carefully to yourself, try to understand what you need. By and large, health is important, and it depends on what we absorb – physically and mentally ".

In 2006, Kate Hudson was suused with the publication, which, calling her "painfully thin," reported that she suffers from the disorder of food behavior. It would seem that there is little woven and rumors, often much more unpleasant, daily appears on the Internet, but for her it was a fundamental question: the actress is quite aware of the fact that many women are equal to her, and she is against her name associated with a dangerous disease. "Women inspires dissatisfaction with themselves, forcing themselves to treat themselves more stricter than you need. It is wrong, "said Hudson.

The tabloids are closely followed by her life – he lost weight, whether he was recovered, whose companies appeared, to whom I looked. It seems that it belongs to this pretty easily – or just learned to live with it, in the end she grew up in the acting family (Kurt Russell’s stepfather calls her father), which never experienced a lack of attention. I reviewed not one television interview with Hudson: always lively, smiling, gracefully juggles with words, parry the jokes leading. If it comes to personal life – with the same secular elegance invariably leaves the answer. Smile – her fortress wall. Emotional defense it finds in Buddhism. "Mom practices Buddhism from the late 70s, but she never imposed it to us, children," Kate says, "I came to him through one of my friend who was taught me to meditate. A little later I was in the philosophy of Buddhism ". "What gives you it?"I ask. "My life has changed a lot," she says.

Kate Hudson’s general public is known for roles in comedy kilometers like "fashionable mommy", "Girls of My Best Friend", "War of Brides" and "How to get off from a guy in 10 days", which really prevail in her filmography. In thrillers "Key from all doors", "Killer inside me" or "Fundamentalist unwitting" we see a completely different, completely devoid of glamorous gloss Hudson. One of its latest works – a role in the real events of Peter Berg "Deep-water horizon", telling about the explosion in the Mexican Bay of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Platform in 2010. One of the main roles in this picture is played by Kurt Russell. "How did you work with your father?"- I’m interested. "Oh, it was one of the best filming in my life! – again revived Kate, sincerely satisfied with the question. – We have only one scene with him, but we spent a lot of time together on the set ".

Time’s Up, Interview comes to an end. We say goodbye to Kate – warm, even cardio, it seems to me how much it is possible after the only conversation with an unfamiliar person. But for some reason I have a feeling that I know about it more than many. Campari Calendar pages are watching two Kate Hudson. Sweet? Or bitter? Gorky-sweet.

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