Karina: 6 best means for aircraft

B alzam lip, which acts as a TINT, multifunctional reticulation with trendy shades of shadows, blush and highlighter, Korean mask designed specifically for flying: if before the journey you are deciding which funds to put into a suitcase, and what – In manual sting, read a new review of the main editor of Beautyhack Karina Andreva (@kandreevaa): these six super heroes will allow you to get out of the aircraft ready for any ball.

Karina Andreeva

Editor BeautyHack

Like a real boutigolik, without means for care and makeup to the plane I go (even if the flight lasts less than two or three hours). My friends are often laughing, because I have three cosmetics: with decorative cosmetics, with care and third – «aircraft». But usually at the reception can be seen without makeup, and if the early flight – then still sleepy and with bruises under the eyes. If you arrive going to the hotel, thoughts «Cress» It does not arise: only I do a moisturizing mask or using thermal or grape water (about the last told here). But this happens not always, especially if I am not on vacation, but on a business trip. I share tools that will help create excellent express makeup on an ambulance hand!

Two-component complex masks Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit, DoubleDare

A couple of months ago, a two-component complex of masks with a mitigating effect of Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit Korean brand Double Dare was trying, and simply speaking – Real medicine from bruises under the eyes, «Gray» Face colors and edema. In 99%, I choose the greatest flights as possible, so it fails to sleep.

And on trips I want to look better than at home, in order to arrive immediately to start photographs and selfie.

So my find consists of two parts – cleansing napkin and softening mask. Napkin with aloe, green tea and aha-acids exfoliates and refreshes the skin – it needs to thoroughly wipe face.

Then put on the mask and leave for 15-30 minutes.

Wash off the remnants of the means after use do not need – Just distribute massaging movements on the skin.

The mask is impregnated with a complex of squalan, lecithin, Ceramic NP and powerful antioxidants (cactus and rosehip extracts).

This super-set replaced me favorite patches (bruises and bags under the eyes in half an hour), the skin has become shining and moisturized, face color – Healthy (Effect # YuuawaysPalanoethendel disappeared instantly).

I have a dry type, so this complex came as it is impossible, and did not leave the skin dehydrated in flight.

Pallet Back Talk, Urban Decay

I think this is familiar to many such a situation where from the airport on arrival you need to get out without swollen face and bruises under the eyes, but almost «on the ball» (Those who often fly on a business trip, where every hour on arrival is scheduled, – Take note). Novelty Urbandecay will save a lot of space in your bag: consists of eight shades of shades (there is both nude and bright) and from four pygimens for the face (two highlyera and two Rumba).

3sheets shades (gentle pink), Bare (gentle-beige with shimmer), Curve (ash rose color, also with shimmer) I use solo – When it is necessary to distribute the remedy on the centuries (fortunately, perfectly shuffled). Shade (purple with sparkles), attitude (fiery with shimmer), WTF (matte brown) and 180 (dark brown with shimmer) – Such bright and saturated colors are enough for unusual eye makeup. My favorite reception – Apply to all mobile CURVE mobile eyelids and create a fiery haze from an external corner using Attitude, to emphasize the 180s mucous meter, and under eyebrows distribute highlights by PartyFoul.

Now let’s talk about the pigments for the face. I really liked the cold pink cheapshot – gives a blush, as after a clock walk in the winter forest. But DoubleTake warmer, perfectly emphasize the tan. Two xilatera in the palette – LowKey (peach) and partyfoul (cold-pink). Persistent, do not appear, applied «on run» (in our case – «on the fly» :)) – great! And in the kit there is a mirror, which on the magnet is attached to the palette. It is convenient to disassemble, so as not to keep all the packaging on the weight in the makeup process. Novelty is thought out to the smallest detail – Now this is my indispensable companion on travel.

BB Cream Nude, Erborian

Long time was in search of a better tone. Some like, but then begin to bother, so I changed them for something new almost every month. But trying in January this BB-cream, which heard more than once from many makeup guru, fell in love once and forever and which month I use it. Why love this tool? First, the shade – This is a find for girls with very light skin. Does not yellow, does not give effect «Pale face», and in the first ten minutes adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the tool is perfect for those who, like me, suffers from dryness (as I care for dry skin – You can read here ): BB-cream does not emphasize the peeling, and the opposite works like day cream and moisturizes the skin. As part of the six-year Korean ginseng root, which stimulates microcirculation and activates the natural production of collagen; ginger that cleans and tones skin; still a laccant that removes redness and works as an antioxidant.

Karina 6 best tools for aircraft

Thirdly, the primer does not need a primer – The cream is evenly distributed in the pillows of the fingers or beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really keeps the promised 12-hours, after which it is easily removed by the cleansing gel.

Fourth, cream is very convenient for flights. It gives effect «Second skin», allowing her to breathe and refreshing face. I have heard more than once: «How do you look good without makeup after the flight!». It’s great that those surrounding do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, and it is, and will still help you again – Small imperfections will accurately hide.

Fifth, SPF factor – 25: just what is needed on vacation cosmetics (especially if you are going to the sea!).


This consillion love for compactness: it is placed even into the smallest clutch (or in the jacket pocket, if suddenly decide to get out of the house «light» and without a bag). Shaping format allows you to spend neat stripes under the eyes and growing with finger pads – Conveniently, when you fly in the plane, and to mask bruises under the eyes you need to spend just a couple of seconds and as many gestures. Despite the high price, it is consumed economically: it seems that it is enough for a whole eternity – I have this stick since last year, and almost with everyday use more than half. I love that the Light shade does not lie down with a white spot, but on the contrary adjusts to the skin tone and the tender veil creates a resistant coating, hiding traces of fatigue. Thanks to the powerful elixirome of Miraclebroth (we will remind, it is made on the basis of boreal algae with saturated nutrients and other natural components opened by the brand creator Dr. Huber), the consiler partially removes the swelling and moisturizes. And what is very important – Do not roll. Presented in three shades.

Mascara for eyelashes Cabaret Premiere, Vivienne Sabo

Cabaret mascara can be found in cosmetic bag almost every real beauty guru. She is really legend – The perfect separation, the opportunity to get to the roots of the eyelashes and thoroughly scrolling them thanks to a comfortable brush, excellent volume and length, resistance without sickness, but at the same time there is a fairly simple removal (MICHelki is enough) – Dream mascara, no less. But the creators did not stop at the achieved and not so long ago «Put» Above formula – The tool has become even more resistant, and the effect – explicit (do not argue, the volume gives it more than her predecessor, although it would seem where else!). Anyway, both carcasses I love – they will come with me even «to the edge of the world» (and do not let, confident about that!). If you, like me, wear contact lenses or you have sensitive eyes, pay special attention to it: Mascara does not cause allergic reactions, checked for yourself!

Price: 315 USD

Lip balm Les Beiges, Deep, Chanel

New summer and now my best friend for express makeup lips. Balm, but in fact works as an excellent moisturizing tit. No, no, not one that is entrusted to the lips and dries them, but on the contrary, perfectly softens the skin (as part of Moring oil and vitamin E derivative) and at the same time gives effect «Stein». I do not need balsam and lipstick with him – This is a real means «two in one». I chose a shade of ripe cherry (deep), which made my natural color of the lips more saturated (by the way, each color is manifested differently). Persistent – I nano in the morning and I can still not think about the update: it goes well, without an explicit contour, but the effect of moisturizing remains. Girlfriends recently asked me, did I increase the lips: Of course, no! But the volume of them gave a notable balsam. Take a note this means and for those cases when the emphasis is on your eyes: makeup will be harmonious.

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