Karina: 5 excellent tonal products for dry skin

Tonal means based on floral water lotus, BB-cream with excellent leather effect and other finds for dry skin – In the new material of the main editor of Beautyhack Karina Andreva @kandreevaa .

Karina Andreeva

Editor BeautyHack

I have skin, inclined to dryness, so to choose a tone cream with extreme caution. It is important that he does not emphasize the pessings and ideally created the effect of second skin. I do not need resistance in the foreground, but, of course, it would not be too much. Five funds that tell below are tested for strength and approved. Buy anyone and you won’t lose!

Tone Vitalumiere Aqua, Chanel

If we talk about the means that the market is no longer the first year, – This tone cream comes immediately to mind. I love it with all the soul from the first drop. I tried it 5 years ago when I studied in the first year Zhurfak. I still did not work, and on the face traces from the lack of sleep were not from the difficult workers everyday life, but from the training during the sessions (and from the parties, of course). By the way, this agent was perfect for day makeup, and for evening. I immediately struck the water basis – The flower water of the lotus, derivative of brown lotuses and a derivative of hyaluronic acid. Already later, working in the Allure, I met it in the cosmetics of many stars and in the Cases of Star Mobility. And during the preparation of one of the first materials for BeautyHAKAKI with the leading makeup artist of the brand Ernest Muntaniolem, who said: «Best refreshes makeup competently selected tonal agent – By updating it in a couple of hours, you will not get the effect of plaster on the face. As part of this cream, a lot of water. Gives half-one, semi-Russian finish and is well chosen. Remember: the more water in the formula, the better for dry skin – Cream will not emphasize the peeling. Mineral screen and solar protection filter UVB, included in the formula, protect the skin from harmful sunlight (SPF-15). For our region and climate it is important». Today I still nice to start the morning from this tool and realize that five years ago I made the right choice!

BB Cream Nude, Erborian

Long time was in search of a better tone. Some like, but then begin to bother, so I changed them for something new almost every month. But trying in January this BB-cream, which heard more than once from many makeup guru, fell in love once and forever and which month I use it. Why love this tool? First, the shade of Clair– This is a find for girls with very light skin. Does not yellow, does not give effect «Pale face», and in the first ten minutes adjusts to your natural tone. Secondly, the tool is perfect for those who, like me, suffers from dryness (as I care for dry skin – You can read here ): BB-cream does not emphasize the peeling, and the opposite works like day cream and moisturizes the skin. As part of the six-year Korean ginseng root, which stimulates microcirculation and activates the natural production of collagen; ginger that cleans and tones skin; still a laccant that removes redness and works as an antioxidant.

Thirdly, the primer does not need a primer – The cream is evenly distributed in the pillows of the fingers or beauty blender in a matter of seconds and really keeps the promised 12-hours, after which it is easily removed by the cleansing gel.

Fourth, cream is very convenient for flights. It gives effect «Second skin», allowing her to breathe and refreshing face. I have heard more than once: «How do you look good without makeup after the flight!». It’s great that those surrounding do not even notice the presence of BB-cream on the face, and it is, and will still help you again – Small imperfections will accurately hide.

Fifth, SPF factor – 25: just what is needed on vacation cosmetics (especially if you are going to the sea!).

Tonal cream Water Blend, R210, Make Up for Ever

As a rule, I return from the summer vacation with the tan and I try not to use dense tones to deep autumn. BB Cream or Tone with Super Light Texture – My choice. Gently and unnoticed the skin color, especially when the tan leaves her. About favorite BB-cream Erborian for all occasions I told here , But another my faithful companion – Tonal cream for face and body (which is important (!), for the neck, zone decollete and the clavicle it will also fit) Water Blend make up for ever. I tried it for the first time a couple of years ago, when I worked in the magazine Allure (that year he, by the way, received the Best of Beauty award on general admission). For what I love:

1) for watery texture – 80 percent means consists of water. Simply put, it’s like water mixed with pigment. But does not spread on the skin, and instantly fixed.
2) for ease of application: you want – Sponge, you want – Brush, you want – fingers. In a hurry prefer the last option.
3) for not driving the skin and is not felt on it.
4) For durability (brought in the morning and forgot).

Karina 5 excellent tonal products for dry skin

It is suitable for those who have no special problems with skin and active rash: they, unfortunately, the remedy will not block. But the owners of the skin prone to dryness, – Note: The tone cream does not emphasize the pessings, and this is a wonderful bonus.

Price: 3 220 rub.

Kushon Derma-Cushion, Gray Beige, Dr.Jart+

One of my favorite BB creams for a long time was BeautyBalm DR.Jart+. It seems that now found him an alternative. When you use the tool, there is a feeling that it does not simply inflict the tone cream, but as if a good moisturizing cream in one time. The coating is obtained by weightless (used sponge pad, which comes in the kit), and leather – Shining (in the heart of Kushon, Highlights are hidden in the form of a cross). If you mix both shades, the fashionable effect of GYM Skin (as a person who loves sports, honestly – The result is not distinguished: as if it would be true only came out from a cardio training). For a more dense and matte coating, apply only a beige part of the cushion – The tool masks the imperfections of the skin and even removes irritation. The composition is excellent: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and marine plankton extract for deep moisturizing, calamin (zinc oxide and iron oxide compounds) for removing redness, Morning oil for protection from the impact of negative environmental factors. SPF 50 – as a wonderful bonus (not everyone can take a tone tool on vacation, but it will be how it is impossible to go to the sea in the summer).

StabletonalcreamHaute Tenue Everlasting Foundation, Clarins

This is the case when you need a super-resistant tonal base, but at the same time perfect for dry skin: this suitable for all types. I remember when I tested it for the first time, I started my day at 8 am. According to the plan: full-time with several meetings, training in the gym and campaign in the evening. Not a Sovar, if I say that even after the sport did not have to update the tone: he did not fall anywhere. As part – Matting bamboo powder for glitter (but not fat!). By the way, the cream masks the shortcomings, without creating a mask effect: I use when rarely, but acne appears. In the means is thick, dense texture, it is easily grinding with a brush or beauty blender. At the same time does not waste makeup and on the skin is practically no feeling.

Price: 3 349 USD

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