The best postures of Kama Sutra: 12 positions with description

Birch, turtle, spider, scissors, spoon, orchid – Here are just a few variations for making love, which can be found in Kama Sutra. But the real Bible about sex and caresses offers many other solutions. Manual created in India about the III-iv centuries will help master the position of cats, eagles, dogs, scorpion, amazons and many others for your pleasure. If you bring them to your sex life, it will definitely become more interesting and more diverse.

How many poses in kamasutra?

Ancient Indian treatise, which for many has become a benefit of sexual relations, is a real satin and guide to the world of sex. But how many positions can be found in Kama Sutra?

The oldest book has 7 sections. But only one of them is dedicated directly to the possess, which will help diversify the sex life of an adult person. This part is called "On Love Connection". The author of the treaty offers 8 main techniques in sex. At the same time, on each method, it leads 8 positions. Accordingly, it turns out 64 postures.

What is noteworthy, over time, the collection was supplemented. In some variations of the book presented over 100 solutions. Moreover, on sale you can find benefits for same-sex couples or recommendations for loving in the strangest places.

The best posts of Kama Sutra

Often illustrations to this intimate encyclopedia are complemented by numbers. Among them, you can find benefits on oral caresses and not only. The best postures deserve separate attention. So, Meet – the most passionate postures from Kama Sutra, who exactly divert your sexual experience!


One of the best Pose Kama Sutra is a lying lotus that will bring a little yoga into sex life. To implement it, the partner lies on the back, and the legs crosses, as in the lotus position. Man placed between her legs. Penetration will be from above. If the partner is too heavy, change the corner slightly, laying under the female hips pillow.


Another interesting solution is a tiger. The partner is sitting on the bed and pulls the legs. Woman sits on top of his back to the partner. This option allows a woman to independently control the speed and degree of penetration. The position is well suited for deep penetration and can be used for sex threesome, because the hands of the partners remain free.

Continues the top best positions from Kama Sutra – Plug’s position. Such an erotic combination implies the position of a woman standing on the floor. But elbows she will have to rely on the bed. The chosen one gets up behind, between her legs, which she needs to pull parallel to the floor. This is a difficult position, but it will allow partners to achieve a bright orgasm.

Kamasutra: The most interesting postures

In Kama Sutra, you can find very interesting and unexpected poses, and sometimes frankly funny, which can hardly show and repeat. Some of them are implemented only in the pictures. But below are unusual solutions that will help a pair to diversify their sex.

Pose V

Opens a list of original proposals from the ancient Indian Treatise Pose V. Not all couples will be able to repeat it, since certain acrobatic abilities will be required.

But we’ll figure it out in order! Woman sits on the edge of the table. The partner rises to her face and a little bends his feet. This will take him a position that is most convenient for penetration. She hugs chosen chosen, throwing her legs on the shoulders. Woman will need to deviate a little back. Holding her for the buttocks, a man begins to move.


Another sufficiently rare pose, capable of delivering a lot of pleasant sensations, unlike those who bored many pairs of versions of Doggi Style or Rider – Fireworks.

Partners are sitting opposite each other. A woman wars the legs of the Male torso, after which the penetration occurs. Then the partner hugs the foot and holds a little woman. Not to fall, a woman should hug a man with both hands, and a partner – rely on the elbow. Here is such a sexy quest!

Letter X

Another interestingly interesting version that is suitable even for novice lovers, – Letter X. A man falls on the bed or sofa. The chosen one sits on top of his back to him, and then – completely lies.

The girl needs to stretch his legs and arrange them on the shoulders of the partner. Such a position resembles the letter X. Now the whole responsibility lies on the girl who will have to slide up-down.

Most Popular Pies Kama Sutra

And what are the most common positions that can be found in the ancient Encyclopedia of Love and Sex? This is not only version 69, which is ideal for blowjob and cunnilingus. There are at least three poses that will scream your Tomny Evening.


Kamasutra Best Poses for Sex with numbers and names in pictures

Classic variation that is suitable even for a small member – Nirvana. Woman falls on his back, pulls the legs and holds firmly behind the back of the bed. After penetration, the woman drives his legs together, and the man, on the contrary, is spread. Such an interpretation of missionary posture will help achieve steep sensations.

Split bamboo

Continues popular versions combination split bamboo. In the drawing can be easily understood how to behave partners. This is an erotic in pure form. A woman throws his leg on the male shoulder, and the chosen stick holds her for the thigh, gently penetrated. Since her hands are not busy, such a solution can be used to use those who practice sex on three.


Very beautiful variation – butterfly. Choover Locches on the back. But here the angle of penetration is important, so the bed or sofa is not suitable. It is best to experiment on the surface of a table or other suitable furniture. So this version will accurately appreciate the most passionate pairs that are looking for cool solutions. A man picks up a woman under the buttocks, enters and performs movements.

Simple Kama Sutra poses for beginners

The number of poses in the kamasutre station or a little more. But newcomers are usually looking for the simplest and easy solutions. And this is definitely not anaconda, car, swing or snail!


One of the simple combinations – clip. A man falls on his back and drives his legs together. Mistress sits on top and, leaning on hands, rejects back. The version is good because the chosen can help herself.


If the missionary version and the position of the dogs are already familiar to you, you can try a combination of rider. Lover sits down and crosses legs. He deviates back, leaning on a wall or bed behind his back. A woman sitting on top, slightly hugs his hips and begins smoothly moving up and down.


Another simple version – Angel. Woman falls on the side, curled up. The man lies and penetrates the back. His hands remain completely free, and therefore he can easily caress his beloved.

About poses that will accurately help bright orgasm, you will also learn from the video:

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