Just happiness

Just happiness

However, this is not always so. Rather, money, of course, adds us confidence, but they do not give happiness, but freedom. So it turns out that they are happy with them happier, and the unfortunate is misleading, causing an illusory height, and often sooner or later simply kill morally. Remember the 90s. How many are those "lucky"?

No one will argue that health is happiness. But only a healthy person does not notice this, does not appreciate and often hesitates his wealth in the wind, abusing bad habits. And only with the arrival of the disease, a person begins to realize that, yes, health is nothing increasing happiness.

Nowadays, romantics are still preserved, who consider love happiness. Mutual love is, indeed, happiness. But love is a rare guest in our fussy world. Besides, it requires a gentle and everyday life of the soul.

Most often visited us in love. This fighting bird flies like a hurricane, blinds us with his bright shelter and sweet songs. Wave Euphoria wants us. We fall out of the real world and live in the fence from one thickening gust of passion to another.

Scientists even consider in love with illness. Her main trait – dependence on the subject of the lust. Having lost it, the in love is laughing, then devastation. Well, no narcotic dependence?

Soothes one – Lovely lasts not long. Patient recovers. But immunity from love, as a rule, is not produced. You can prone all my life.

We are early to ripen and late upgrades. Other of us all our lives live in the role of children or adolescents. Mature personality will be able to turn her in love in a deeper, saturated feeling. Fucking bodily thirst will not kill the thirst for spiritual communication and the invaluable gift of confidence. This love is impossible without friendship between loving, between husband and wife. Probably, this is the deepest and durable happiness.

Besides For any parent is the happiness of the life of the child, His well-being.

Of course, science does not sleep. She studies and measures and happiness, and love. Scientists find hormones in human body responsible for the joyful feeling of being. Called them Endorphins. And now everything began to seem simple – endorphins are distinguished, we are happy, and if not ..

Very fashionable to hope for various products. For example, chew bananas or chocolate. But maybe it’s better to just work on your inner world? Mature? You can start with the simplest. From the morning to configure yourself to good. It’s not at all difficult. Look in the mirror and smile yourself. Wish good morning and good day. If the "black" thoughts climbs into mind, then just displace them. A person cannot at the same time keep two thoughts in his head. So choose yourself positive and repeat it like a spell. If you do so at least one month, your mood will improve, and positive will celebrate you with a dawn.

Do not think about yesterday’s failures. Do not do yourself for mistakes. Just analyze them if you can fix, correct, if you can not, then just cut the past. If you think healthy, then there is no yesterday or tomorrow. There is only today. Here they live. Remember a good long song from the movie "Land Sannikov": "There is only a mig between the past and the future, it is he called life"? Better and not say.

Do everything you can do today. Today, enjoy the singing of birds, the bright sun, flickering stars. Find out how the tree is called with your window, what flower blooms near your entrance, please the yard ps, which, seeing you, wags the tail.

Can be resorted to a more radical method. Imagine yourself on the site of a homeless non-free homeless or man lying in the hospice and having no hope for recovery. Imagine that you do not have a home, you have no place to live and there is nothing. Presented?! Now thank the life for the fact that she is so good to you! Thank out loud. Make it sincere. And she will hear you. The more you will thank your life, the more she will be generous and more favorable.

And do not forget about a smile! Keep her on your mouth. And after some time it will be your talisman, which is always with you. He will always store you. No one can take him away from you, and you will never lose it. Even if first a smile turns out artificial, she still triggers you for good. Scientists have proven facial muscles feed signals to the brain. If you smile, your mood is automatically improved, if frown, worsen.

Do not dwell on the negative. Press and television collapse on us a squall of negative information. Our brain, like a sponge, absorbs her, which aggravates depression and overshadows our life, and without that crowded stress.

Just happiness

If you want to help someone, help. Best to help someone who is near. For example, for the old woman, go to the pharmacy for the medicine, feed the homeless cat, buy a chocolate girl from a poor family. But do not suffer because of earthquakes, car accident and starving children of Africa. Here you are powerless, debris will not understand, do not revive the dead, hungry not feed to distant lands. So do what you can, and accept the inevitable.

Favorite work extends the life of man, his days are filled with joy, it makes sense. Creativity rejuvenates the brain. It should be remembered that the creator can be not only a poet or an artist, but also a welder, cutter, milkmaid. If you love your job, you grow wings! Remember the cat Matroskin from Buttermilk and Murka cow, which gave a lot of milk? So, this cartoon reflect reality. We are happy when doing things you love. We grow wings and illnesses recede.

But do not become a workaholic. Especially for the money. No wonder there is a proverb – all not make any money. Life loves balance. favorite work is needed to be happy in the same way as the family favorite.

You want to be happy? Communicate with their loved ones. Turn off the TV and go to the park. Listen to the rustling of the leaves, as the sweet smell of the wind, try to guess from which countries he returned. And in winter, when the blizzard raging outside the window as well sit near the fireplace or lighted candles and talk about the life of a loved one.

No favorite? favorite? Get good friends who understand you and share your attitude. Talk with your cat or dog. Read a good book, for example, the 19th century. poetry. Start drawing. But turn off the TV!

For the happiness of man must be, above all, a man. He needs to communicate with their peers and especially with yourself. Try to understand what you want? Understand what you wish for? Become own good magician and begin to fulfill their desires. Slowly, step by step. The main thing – to have a goal and move towards it. Then you will not have time for boredom, melancholy. Will self-esteem, and a life filled with meaning.

I understand that this is difficult, especially at first. But who said that to be a wizard to easily? Wizard to be nice, and therefore it is necessary to overcome the difficulties.

Over a cup of freshly sauced tea, a vapor gin will wake up and say: "With a good morning, a happy man! Have a nice day!"Listen. Hear! And be happy.

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