Julia Kovalchuk – "Producers did not believe, and I took and left …"

After leaving the "Brilliant" group, Julia Kovalchuk took up a solo career. She began to work well and resolutely and after a couple of months later I submitted our solo song and the clip "Tuck me" to the court. And almost ready her new album. Julia’s star portal journalists gave an exclusive interview, which told about their relationships with "brilliant" ex-colleagues, producers, female friendship, bitching, beauty secrets … and many other things.

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Julia Kovalchuk – "Producers did not believe, and I took and left …"

Julia, after leaving "brilliant" how you feel?

Very good. I can not say that there I was bad. On the contrary, I am grateful that this time was, and I remember him with joy. Just came the moment when the stars came up for my solo career. I thought about it for a long time, but I didn’t know how exactly it should be. And then I met people who believed in me, and I finally understood what I see myself in solo work. And what is important, we agreed in opinions. Now I am happy. I am a favorite thing and take a big part in this. I myself choose a musical material, I sit with my arrangers during information, I myself am looking for some sounds. I have a wonderful ballet led by choreographer Yura Goncharov. Everyone Our room is a small show. And dancing are very complex. I understand that now I have to show the audience everything that I can, declare myself. And I understand that it will not be so simple and not so fast. But I am ready to go to success as much as you need.

And yet, it’s hard to leave a popular project?

No. It so happened that on January 1 of this year, I just ended the contract, and for another six months before that I warned the producers about what I was leaving. They may not believe, but I went. And two weeks before the end of the contract reminded them that it would be time for me and honor to know. We did not swear, parted well.

Now you feel like another person?

Not to another. I have not changed neither physically nor morally, did not change the image. I never built any of myself and was that which. But now I feel se6 in a separate creative unit, and not a singer in the group.

Tell about your solo career?

We are a producer with the style in which I sing, guitar pop. But, in any case, this is a popular music. I try to make compositions with fatal sound and with elements R&B. This is not some kind of musical direction in pure form. I have and beautiful lyrical ballads, and light pop songs, for which you can just dance. People who were on my first concert, then fit and said that in my songs very beautiful words. I for the song to be not only musical and attaching, but also with meaning. The album is practically ready. Today already written 13 songs! Almost the whole album wrote Kostya Arsenyev for me. This is the author who is suitable for a hundred percent. Will be on the album and my songs. Some I wrote still during my work in the group "Brilliant", but I used to save them just for such a case.

Tell me, what kind of principle you are building your creative activity?

There is no principle. We just try to make a program interesting, diverse. And I am glad that real professionals work with me. We make a high-quality product that does not make sense. And do it sincerely. I want the viewer who came to my concert, not only rested, but also received a charge of positive emotions, saw a beautiful show and heard beautiful songs. And so that he remembers this concert, and not forget about him in a couple of hours, so that he had a desire to come again and bring his friends.

And where would you like to try?

To the cinema. But I’m not treated with it. I want it to be worthy, and not for a tick. I just do not understand those who are removed only in order to light up in some picture, and then they say: "And I starred in the movie! I’m an actor!"If I am not sure that it will be beautiful and professionally, I do not agree.

Tell about your relationship with the group "Brilliant" now? Communicate with girls?

We did not swear with girls. And now we communicate. Closest to Nastya Osipova. Recently was at the bottom of birth Nadi handles. So communication support.

What does friendship mean for you?

I will not say that I have a lot of friends. Yes they should not be a lot. But I will rush and appreciate these relationships.
What do you think there is a female friendship?
Women’s friendship exists. True, until some time I did not believe it. And then Oksana appeared in my life – my closest girlfriend today. We introduced Zhanna Friske.

Julia, how things are with your dream – open choreographic school?

At the time of the project "Dancing on Ice" I fell out of ordinary life, and work with the school also suspended. But now everything resumed, and hopefully this year it will open.
What types of dances, styles there will teach?
There will be different styles for different ages. There will be a place to all. Professional choreographers will teach, and will also be master classes "stars". I want my school to become a place where people can relax from everything and learn to move beautifully. It’s still all I can tell. I will not disclose all secrets (smiles).

And ugly girls do not happen. I would not say that it is difficult. Rather, on the contrary, nice.

It is said that beautiful girls in the nature of the bitch. You can call so much?

I will not list all my qualities. Those who communicate with me and so know. I will only say that I am a cheerful, sociable, purposeful and even dubbed in a good sense of the word. And very fair. And I can’t call myself. Yes, and why necessarily all beautiful girls should be bitch?

Love – you have it?

There is. I can’t without love. And now I’m in love. This is the most amazing feeling. And I want to say to everyone: take care of your love! She is too fragile!

Now the family institution is increasingly destroyed. How do you feel about this?

I have a lot of friends who live long together and happy. So I can not say that it is destroyed at all. My best friend, for example, for about 20 years along with my husband, and they are still so carefully and gently treat each other. Looking at them, unwittingly smile and believe that the legend of two halves is not a legend at all. Here they found each other, connected.
Another thing is that now everyone is striving to make a career, be self-sufficient. Yes, and men began to speak less words of love. But we, girls, do not need any castles and diamonds – just tell us nice words, say that we are the most beautiful and what we need you. And then we will be near until the end of our days.

And what value you put for yourself now in the first place?

Of course, love. But I’m not ready to quit a career for her. At least for now. But time for personal life will always find.

What qualities in a man must be present?

Sincerity, tact, sense of humor, understanding and, of course, masculinity.

And what would you like to do this now, anything from you did not expect? What are you capable?

I recently did it – starred nude in the clip "Talk me". Nobody expected. Yes, and I myself too. But then there was a not very pleasant incident: the sources from the shooting were stolen during transportation. I am very afraid that will lay out somewhere on the Internet. But I want to hope that it will cost.

Julia Kovalchuk -

Do you adhere to fashion trends? Or wear what you want, while getting to the point?

I, of course, watch for fashion trends, but I wear what I like. First of all – Comfort. I love jeans and dresses.

How much are you ready to spend on clothes?

A lot but not all. I know how hard money goes out, and not ready to take and spend all at the store.

You are close to the mania of the so-called shopaholic?

No. I have no time to go shopping lately. Therefore, I’m more likely to buy all things at the stylists on the set.

I did not think about the release of your own line of clothing or perfume?

Not yet. Maybe in the future we think. Now without me there are a lot of people. And I’m not used to doing something "if only it was". If I decide, I will seriously come to this issue.

Is it difficult to keep yourself in shape? After all, you are always under the close observation of paparazzi.

Absolutely uncomfortable. I do dancing, swimming, and it keeps me in the form. Besides, I have the best girlfriend – cosmetologist. So there are no problems.

You never wanted to escape from the world of show business?

Did not want. I like what I do. And the secular events I visit is far from everything and not always, so say that I’m all tired, I can’t. I am primarily doing creativity, and it can not borrow. And all the squabbles and gossip I try to bypass the side.

Looking in the mirror you see? You love your reflection?

Yes. Of course. You need to love yourself. Because from how the girl itself treats, the attitude towards it surrounding. I advise everyone in the morning, looking in the mirror, smile and say: "I am the most beautiful!"Mood is perfect.

Your secret of beauty?

Very simple: I do not drink, I do not smoke, I try to get enough sleep and be optimistic. And most importantly – positive emotions. They can be from anything – from work, from good cinema, from meeting with friends, from love.

What do you dream about?

About the world around the world! Truth. I really want everyone to smile and were happy.

Your wishes readers?

Go to your goal, no matter what. Smile more often and say warm words to your loved ones. Love and be loved! I wish everyone good luck and the sun – not only in the sky, but also in the soul!

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