Joint hobby

Joint hobby

Nothing strengthens the family as a common passion. Things to do? Hiking, cook or photodel?

Pluses of family hobby

Best of all about the hobby came Mark Twain: "Work is that the person is obliged to do, and the game is what he does not have to do. Therefore, making artificial flowers or wear water in Sweat there is a job, and shoot down the kegli or go down to Mont Blanc – Fun ". Indeed, you can do the most interesting, from the point of view of other people, the case – cut ice sculptures or turn the penguins on the islands of the Arctic Ocean, but if the lesson does not like it, this is a job. Hobby is a game for adults, then the lesson, thanks to which we can reappear in childhood. And how nice to divide the joy from your favorite hobby! It is only required to "nationalize" the passion, which will be able to divide the whole family!
In one at all hobbies, psychologists see a lot of advantages. The general lesson makes life much more interesting and brings together people. If you carry out an analogy with the house, you can build a home, just putting bricks on each other. And you can bind bricks with cement, then the house will be stronger and just just longer. It is important that the joint hobby does not only bonded the bonds between her husband and wife, but also unites parents with children. If there is a common passion, then the more for the conversation is more, and the family is more friendly, and there is always an understanding in the relationship.
In general classes, mom and dad can take a look at the children with other eyes, and children – better know their parents. In addition, the kids are so important to feel their need to contribute to the family. Participation in joint activities will allow them to feel the necessary and significant.

Together we are not boring

Joint hobby

Well, when the overall passion is part of the family along with one of her members. For example, dad, a master of sports for mountain skiing, patiently trains the intricacies of craftsmanship to his wife and children. Or a daughter, which in the lesson of labor in the school mastered the art of beadwork, "raises" to this occupation Mama and sister.
Sometimes the hobby comes from the outside. Thus, the festival for the reconstruction of historical events was so impressed by my friends, that the question of choosing a family passion decided instantly.
It happens that the overall hobby appears on the spouses long before the marriage itself, if they met due to some lesson: both were the regulators of the gym or an instructor on the game in billiards fell in love with a student. Such marriages built on joint passion are considered one of the strongest. After all, together passioned couples always understand each other with a half-clow, spend a lot of time together and never bored. By the way, such spouses are easier to go through the "empty nest" syndrome, when adult children leave the house. The total lesson allows them to not be mired into everyday life and enjoy life.
It is very important in trying to find a joint hobby not to pass a stick. It is necessary to listen to the desires of other family members and find a balance between their interests and their own.

Modern opportunities provide us with entertainment options for every taste. The case is for small: choose what will have to do with all family members, and together to engage in your favorite thing in your free time. Than not family idyll!
Sport. The choice of sports entertainment is infinite: you can skate or skiing, master the fashion diving or parkour, make ribbles on nature and even melted on the river. By the way, chess is also a sport, so we boldly set the shapes on the board and arrange chess fights, and the names of the winners are written on a special hour of honor, making an element of competition.
By the way, even the most unsportsmanlike family will pass the paintball – the same game in the war that we loved so much in childhood. In winter, paintball can be easily replaced with a game in snowballs.
Trips This is one of the most popular family hobbies. You can travel on other countries or neighboring districts, discover our own city and arrange a forest photo chute. This passion is good because the smallest family members can easily take part – it is enough to have a car and car seat for the kid. And how nice later sort out the pages of family albums! By the way, you can celebrate the places where we managed to go together on the world map or globe.
Crafts. Such family passion often develops into the family business. It is now practically everything you can learn with the help of books, Internet or short courses. Choose from anything: homemade candles, soap, cakes, puppet houses, decorations, tin soldiers find more and more fans. By the way, the easiest lesson for beginners is cooking. Plus that all family members can participate, from Mala to Great. "Edible creativity" is good and the fact that in the family times and forever the question will be resolved with gifts to friends. Everybody will like candy and homemade cookies.
Feast. Home holidays only for their own or guests can also enter the rank hobby if held regularly. You can arrange "colored" parties to which guests will come to the clothes of a pre-agreed color, note the change of the time of the year or arrange the thematic feast. French, Italian, Japanese Cuisine – Choose what you like more. By the way, you can first search for a certain kitchen recipes together, then prepare several national dishes and for a beautifully covered table to discuss the features of a country. Let the children learn several facts about the selected. So it will be possible to make a trip without leaving home.
Collecting. The most difficult thing is to choose exactly collecting: Figures frogs, vintage coins or canned knives. It is also required to find a place to store the collection and not lose your head in pursuit of particularly valuable copy. And, which is especially nice, such a passion can be inherited by grandchildren and great-grandchildren. By the way, there are sites on the Internet where you can find like-minded drives and exchange collective specimens.
Design It’s before you thought just do repair. Now the choice of builders, paints, wallpapers, disputes about color curtains, feeding the shelves – everything can be painted with a beautiful word "design" and boldly build a hobby into the rank. If you realize that you do not just choose a parquet board, but do your favorite thing, the robot will go cheerful. For considerable conviction, you can read journals and interior books together or pass design courses. By the way, there is still a landscape design that leaves a huge scope for imagination. Japanese garden stones, artificial pond, bushes in the form of owls – all this is possible. The main thing is to believe in your strength.
Genealogy. Thanks to free access to archives and the Internet, search for your roots has become easier. To begin with, it is enough to find old documents and photos and systematize them. It would be nice for each ancestor to start a separate folder or envelope. The second step will be a survey of relatives. You will be surprised how much interesting grandparents know! Family legends better record, otherwise everything will be quickly forgotten. Live information look in archives and only after that, proceed to the preparation of the genealogical tree. Registration can be trusted with children. By the way, in the course of such "excavations", you can find unique information, find out that the Prapradishka owned a huge estate (like the author of the author), the grandmother came from the nobleman, and in the old house of the cousin. Some legends may well grow into family legends, and your children will proudly show the friends of the Platech-General, which survived the mark from the anarchist bullets.

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