Italian Diet: Beauty and Health Bonus Figure!

Trying to reset the kilos accumulated months, we invariably choose the most Hard and strict diets, mistakenly relying on the conviction that the tougher, the more effective. But we do not think that sharp change of diet and power schedule – It is stress for the body.

Therefore, as soon as we start feeding the body habitual food for him, he will immediately become feverishly store kilograms, Fearing new obsessive ideas of their mistress. And how then lose weight, you ask. Choose diet, approximate to proper and natural nutrition. About one of them will tell today "Beautiful and Successful".

Why italian diet

You probably have been heard more than once that the Italian diet for weight loss is something special. But why it is italian?

Italy gives rise to such beautiful figure skater wheels like Sophie Lauren, Ornell Muti, Monica Bellucci. How it turns out to keep the balance of appetizing forms and do not go beyond the fault of the permitted? After all, in Italy there is almost a food cult. Now you will understand everything.

During the Italian diet for weight loss, we will be guided by the method of nutrition of one of all the famous movie diva of last century Sophia Loren. She is already seventy-six years old, but her beauty and today causes delight.

She at one time shared one of the secrets of lifestyle, which, including, allows her to look so impressive. Its main part is nutrition.

What is the secret of Italian cuisine, and why at first glance the calorie food does not provoke excess weight?

  • First, Italian cuisine (it is Mediterranean) – this is not a spaghetti with meat and not a bun with sausage, which we call pizza. Yes, Macaroni and Spaghetti – Favorite dish of Italians, they are used in most dishes, including cooking pasta. But Spaghetti Spaghetti Return. Even nutritionists say that if you use pasta and vermicells from the top of the top grade, preferably pre-treated with steam, they will not bring harm to the figure.
  • Secondly, in Italy, most often with spaghetti eaten not meat, and fish or vegetables. And Vermichel of the Falls is most likely invention, Russian. Of course, it is extremely delicious, but it is very reflected in the figure.
  • In the Italian diet, the share of products saturated with cholesterol, the minimum, on the contrary, the most popular products on their table – This is vegetable food, fiber and fish.

Even if you compare America and Italy, the principle of proper nutrition will be understood. Disfigured hamburgers and fast food figures of Americans against slender and healthy on the species of Italians speak for themselves.

Italian diet for weight loss: Food in Italian

To be honest, the Italian diet is the diet itself, the essence of which does not require significant victims from you. Of course, if initially it is not close to the American semi-finished diet.

Therefore, if your weight does not too exceed the permissible limits, you do not need to bother. Enough Slightly revise the diet, Namely – eliminate fatty foods from it, replacing them on vegetable products.

Italian diet for weight loss provides the following features:

  • butter, fatty dairy products, including cream and condensed milk;
  • sausage, smoked, fatty meat grade, fat;
  • Baking and sdobu, including white bread.

We replace on:

  • Fruits, vegetables in any form;
  • fish, seafood;
  • Italian Diet Beauty and Health Bonus for Figure!
  • Milk products with low fat (in T.C. Cheese, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream) After all, this is our calcium;
  • Bread from flour of coarse grinding, with bran, loaf;
  • Cereals, including buckwheat and barley, which purify the body from slags;
  • vegetable oils, because they support skin metabolism and production of articular lubrication;
  • Nuts that apart with fish add our body of useful fatty acids;
  • All sorts of spices, just because of them are not absorbed, and eaten products do not turn into slags, and digested in time.

But if Excess of extra kilos significantly raises for the regulatory limits, It is worth taking care of the process of slimming seriously. Then we develop a plan of an Italian diet for weight loss.

Italian diet: basic rules

One of the most important rules of Italians is not only cooking and eating food, but also Getting pleasure from the process, enjoying them. In this regard, it is necessary to identify some features:

  • Eat slowly, well chewing food. The gradual food process of food will give the opportunity to get enough and relieves the stomach of her digestion.
  • Do not overeat. Skill time to say "stop" ; This is an important rule of the Italian diet for weight loss. Do not forget – it is better to stand because of the table with a slight desire to eat anything else than to get out of it, with difficulty dragging the legs and scolding yourself for the increment.
  • In a day Drink no less than 1.5 liters of pure drinking water, necessarily filtered, if you never know what nonsense flows from the crane. Water, as nothing else will help to clean the body from slags and toxins.
  • Moving, walk, breathe air. Before dinner, it is advisable to make gymnastics, which positively affects the intestines. Even if you have no time to do gymnastics, the hour walk in the fresh air will successfully replace it. During weight loss, do not torment the body excessive exercises, everything should be in moderation.

Unlike a variety of other diets, the Italian diet does not imply serious restrictions. Against, Diet diet is enriched with vitamins and microelements. During such a diet, you will not feel fatigue and weakness, because the body does not lose along with the calories of the useful substances, but opposite ; will acquire them.

Italian diet for weight loss: ration

Italian diet provides a gradual weight loss process. Gradual calorie restriction is compensated by the preservation of the usual food.

First step

Your breakfast can be a vitamin fruit or berries cocktail (better than fresh, but you can and frozen) whipped in a blender with yogurt. Just remember that yoghurt should be low fat.

For lunch, weld 200 grams of rice, which can be eaten in two stages with any vegetable, fresh or marinated.

Dinner can be stew vegetables or vegetable stew.

Choose unsweetened herbal tea, water and fresh juices as drinking.

The duration of the day of the first stage depends on your well-being, but not more than four days.

Second phase

In the second stage not only We reduce calorie products, but also reduce their volume. Now you need to eat less in all senses.

The day of the Italian diet offers to start with oatmeal porridge in the amount of 200 grams, to which you can add 20 grams of your favorite nuts and a handful of also your favorite berries, preferably, of course, blueberries.

Lunch will be pretty appetizing. It will be spaghetti (100 gr), green peas (couple. spoons), white chicken meat (50 gr.) and egg (1 pc.). All this is offered or bake, or eat two. As an addition, you can use any greens, lettuce and spices leaves.

Dinner presents improvisation from vegetables. It is predominantly the lettuce leaves with cucumbers, as well as Bulgarian peppers, refilled by either vegetable oil, or low-fat yogurt.

Pleases the fact that such a salad can be in any quantity. Cucumbers Except others are considered to be a wealth. Here you and face mask, and food in one bottle.

Like a bonus during the second stage It is allowed to eat pineapple, but no more than a few poles per day. NSThat fruit stands on the first lines of auxiliary products for weight loss and perfectly splits fats. But if you have an increased stomach acidity, eat it with caution.

At this stage, we spend a maximum of three days, then give yourself a breather in the form of a couple of days. During which we add to the dinner or dine 200 grams. low-fat baked or boiled meat, and even better fish.

After the respite you can repeat the complex. Listen to your body. If a stricter Italian diet does not like it, better limit to the aforementioned rational nutrition.

But in fact, there are no restrictions from such a diet. It is allowed and gastritis. In addition to lost weight, such a diet will bring the body in the form of vitamins and microelements.

And do not forget – even at the end of the diet do not cease to eat right, Then kilograms will leave you forever.

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