It’s time to shed light, or the sludge on dark hair

From other technician of partial staining, the tent is distinguished by the fact that the brightened strands, diluting dark curls, look as natural as possible and, as a rule, add the image of freshness and ease.

There is a sludge on dark hair and other advantages:

Such staining does not imply traumatic complete discoloration;

Hair transformed in this technique, beautifully grow beautiful, and therefore staining does not require frequent updates;

Hairstyle looks volumetric at the expense of the game of light and dark shades.

As for the minuses, the disadvantages of any clarification are applied to the sludge: the hair becomes land, especially the tips. After staining, they will need enhanced moisturizing and additional food.

To buy staining in the technique of the Shatuch?

For dark hair, the fastener is universal staining. Light glare winning will emphasize any type of appearance. Shatuch beautifully letteit dark skin and dark eyes. At the same time, this staining can soften the strong contrast between dark hair and very light skin.

The versatility of such clarification is also in the fact that it is perfectly perceived and curly, and wavy, and straight hair.
The beauty potential of staining in the tent technique is maximally revealed on long dark hair or on the hair of medium length.

Popular shades for dark hair

In stratum staining, it is not necessary to limitate only the clarification of strands – this technique allows many colorful solutions.


Golden strands are perfectly harmonized with dark rusia and brown hair. Note that it is a golden hue – the most unpretentious in caring and trouble-free in terms of maintenance of color.


If we talk about the ashes, on dark hair, such staining lies like it is impossible. This is a real find for burning brunettes. You will get beautiful accents on curls without excess contrast.


Color Shatus – Winning Choice for Black Hair. Bright, fresh and attractive will look red or pink strands on the basic dark background.


Copper or amber Shatus Colorists recommend trying briefs of brown hair – it turns out a truly fiery combination.


Gentle honey tint will give hair caramel fastener. And laying "Beach curls" will be cherry on the cake.


Delicate, barely noticeable transition between the basic tint and painted strands – such a result you will receive if you choose a chocolate tent.

Short Dark Hair and Staining Shatus

We will analyze the variants of staining in the technique of a shit for short dark hair on the examples of popular haircuts.

Shatus in combination with Kare – an interesting solution. The haircut looks less strict, and the image becomes more having.


Bright strands simultaneously soften the bold impression that this haircut produces, and add to it accents.


Asymmetric haircuts with an elongated bangs, the sludge will add visual volume.

Staining Shatus and Dark Hair Middle Length

Partial lightening of strands in technique Shatuch literally transforms dark hair medium length.


Bright glare will add a young freshness of a cascade haircut that is recruiting popularity.

With a bang

Here the choice is yours – painting a bang with the bulk of hair or leave it untouched. Both options do not contradict fashion trends.

Embodiments Shatus for Dark Long Hair

Long dark hair as if created for staining in the tent technique – it is the length that helps to reveal its potential fully.

Straight longs

If the hair is long and straight, you can paint more than strands – so the texture will be hairstyles.

Crispy Longs

Light nuances on long curly hair will decorate the image and add it feminine.

How to choose paint for staining?

Before trying to try on dark hair, you need to decide on the paint. Our tips will help make a competent choice.

Relieve yourself from the original color of the hair. It is important that the clarified strands look harmoniously.

Brownames We recommend caramel fascus. Try shade number 7.3 "Marseille. Golden Light "from L’Oréal Paris Préférence.

Brunettes can experiment with colder colors. Tint number 7.11 "Blonde" from L’Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème will dilute dark curls ultrapel strands.

Ready to take a chance and make a color tent? We warn that one fear of it on dark hair does not get. We’ll have to start brightening strands. After that, the dreams of the Garnier Color Sensation line will help the dreams of Garnier Color Sensation in the shades of "Pastel Pink" and "Gentle Lavender".

How to perform staining of the tent on dark hair: step-by-step instruction

It's time to shed light, or the sludge on dark hair

At home, try on the tent on dark hair will help the technique of nosha.

Before the procedure (for 48 hours), we definitely carry out an allergy test – for this we put paint on a small area of ​​the skin and wait. If there is no negative reaction, proceed.

  1. 1

Dry hair combing and divide on equal strands.

With the help of fine combat all strands.

Pre-put on the gloves, intensely applied the brightening paint on the hair remaining in the hand in the direction of the tips to the roots, leaving an intact arbitrary indentation from the roots (the value of the retirement may vary depending on the length of the hair: the shorter the curls, the less indent).

Withstand paint on the hair specified in the Instructions time, wash it off with warm water without shampoo, we put on strands of balsam-care and wash after 3-5 minutes.

Perfect Shatus: Stylists Tips

1.How to make so that the fastener on dark hair looks as natural as possible?

It all depends on the quantity and size of the strands that you select for the Posh. The most smooth transition will work if working with a large number of thin strands.

2. How to choose a shade for staining the sludge on dark hair?

Focus on the basic hair color and its combination with other shades, otherwise it will be problematic to get a harmonious result.
Find out whether you can suit one or another, you can use the Super Operation Support Services.

3. Is it necessary to maintain the result of staining in the Shatuch technique on dark hair with special means?

Despite the fact that this technique suggests only partial hair coloring, color can over time to sweep or acquire a unwanted yellow shade. Conduct this will help the correct care, which includes special products for painted hair.

4. What to draw attention after dyeing dark hair in the tent technique?

After any staining, and after discoloration – especially, the hair must be moistened and nourished. Use once a week nutritious masks, and on the tips periodically apply hair oil.

5. Is it possible to make a color tent on dark hair? What to choose shades?

6. How to make a color tent on dark hair without harm?

You can try to get colored strands in the spirit of the tent without prior clarification. L’Oréal Paris Colorista line includes a wide variety of washes – sprays, jelly, balms. You can change the images at least every day!
Delicate pink sludge for romantic mood is easy to get with the painting jelly in the shade "Pink Hair".

And to arrange a real beauty provocation will help the painting balm "Red Hair".

Features of hair care after staining

We do not get tired of repeating that care for painted hair should include funds designed specifically for them. Believe me, with their help you will not only extend the brightness of the color, but also fill your hair with shine and power.

Basic set: Shampoo, Balm and Mask – Find in the Botanicals series "Rose & Geranium. Elixir Shinia "from L’Oréal Paris. The regular use of these funds will support the required level of moisture of curls and will help preserve the brightness of light shades on dark hair after staining in the tent technique.

The name of Botanic Therapy Oil from Garnier "For smoothness and radiance" speaks for itself. After staining, strands can be naughty and dry. To eliminate this problem, distribute oil on wet hair every time before laying. The tool can also be regularly applied to the tips – to power and easy hair combing. (If you apply a thermal layer, do not forget about the thermal protection!)

With undesirable yellow and red-eyed on clarified hair, purple shampoo and mask from L’Oréal Paris Elseve will cope.

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