How to fall in love with a man

How to fall in love with a man?

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. Your heart is ready jump out of the chest and break into thousands of small pieces, and all because of what you saw it – Men of his dreams&# 8230; you madly you want him to fall in love with you. But do not know how to do it? Do not worry. Why men fall in love, we already found out, and today the women’s site is beautiful and successful will advise, How to fall in love with a man.

So it turned out that if you want to get something, you need give something in return. Unfortunately, the laws of nature are such that they have to pay more than more than getting.

In essence, tips, how to fall in love with a man, this is the listing of what you should give him! So, if you have already planned "sacrifice", let’s start giving!

Be yourself

This is the most important advice! We just adopt you and your behavior. After all, we do not need to fall in love with a man not in you, but in fake. Sooner or later your character will break out, and then all love will dispel as smoke. And all participants in love Feel yourself deceived.

Be beautiful

Before starting in love with a man’s dreams ; Keeping. Men still Love eyes. No doubt, in a matter of seconds, he will have time to inspect you from head to head. So you need to become a lot of legs to the head.

But this does not mean that you have to run to increase silicone breasts or lips, sharply sit on diet, buy tons of new clothes.

Enough enough Cute, non-crumbling makeup, contain hair in perfect condition, wearing what you really go. Do not forget pro Shoes on heavers. It has been proven that the stud for a long time "stuck" in the electoral heart.

Listen, listen, listen

Oh how men love to listen to them. They are sure that you ; Perfection itself, if you I wonder what they say. Let him talk conversation, but of course, do not forget to participate in it, otherwise your beloved will decide that you ; uninteresting.


Flirt ; Vintage way to conquer a man. Cashlessly sweep back strand of their beautiful hair, look at him from under the slightly lowered eyelashes and smile mysteriously. This trick is exactly acting, I already see how the man you wish to get in love with you!

Do not be a bore

In my humble experience, men like girls With cheerful, sunny mood. Throw away pessimism and bore. Let your beloved rejoices, looking at you. After all, the joyful mood is very infection!


Yes, yes, more Flatter and praise. It works even when you are already married, what to say about the moment of dating! Oh, what is it brave, strong, smart, interesting, sexy ..

By the way, more often ask him about help. Let him show his strength to such a fragile, defenseless woman. You see how the desired man gets in love?

Physical contact

Slightly touch his hand when you laugh together over a joke, or when you want to say something important. Playfully praise him on the knee, shoulder. All this will make you closer. Men do generally like them Touch. Almost as well as when they touch ..

But about this later!


I will tell you one interesting "piece" ; Mirror effect called. it Repetition of gestures, facial expansion, intonations of the interlocutor. Repeat his movement of hands or gestures a few seconds, as he made them. This is a magnificent method of location to your partner. It creates the illusion of spiritual proximity to the interlocutor.

Be interesting

"How to fall in love with a man?" ; still ask you. Your task is stand out from the crowd women. Let him see what you are interested in personality, witty and charming. Talk to him about news in the world.

Or better show him that you, like he, you like football / hockey / chess / fishing / beer! Men begin to respect and appreciate such women who Share their interests. And even if you hate football, and he cannot live without him, understand what is "goal", "Keper", "Winger". (By the way, Sympaty.Net has already written about how to live with a football fan .)

Well, where without humor!

There is nothing more combining than laughter. Laugh over his jokes, and he will decide that you are charming. But here neatly, if you laugh absolutely over all that he says, it will significantly reduce your rating. You will look at least stupid.

His food "delicious"

How to fall in love with a man

As it says: "The path to the heart of a man …". So constructs cooking masterpiece!

As soon as the delicious food is in the stomach of our "victim", he will decide that you are an amazing and beautiful mistress. Well, and in the mind will put you fat plus.

How to fall in love with a man if You can’t cook? Just miss this item! Or if you have already prepared something wrong instead of a masterpiece, take advantage of the advice in the previous paragraph.

Make him doner

Let him look for you. Just don’t take a long phone phone, even if you hold the phone in your hand and wait for this call for several hours. I do not agree to one of the dates. Let him think that you are too busy that Your world is not only he, that he is only a pleasant addition to you.

Your task to turn the situation so that he is looking for meetings with you, and not you.

Give him freedom

Show that you respect His interests, his pastime with friends and so on. Let even dare to think that you encourage the most expensive thing that he has – freedom. That’s how you need to fall in love with myself the desired man.

Be reliable

Show you that you can trust. Do not tell your girlfriends some of his personal stories, how did you spend time with intimate details. At some point he can learn about your confidence stories and … Even worse tell the secrets of their girlfriends. Let him know that you are not a bolt, not a gossip.

And the last advice

Move the moment of sweet proximity. No, no, I’m not old-fashioned. But I will not open you the great mystery that men are overwhelmingly lose interest in a woman, with which there was already sex.

And it is elementary need to have time to have to use all the tricks, how to fall in love with a man. Of course, this is no axiom, especially if you fell in love after voluptuous moments with him.

I also want to say that at least these advice told you how to fall in love with your man, love does not recognize the rules at all and does not obey the laws. But try to "legitimize" your relationship can!

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. His heart is ready to jump out of the chest and break into thousands of small pieces, and all because he saw you – woman of his dreams&# 8230; He wants to fall in love with him insanely. And absolutely not guessed that the reason for this desire is you who acted according to plan how to fall in love with a man.

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