How to clean your teeth?

A friend told: Getting acquainted with a beautiful girl, she reveals her mouth, and there is such a … And now the compliments are stuck in the throat, and I want to escape from "Beauty".

You understand where I am a clone &# 128578; Beautiful and healthy teeth – the dream of every self-respecting woman. What is needed in order for teeth to always "in the form"? Everything is simple – you need to know and try on teeth care rules! In particular, to clean the teeth correctly. About this and talk on the women’s website

How to clean your teeth

I understand that the topic of proper care of the teeth is old as the world, but in fact, the competent cleaning of the teeth is not that you have a brush with a brush on the teeth 2 times a day.

Important, How exactly do you brush your teeth, what exactly and how often. Let’s go on these issues in more detail!

How to brush your teeth?

  • Before cleaning the teeth, it is very useful to use dental thread, especially for hard-to-reach for brush.
  • First, we clean the teeth, moving the brush in the vertical direction from top to bottom and bottom up, as the dental tube are located exactly.
  • Next, we are circular motions to clean the surface of the indigenous teeth.
  • On all cleaning teeth we spend at least 2 minutes.
  • Then the time to clean the language comes. The language is very important to clean, as a lot of plates accumulate on it. Language can be cleaned by any movements – as you want &# 128578;
  • And at the end we rinse the brush and massaging gums with circular motions.
  • Then carefully wrap your mouth – and more than once!

How often brushing teeth?

In the morning, the cleaning of the teeth is required – but after breakfast, and not before, how many of us are accustomed. After all, according to the logic of things – why brush your teeth before meals, when they immediately blur?!

It is best to brush your teeth After each meal, And immediately, since after all, it is half an hour in the left, which remains on the teeth, begin to multiply bacteria.

Brushing teeth very often – not at all harmful, but even useful. Personally, I clean so teeth for the 4th year. Yes, decently spending on toothpaste, but during this time I have only one new hole in the tooth!

If you do not have the opportunity to brush my teeth, then at least Carefully cozy Rot after each meal – especially after sweet.

Choose toothpaste

The choice of toothpaste is not the purchase of the first tube in the supermarket. Everything must be done consciously &# 128578;

What makes a cheap toothpaste

How I found out in practice, It is better not to buy toothpastes cheaper than 100 dollars. In such pastes, the main actors are abrasive and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Abrasive – more often silicon dioxide (sand), but sometimes calcium carbonate (chalk). It is not surprising that with frequent use, such a paste enamel teeth is erased.

well and Lauril sulfate sodium – this is the cheapest foaming substance used everywhere where you can only. For the body, it is dangerous, and we inevitably swallow some kind of toothpaste!

So it turns out that, Buying a cheap paste, we clean the teeth with a mixture of sand and foam. You really wanted to spend money on it?

Pastes are more expensive different and the composition and properties. Try – the result will notice themselves!

Choose a toothbrush

Toothbrush is also very important for proper teeth cleaning. Now there is a very large selection of brushes, but the recommendations of dentists to this expense are very simple:

How to clean your teeth
  • Choose a toothbrush average stiffness or even soft.
  • Pay attention to the bristle – it should be artificial, Since in the tubules of natural bristles, the bacteria accumulates very quickly. And in the artificial bristle simply there are no channels!
  • Wonderful if The tips of the bristles will be rounded – so you will be less injured by the enamel of teeth. This is usually indicated on the package.
  • Well if brush beams Different lengths: It provides better teeth cleaning.
  • Brush With a small head enjoy more convenient.
  • Pen toothbrush should be moderately long and slightly curved – so you will do without problems to hard-to-reach plots and correct your teeth.
  • Language Cleaning – The thing is more than useless. Her bristles are too short to clean the average language. Better and more efficient will be cleaned with the language of the same ordinary brush.
  • Change brush as wear, but no less than 3 months.

Tooth cleaning aids

Oh, what will not come up to even more effectively clean teeth! Here are the most popular aids that can be used to clean the teeth.

Electric toothbrushes

These buzzes are cleaning their teeth more quickly and efficiently than you yourself. Dental tests confirm that the teeth after cleaning the electric brush turn out to be cleaner than after very thorough cleaning of the usual.

However, do not forget that this technique can damage both the tooth and the gums. There are often cases when a piece of tooth was filming after cleaning. Observe the security technique!

Rinsers for mouth

Called to slow down the reproduction of bacteria between the cleaning of the teeth. Basically, act.

Pay attention to the composition: Alcohol-based rinses can not only dry the oral cavity, but also to create unexpected situations at meetings with traffic cops &# 128578; And rinsers for mouth with strong antiseptics should be purchased only if there are serious problems with teeth.


Sometimes just indispensable! Choose wooden, in diameter – triangular.

Interdental thread (floss)

Flossing conveniently clean the gaps between the root teeth, since the toothbrush between them does not penetrate. Dentists recommend using them after each meal and constantly carry. Nevertheless, Russians do not go to the daily use of.

Chewing gum

Actively advertised as a super tool for cleaning the oral cavity after eating. However, in fact, cleanses your teeth with the help of the distinguished saliva than by itself. The composition of the chewing gum causes considerable concerns of specialists – which is only there! That is why try Do not chew her longer than 10 minutes. Lost taste – spin.

Ploves for mouth

Excellent alternative to cleaning teeth for those who have no time! You picker in the mouth of the foam, putting up and spinning. Water not need to rinse!

Do not be afraid of the dentist

Hygiene hygiene, and dentists still need. Even if you are not bothering you, and you clean your teeth correctly, Visit the dentist once every six months. It will save you from the painful treatment of teeth in the future!

Dentist can offer you a lot of useful procedures that will strengthen your teeth and will additionally protect them from caries. For example, Sealing fesur, teeth fluorination or Professional cleaning, disposal.

remember, that Even a small hole in the tooth is able to make your breath flicker. Moreover, the same hole can cause various gastrointestinal problems, provoke frequent colds and sprinkles on the skin! So, if the caries already have – run to the dentist.

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