How to choose ideas for a photo session in nature

How to choose ideas for a photo session in nature?

Regardless of the skill of the photographer and the "troubleshooting" of the camera, the main thing in a successful photo session is an interesting idea that will allocate your photos from millions of personnel like "I’m near the flowering tree"!

Ideas for a photo session in nature will tell the non-bank women’s website

How to come up with an interesting image for a photo session in nature?

If you think that a photographer will make it for you, or makeup artist, or a master of hairstyles, or store stylist, where you will go for a dress for a photo shoot – then you are mistaken! All these people will only help you to realize the intended image and will prompt some additional "chips", but the main idea should be thought out!

Error number 1, which many girls make – just choose beautiful clothes, make a moral hairstyle and makeup and go to the photography. It’s not exactly the right approach. Need exactly the idea for a photo session in nature!

The image should not just be harmonized with your appearance, but also fit the natural landscape that will become locations for a photo shoot. For example, a latex black dress and bootfortes on studs (aggressive-sexy image) will look rather strange, surrounded by wheat field! But a light bright dress and a straw hat among the sections will be just right!

Great if you think the image that will give birth in the imagination of the viewer some story! For example – the nymph dancing in the spring forest, or the young lady of the 19th century, strolling in the garden, or hippie with a guitar on a wild beach ..

Where to draw ideas for a photo session in nature, inventing the image?

  • Mythological and fabulous associations. Forests were found in the forest (forest mermaids), fairies and elves, in the swamp ; Kimikors, in the sea and river – mermaids, sirens and niada … Or maybe you are closer to the ancient Greek or Scandinavian goddesses. In general, the idea of ​​googled folklore of different times and peoples in search of interesting female images and ideas of photo session in nature – always good!
  • Ethnic images. If there is an opportunity to sew, acquire or rent beautiful folk costumes or their elements – then it’s great. But still there is a selected image with an alleged point of shooting: whether he is appropriate there? Let’s say, Slavic shirts and sundresses are good in the field, in a birch grove or pine forest, Japanese kimono are beautiful among the blooming garden, indian outfits – in the steppe or among the stony rocks ..
  • Historical images. This can be both an accurate reconstruction of the outfit of a certain era, and the images of the Association in retro-style. For example, a long bright dress with an abundance of lace, a lace umbrella or a fan – and now you are already a lady from a last century! Cloak with a hood will turn you into a medieval mysterious stranger (even if the clothes under the cape does not copy the medieval fashion value).
  • Literary and movie images, associations with them. For example, Bulgakovskaya Margarita with bouquet of yellow flowers, or Mary Poppins in a hat and an umbrella cane ..
  • Celebrity-style images. For example, pay attention to the elegant vintage style
  • How to choose ideas for a photo session in nature

Always the current advice from the site "Beautiful and Successful": In search of ideas for a photo session in nature, see the works of world-famous photographers, photo shoots for fashionable magazines and lucbuk, inspire the best examples of photo art!

Adequate professional photographer will certainly appreciate if you show him those photographs that you like, in order to create something in a similar style!

What clothes and accessories will be good?

Outfit and accessories to him should look good in the frame. Here also have its subtleties:

  • Always good freely drapebating elements in clothes – long skirts, potential, scarves and shawls, cape raincoats and t.NS.
  • Add charm the image of freely fluttering parts and elements – ribbons, accessories and jewelry with ribs, and just loose hair. It is always great if something is moving in the frame and fluttering from blowing the breeze or your movements!
  • Something transparent or openwork can create interesting effects. It can be a multi-layer skirt, a veil on a hat, lace lush sleeves and t.D.
  • For a photo session on nature are good accessories from natural materials – for example, wreaths from living flowers or autumn leaves, bouquets of seasonal plants and t.D.

In addition to clothes, it will not be superfluous to think through some accessory (one or more), with which you can do any action in the frame. For example, an umbrella, a cloth of a beautiful fabric or shawl (you can join this fabric, swinging it as a flag, carelessly quit to my feet and t.D.), bouquet, hat, fan, candle, dagger – what will tell your fantasy!

Ideas of successful personnel

Of course, select successful angles for shooting and recommend models, how to pose – the task of the photographer. But if we are talking about an amateur photo session in nature (for example, with a friend), then tips from Sympaty.Net will be unlisted!

Simple and always successful compositions for photos in nature:

  • If it is a photo session in a park or garden and there is an alley with a trees converging over his head, the model and the photographer should be on the same line in the middle of the alleys. The model can stand back, but turning around – as if it goes along the alley, but turns around to look at the photographing.
  • In high and thick grass, shrub, reeds, or in reed, the model can go into thickets and how to leave there, rejecting the stems and branches in front of them.
  • On the lawn with a low grass, the model can sit on the grass, decomposing around the skirt. The task of the photographer is not to remove from above, but from the same level on which the face of the model is.
  • If the photo session occurs in an open place and there is a wind, then it is worth using this – let the fabric will fly in the frame (hem dresses or handkerchief in hand). This is appropriate on the seashore, over some breakdown or slope … You can specifically put a model on some elevation (so that the photographer removed it as if from the bottom up) – the rock, hillock, snag and t.NS.

The best time for a photo session in nature is morning or evening, especially pre-ordered hour. At this time, good lighting – the sun is on the side, and not in the zenith.

Natural phenomena, such as fog, snow, rain – But here you need to find a balance between the embodiment of the original idea of ​​a photo session on nature – and the comfort of the model and the safety of the camera!

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