How to choose an embedded dishwasher

How to choose an embedded dishwasher?

What a hostess does not dream to have an assistant in her kitchen, which would have jumped out all the dishes? Wasting Baba Fedor from the famous fairy tale Kornea Chukovsky "Fedorino Mount" dishwasher, dirty plates, spoons and pots never ran away from her.

After all, as the people are joking: "The unwashed dishes are a permanent value. Its amount is limited to the tap height ".

So that the washing with dirty dishes did not turn into a large tetris, the women’s website "Beautiful and Successful" will help readers to choose an embedded dishwasher.

Consider the basic selection parameters to figure out which built-in dishwasher is better to choose.

How it is embedded?

Embedded dishwashers are divided into two types:

  • Folded ; Those that completely harmoniously fit into the kitchen set are hiding behind the furniture facade and they are not visible. Such an option is ideal for kitchens with a thoughtful design decision.
  • Partially embedded dishwashers do not hide the buttons – the neat panel is located outside. It is convenient and practical. Manage the built-in dishwashers of this species is much easier than explicable.

Capacity and compactness

The size of the dishwasher directly depends on how much at times (for one cycle) can wash the dishes. Therefore, those who pick up which size of the built-in dishwasher to choose for its kitchen, you need to focus on the capacity of the device.

This criterion is determined by the maximum number of sets that are placed in the car wash. One set is the number of dishes, which on average needs a person for eating food 1 time: two plates (deep and small), a spoon with a fork and a cup with a saucer.

You can choose an embedded dishwasher that accommodates up to 17 sets.

  • So, for small families (up to 4 people) it will be enough to choose a car for 4 – 6 sets. Such a dishwasher is ideal for those who are looking for, what to choose the built-in dishwasher for small cuisine. Dishwashers for 3-4 sets are compact and practical to use. Their dimensions are small – from 45 cm wide, 50 cm in height and 50 cm deep.
  • Much more selection of dishwashers is greater than a capacity (from 8 to 10 sets). Such a dishwasher is considered an optimal option for the family in which more than 4 people have. Dishwashers of this capacity is slightly higher than small-sized machines – 80 cm, but the width and depth is about the same – 50-60 cm. This is the most popular home dishwasher.
  • For many families, there will be a large disquishment of a large capacity – from 11 sets. Their dimensions differ little from mid-size dishwashes, but wash the dishes at a time they can more.

Please note, in some dishwashers of large sizes there is a partial (half-half) load mode, which is very practical and convenient. You can only download the machine half and do not wait until a large number of dirty dishes are accumulated.

Positive feedback on the built-in dishwashers with half loads received the Bosch SMV53L30EU, Hansa Zim606h, Hotpoint-Ariston LST 5337 x and others.

Tip from Sympaty.NET: For those who doubt what to choose a built-in dishwasher: a small, medium or large, we advise you to take into account the fact that the dishes in which the food is preparing (pans and pans) are not considered in the sets.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is better to take the dishwasher of large sizes in order to wash out and dishes after meals, and dishes in which this food is preparing.

Washing and temperature modes

Any model has at least 4 main modes for washing dishes, which are enough for daily use:

  • Normal (daily);
  • Intensive;
  • Quick;
  • Preliminary (soaking).

But most often manufacturers add a couple of-three modes, among which you can allocate:

  • Glass or delicate mode (for washing fragile dishes);
  • Economical mode for low-grade dishes;
  • How to choose an embedded dishwasher
  • Bio-mode, in which, with the help of special means, you can wash the dishes even at low temperatures;
  • Children’s kitchenware and.

You can also choose an embedded dishwasher with automatic selection of modes. But is it worth paying for it?

I chose Bosch SPV58M50RU. The smallest and comfortable dishwasher for small kitchens. Perfectly held it instead of a kitchen cabinet. Chose with the smallest number of functions. In order not to get confused and not overpay, choose the dishwasher so: consider the models starting from the bottom of the proposed series. As a rule, the more functions, the higher the price. Sufficiently basic 4 sink modes. And be sure to see the brand. I had an ariston – horror, like poor soap dishes! Tatiana.


Also those who want to choose a good dishwasher, we advise you to pay attention to the number of water heating temperatures – what will be more, the price will be above. Standard temperature modes – 40, 60 and 70 degrees. There are also cars with an automatic temperature selection mode from 40 to 70 degrees.

Water and electricity consumption

Buy dishwasher embedded car is economically profitable: it will help save a significant amount of water consumed for washing dishes, and most importantly – time!

Choosing a built-in dishwasher, pay attention to the amount of water that it consumes for washing dishes.

  • The optimal acquisition will be a machine that is designed to consume no more than 15 liters of water for washing.
  • Today you can also choose ideal models in which water consumption and is less – up to 9 liters per one-time cycle.
  • Those machines that consume more than 20 liters of water per cycle cannot be called cost-effective.

The amount of energy consumed to work directly depends on the amount of water that the machine needs to be washed with dishes. If your helper in the kitchen is economical and you need only 8 liters per cycle, then it will spend 0.62 kW of electricity, but for a car that takes 12 liters of water for car wash, you already need 0.8 kW so that it wash all the dishes perfectly.

Protection against leakage

Those who are looking for which embedded dishwasher choose, you need to pay attention to leakage protection. This feature controls the filness of the machine with water. You can choose a complete or partial protection against leaks.

  • For expensive models there is a maximum leakage protection – this is the best choice in terms of safety. A special valve will work automatically if some even small malfunctions happen and completely blocks its receipt.
  • With partial protection, water supply will stop when water is already starting to flow and fill the pallet for water. But such protection is also reliable and relieves the car from breakdowns, and the owners from the flood.

Most embedded dishwashers work relatively quiet. The noise level range varies from 38 to 55 dB.
The quietest models – up to 45 dB. They can even work at night and do not interfere with the owners rest.

  • My machine for washing dishes Beko DIS 5831. Works "Becks" Tikhonechko. My sinking dishwasher threatens as if an earthquake is going. Valentina.
  • The fact that my machine is working for washing dishes Electrolux ESL 96361 Lo, I just resembled a ray indicator on the floor. Irina.

Machines from 45 dB Cheaper in price. They also work relatively quiet, but in the dark, they can remind themselves.

Class of washing and drying

When choosing, pay attention to the class (quality) of washing and class (method) drying.

  • For washing, the ideal option will be class A – dishes with such a class wash wash will be perfect.
  • Classes in and with allow small pollution, but today models with a class of washing in and with you will meet very rarely. All modern manufacturers are developing perfect models with a class of washing.

While washing class B and with undesirable for dishes, for drying class you can choose models with different, convenient for you drying modes. More often offer two options for drying class.

  • Drying condensation – after washing the dishes dries, but water droplets on it can.
  • Turbo drying – washing dishes blows and dries. Dishwasher with a drying option will cost more and meets less often.

Management type

Management can be mechanical and electronic.

The first option is very convenient, but find a built-in dishwasher with a mechanical control mode is very difficult today. More easier you will find options with electronic control – the machine itself is refined in the selection of the sink and temperature mode.

Equipment and installation

Dishwasher is necessarily equipped with fastening hoses. Do not forget that the device must be connected to the power grid (socket with grounding), water supply and sewage. You can install the dishwasher yourself, but it is better to contact the specialists.

I thought that the installation process of the dishwasher would take a long time. But a specialist from the company where they bought a car, did everything very quickly – from 9 am to 15.00. The same man and the rosette did, and the wires paved, and connected to the water supply. And all this for 700 dollars all! Kate.

All dishwashers have purification filters, which over time will need to be removed, rinse and put in place. You can do it yourself.

Additional functions

  • The most popular extra chip – delay timer. This feature allows you to run the washing mode for a certain time.
  • Most often, embedded dishwasher, choose which is not so difficult, automatically heats the water, but there are also such models in which the hot water connection is provided.
  • Very convenient, as I say reviews about built-in dishwashers, when there is a separate mesh for washing cutlery and knives. The trifle is more convenient to fold in such containers, and not bred throughout the machine.

Let’s summarize

  • For a small family, there will be a suitable model for 6 sets or a large machine with the possibility of half loading.
  • For a family in which more than 4 people, it is better to choose a dishwasher with a capacity of 10 sets.
  • If you have tablets from fragile glass, which you use often, choose models with a delicate wash mode.
  • For those who want to save water, it is necessary to choose an embedded dishwasher no more than 8-9 liters of water consumption for the cycle.
  • The most popular dishwashers with many positive feedback, produce Bosch, Beko, Electrolux.
  • Negative reviews about embedded dishwashers can be found about Delfa, Kaiser, IKEA, Ariston firms.

Now you know how to choose an embedded dishwasher. Let this helper greatly facilitate you daily kitchen troubles.

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