How to choose a multicooker?

Today on the site beautiful and successful we are talking about Multivarka. What do you know about multicookers? I bet, half of the women of the post-Soviet space will say that this is some kind of useless device invented by the Americans, and absolutely no one here is not necessary. Like, our weapon is a frying pan and a gas stove, and all the rest of the balletness and from nothing to do. Today’s article on how Choose a multicooker. Why choose it? Yes, just because the multicooker is not a whim and not pampering, but an extremely comfortable and simple assistant in the kitchen. Multicooker can be cooked Huge number of dishes, Applying for this minimum effort. And how much is frees time! That in the modern world is valued so high as free time?

What is a multicooker and with what it &# 171; eating&# 187;

Not sure if you need a multicooker? Then let’s look at her closer. What is a multicooker?

Roughly speaking Plastic saucepan with engine. Inside this pan is a saucepan with teflon coating (products are loaded into it). All this is covered Sealed lid.

So, when this pan can come in handy with a motor?

Let’s start, perhaps with breakfast. Love in the morning Perlovka, yes too lazy to cook? Give this duty of a multicooker!

She can cook any porridge – oatmeal, pearl, peaked, buckwheat, rice, You only need to download products Yes Select the desired mode.

Come true The function of the deferred start: You can download the products in the evening, and the smart multicooker will start cooking in the morning while you sleep sweetly.

Now let’s talk about Lunch. You can imagine lunch without soup? Here are the manufacturers of multicormarians cannot, they took care that this device can cook soup. And after all he is not just cooking soup, he cooks him delicious.

About the second dishes can generally speak forever: Multicooker is able fry, stew, soar and oven. Everything turns out very juicy. And best of all in a slow cooker get stewed dishes.

How to choose a multicooker

The very first and very important stage of the choice of multicooker is, perhaps, the decision on the need for a slow cooker. Do you need her? Or you actually want a double boiler ? And somehow it turns out that some hostesses cannot decide for themselves, which they also lack in the kitchen – multicookers or steamers, and as a result they buy not that.

So, we assume that you firmly decided to choose a multicooker, because you want and cook, and fry, and stew… where to start?


First-invoor SYMPATY website.NET recommends that you pay attention to the volume of the multicooker itself. Depending on the model, this volume may vary from two and a half to five liters. It is clear that the large volume of the pan will be ideal for big families, but a lonely woman with such a huge multicooker to do something, in general, and nothing.

Therefore, the rule is first: it is worth choosing a multicooker on "own" size.


Multivarka cover must tightly (hermetically) lay down to the hob of a saucepan. The process of cooking dishes depends on this – if non-overwhelmed air will come to the products, everything will deteriorate.

In addition, it is the tightness of the cover that is a guarantee that the dish will prepareRepeat temperature and under the desired pressure.

The undoubted advantage of some covers is the so-called "Soft release system of steam". This means that after the completion of the Multicooker gradually releases the outside of steam so that you do not accidentally burned.

Interior coating

Now produced multicookers with two types of internal coating. The first type is Anti-stick (it and the most common).

Less often meet Multivarka with five-layer coating and marble spraying.

And what better? In fact, both options are good: they are durable and easily wash. The main thing is to choose a high-quality coated multicooker.

How to choose a multicooker

Modes of work

And what is worth paying attention is to a list of modes that are available to a multicooker. Usually this number fluctuates between three and eight. Standard work modes are:

  • pilaf;
  • buckwheat;
  • porridge;
  • cooking;
  • extinguishing;
  • bakery.

About each specific mode stands separately to read in Operating Instructions instrument, since the name can deceive. Here, for example, the "Pilaf" mode. With this mode, you can cook not only rice, but also pasta or potatoes. And the "buckwheat" mode is designed not only for buckwheat, but for any other cereals.

So, the following rule of choice of multicookers: learning, what exactly she knows how to do, and whether it is necessary for you.

Control Panel

What kind of choose a multicooker? Comfortable! – I will answer you. You should be easy and nice to work with it.

That is why carefully learned the control panel. Everything Buttons and inscriptions must be intuitive – otherwise, why do you need the unit that you really do not know how to use?


Very rarely when buying multicookers you get alone alone. Usually you still give a bunch of everything: Book of recipes, cups, measuring spoons, midnisters..

I advise you to be pragmatic, and choose a multicooker with a good addition (of course, provided that in all the rest of the Multicooker suits you).

The external corpus of the multicuroca is usually made of plastic, so it is not difficult to choose a multicooker that perfectly fit into Interior of your kitchen. Plus is also Compactness and low weight – Usually it weighs somewhere three kilograms, which allows it to be easy to wash and move from place to place.

Still don’t know if you need a multicooker? Think carefully about how much time you spend on cooking culinary masterpieces! Thought? Now remember that you are not a cook. With a multicooker you can Tasty cook and spend less on this time. It’s worth it.

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