How to choose a high-quality and durable mixer?

If you started a large-scale repairs involving the replacement of plumbing, then you probably got the mixer’s choice. And from the article you will learn what to buy is not to be mistaken and ensure maximum comfort.


First of all, it is worth deciding where you will put a crane, as the mixers are divided into several types:

  • For shell. Usually they are attached to the sink or on the wall and are intended, mainly for washing hands, that is, have one single tap. In this category, you can include faucets for kitchen sinks, but they have some differences from those installed in the bathroom.
  • For Bath. This mixer is attached either to the wall, or directly to the bath itself and usually has a hose and a shower nozzle (all this can be included).
  • The shower faucet is usually installed in shower cabins. As a rule, such a model is attached to the wall and has only a shower nozzle, since the tap is simply not needed.
  • Not so long ago there were special mixers for the bidet.
  • Universal mixers can be found in many combined bathrooms of old "Khrushchevok". Such a model has both a crane (most often long), which can be rotated on the aircraft installed nearby and the sink and a hose with a shower nozzle. This option is quite convenient and economical.

Management method

How to choose a good bathroom faucet or kitchen? A very important criterion for choosing is the management method, since it is from him that the mixer will be dependent. Today in stores you can meet models of several types:

  1. The two-fledged mixer has two valves: separately for cold water and for hot. This option is more familiar to most people and perfectly fit into the classic or retro interior. But there are some drawbacks. First, this type of control does not allow to adjust the temperature or set the necessary. Secondly, weak side are sealing gaskets, which usually pretty quickly fail, which leads to the flow. If you want to eliminate such a lack, it is better to purchase a model with a rotational mechanism and a ceramic valve.
  2. The single-dimensional mixer has only one lever moving 180 degrees from one side to another. Such a model is modern and convenient, so it becomes more and more popular. Management is carried out with just one lever, which moves to different directions, as well as up and down. Thus, you get the ability to adjust not only the pressure of the jet, but even the water temperature. Sneakers can be divided into cartridges and balls. The latter are not very reliable, so they are practically not produced by modern producers. Cartridges are more comfortable. In addition, if the cartridge fails, it is easy to replace it.
  3. How to choose a high-quality and durable mixer
  4. Thermostatic mixers appeared in stores relatively recently, but they are becoming more and more popular. The main advantage of such models is the ability to regulate water pressure, as well as temperature control. That is, asking a certain meaning of once, you will be sure that the water will have exactly the temperature, and this reduces the risk of burning. You will also have to change only the pressure. This mixer will have two rotating handles, one of which is responsible for the pressure, the other is per temperature.
  5. Non-contact mixers are the most modern, and today they can be found in shopping centers or expensive restaurants. The principle of operation of this model is that the crane opens when the user brings hands to him. The inclusion is provided by a special sensory device responding to the heat of the human body and movement. Such mixers can work from the power supply or from batteries.
  6. Portion are rare and not very comfortable. The meaning is that the user clicks on the button, the water is pouring for some time, then its feed is automatically stopped.

How to choose among such a variety of mixers, which is better? Everything will depend on your habits and preferences, as well as from the style in which the room was completed. So, if you chose a classic and traditional direction, then an ideal option will be the usual two-fifty crane. And if your bath is as if from the future, then select a modern and high-tech model.


Spool is directly the crane itself, and it can have different forms and practically any size. The height of the crane is determined by its purpose. So, if you choose a faucet for the kitchen, then it should be quite high, large objects of dishes and utensils be placed under it. For the bathroom, it is desirable to purchase a model with a low, but long expulsion. The shape of the crane is determined by the comfort of use and personal preferences.

By the way, today you can find extensions, changing the shape, or retractable, that sometimes it is very convenient and even necessary.

Method of fastening

There are several ways to fasten the mixers:

  • Directly on the bath or on the sink. Some sinks and bathrooms have a ready-made hole used for mounting, but you can make it yourself.
  • On the wall. Perhaps two options: just fix the mixer on the wall and lay all the necessary communications from it or practically cut it into the wall and all the hoses disguise.
  • Outdoor mixers are rarely found, and they usually choose lovers of modern styles and technologies. Such a model is a rack (sometimes two) with cranes.

Materials manufacturing

The material from which the mixer is made is also very important. There are several options today:

  1. Metals or their alloys. They are most durable and durable, unless, of course, are stainless or at least protected from corrosion. Usually used bronze, steel, brass, nickel. Most reliable and practical brass. There are also models with a combined case or coating. The perfect coating will be chrome.
  2. Ceramics. Typically, internal parts are made of it, and they are durable and not rust. But ceramic can be the housing of the gland.
  3. Plastic. This material is the cheapest and light, but extremely unreliable.

Cast mixer or prefab?

In the precast mixer, the case consists of several separate connected parts, and in the crash it is one and does not have seams and connections. The second option is more reliable.

Additional functions

Everyone strive for maximum comfort, and manufacturers of plumbers are well understood, so they offer their customers a wide variety of additional functions. Among them are found like:

  • Bayonet fastening. The mixer, if desired, can be pulled out and put on any surface.
  • Folding.
  • Built-in backlight.
  • Built-in switch for appliances, for example, for washing machine, steamers, coffee makers, dishwasher.
  • Built-in filter.

And now you can go to the plumbing shop, because you are well aware and can make the right choice.

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